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Social Media Will be the Death of Me!

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2015-22-10--08-38-41I’ve been MIA lately. With the launch of SoulBlind Design, I have been spending much of my time either making some sort of cream, bracelet, or social media post more often than not. The first two I enjoy to no end! The latter….not as much.

It’s not that I mind social media. I have actually learned so much about SEO and how to drive traffic to my Etsy shops using the various platforms. I enjoy taking photos of my projects and uploading them to Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter. But with two shops, instead of just the one, it feels as if that is all that I ever do (although, I’m sure working full time also adds to that feeling). My generation may have witnessed the advent and growth of the social media and technological age, but there are times where it all seems so far beyond me. What happened to buying an ad in the PennySaver?

It is surprisingly a lot of work to get the word out, especially if WP_20151022_21_06_12_Proyou’re trying to do it on the free side. I could spend the money to promote my listings through Etsy, but until we have a month with a bit of excess to put into that experiment, I’m willing to do the leg-work myself. Right now, I’m finding that Twitter is my best tool for driving traffic. But this takes a steady stream of tweets to keep the traffic coming in. Over the past couple of years, I have found a number of free tools to help accomplish this, to save my thumbs from typing out a series of tweets every half hour or so. TweetAdder was by far the best, although Twitter changed their API and revoked TweetAdder’s access. With TweetAdder, you could have a list of tweets that it would rotate throughout a set period of time. This was a fantastic tool for a small business. But I suppose it was too good to be true!

Now, I use Twitter’s platform for scheduling tweets, called Tweet Deck. It works well, aside from having to go in and schedule the tweets. Which means that every so often (when I make the time to do it) I have to sit and schedule as many days worth of tweets that I can.

Aviary Photo_130904577439250909Instagram is great for photo-documenting my process with whatever it is I’m making. It gives you a fantastic way to connect with other like-minded people/businesses and share what you’re doing. The only issue I have with Instagram is that you can’t link to your site from your post. So, it doesn’t drive much traffic, unless the person viewing your content is motivated enough to go to your profile and click the link from there.

In the meantime, I have missed the WordPress community that Daniel and I have built (mostly Daniel)! Blogging and sharing has always been a happy place for me, and I feel as if I’ve been out of the loop for quite some time! I have had the pleasure of connecting with a number of you outside of WordPress, either through Twitter or Instagram, but I’ve missed being “home”.

To show our appreciation to you, I have launched a coupon code Aviary Photo_130903981142387591on SoulBlind Design; just like the one on Cactus Flower Naturals. Within either shop, you can use coupon code SOULBLIND to get 20% off your order. And remember….this code does not expire. You can use it every time you order, indefinitely. And keep an eye on SoulBlind Design….many new items will be added in the coming week or so. Daniel has completed some wire wrapped pieces that I am finishing the necklaces for, and I have some newer pieces to go up….some of which are fun and some that are a little more sophisticated.

Please stop by and browse…..spread the word….and Thank You for being a part of our community! Also, feel free to connect with us on Instagram to regularly see what we’re up to: @cactusflowernaturals and @soulblinddesign. For Twitter, you can connect at: @cf_naturals and @soulblinddesign and keep up to date on our specials and new product launches. Hope to see you there!