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#BiblicalConversations Texting with Teresa on MAN vs BEAST

#BiblicalConversations Texting with Teresa on MAN vs BEAST


Sometimes the best way to understand a thing is to talk it out with another person. Teresa and I do a lot of Bible studies using the “Book of Secrets” method and it sharpens our understanding of God’s Word with such clarity. This process of discovery is one of our greatest joys we share together and so we thought it might be nice to share our musings together to help you understand the same. Again you need to look at the Bible as if the world is really you and the stories are all about ideas that are in you and not as people. The whole Bible is written in living allegories and knowing the way to see it and read it changes everything. The real secret is in hidden in the names.


Teresa and I are very advanced in our studies and so some of this may be a little hard to grasp at first but the video series on this site should really help clear things up.


BIBLE “Book of Secrets” KEYS


It’s all about you! The WORLD/HOUSE is the SOUL/MIND inside you.



Text Conversation:



Prayer Request

Today is National Prayer Day in this country

Earlier I asked 7,519 followers if they had any prayer requests to please post them either through twitter, or through my post online. To which I received only 3 requests. I guess the world must be doing “Just fine” and in little need of some love. 🙂 Continue reading Prayer Request

Whispers Down The Line

Chinese whispers[1] is one of the names for a game played around the world, in which one person whispers a message to another, which is passed through a line of people until the last player announces the message to the entire group. Errors typically accumulate in the retellings, so the statement announced by the last player differs significantly, and often amusingly, from the one uttered by the first. Some players also deliberately alter what is being said in order to guarantee a changed message by the end of it. Continue reading Whispers Down The Line

“jimmied letters” The Epic Battle Within You

“jimmied letters”
The Epic Battle Within You

Inside you right now are an angel and a beast. The angel is the higher-self, of a spiritually enlightened soul. And the beast is the lower-self of desires, feelings and wants. Often times we find we are in a hidden battle of inner conflict, fighting to figure out what it is that we truly want and need in our lives. It is an epic battle over your soul, each exchanging blows in conquest of your spiritual world. Continue reading “jimmied letters” The Epic Battle Within You



One of the main jobs we see Jesus perform is the part of the physician in His ministry Continue reading TJOJ: PAGING THE GREAT PHYSISCIAN!

“jimmied letters” OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN

“jimmied letters” OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Watering the Seeds of Potential”. I can relate to the concept of starting in darkness and ending up in the light of Christ (truth). Almost one year ago, to the day, my brother was possessed and physically attacked me. Continue reading “jimmied letters” OH CAPTAIN, MY CAPTAIN

“jimmied letters” SWAN SONG

“jimmied letters” SWAN SONG

Thank you for following my blog. I have just had two mugs of coffee as I sat reading through your experiences. You have had an awful time but I am pleased that you have found so resolve in Christianity. Me, I don’t go for religion, but in desperate times, I have found myself wanting to believe. Continue reading “jimmied letters” SWAN SONG

“jimmied letters” BLESSED & ANOINTED: Λιπαρός: LIPAROS


“jimmied letters” BLESSED & ANOINTED
Λιπαρός:  LIPAROS

Matthew 5:4 “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Continue reading “jimmied letters” BLESSED & ANOINTED: Λιπαρός: LIPAROS

“jimmied letters” FEEDING THE BEAST

“jimmied letters” FEEDING THE BEAST

Original post: Chapter 4: THE TRUE FACE OF THE 666 BEAST

I’m impressed by your well thought out presentation and the scriptures to back it up.  I learned some new things reading this and am walking away with much more to think about. Continue reading “jimmied letters” FEEDING THE BEAST

“jimmied letters” FOLLOWING TIME

“jimmied letters” FOLLOWING TIME

Original post: “Time”

I agree with almost everything in this blog, just confused about why you think time heals all things? Continue reading “jimmied letters” FOLLOWING TIME