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Chasing Dreams and Ministry

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Sometimes life is a series of little steps in the pursuit of your dreams. It takes patience and often times feels like you might be taking one step back for every two steps you take forward. But if you can look at the long term and see the progress and envision the desired outcome, it makes it so very worth it!

I’ve been contemplating this quite a bit lately. Life has its ebbs and flows and right now it seems as if I’m in one of those holding positions where things are moving backward. Just small hiccups really, when you look at the whole scheme of things. And I can see how these hiccups play an important role in catapulting Daniel and I forward on our path. It’s just that the time in between is oh-so agonizing!

Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing

~James 1:3-4

I love the book of James. Very straight forward and to the point! But patience….really? Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you that patience isn’t one of my strengths (at lease in some things). And it’s even harder when I can see the outcome/benefits on the horizon!

Right now, I am in the middle of a job search. My dream has been to be able to work from home so that I’m more readily available to help Daniel with the growth of the ministry. While I’ve been independently working on streams of income, such as Cactus Flower Naturals or SoulBlind Design, these are still young ventures and do not yet produce enough income to support us or the ministry.

Here is where patience comes in….I have other ventures in mind that I would like to pursue. But because of other necessities, I will not be able to pursue them until late summer or early fall. When you are excited about something, it is so hard to wait!!! Yet, I must in order for other life happenings to fall into place. So, I wait on the Lord for His perfect timing. And in the meantime, I am searching for another job, whether onsite or at home, for the sake of job security (the issue with being in a technology based industry is that the atmosphere is always changing and things can become unstable at a moments notice).

Daniel and I have learned this same lesson with the ministry, as well. There is so much research and information to share, but until recently it wasn’t quite ready. This became a frustration as we wanted to just spread the word and let everyone know! But God made it clear that we must be patient until more research was done and the revelations were understood. Plus, I’m sure there are other things that need to be in place to prepare us and make us ready to properly handle a ministry!

So, until His time, life goes on and we patiently wait on Him and go where we must until the bubble pops and we find ourselves in the midst of the outcome that sits on the horizon. We just need to keep in mind that it’s all in His time!


It’s Coming!

Aviary Photo_130916927649705729[1]

Where has time gone! I have been so busy working, making jewelry, preparing bath products, and keeping up with social media (see this post!) that I’ve completely lost track of (almost) everything else!

That being said, this is going to be a quick post to bring everyone up to date on our shops, discount codes, new items, and holiday additions!


2015-13-11--14-00-22[1]It is amazing watching this shop grow! With the holidays coming up, it is finally generating traffic on its own….which I love on those days when I don’t have enough time to properly promote the shop. And surprisingly, our aroma therapy line of shower steamers seem to be very popular! For those of you who follow Changing Journey or SoulBlind Ministry, don’t forget about our permanent coupon code for you to use as a thank you. Each time you order, enter SOULBLIND into the space provided for the coupon code during check out and get 20% off your order. You can also use coupon code GIFT2015 until December 20th for 20% off. As I’ve been shouting all over Twitter and Instagram, our products make great stocking stuffers! AND….just for Christmas, I will be adding a Peppermint Gift Set to the shop this weekend. It will be a holiday box containing our peppermint bark moisturizer, our peppermint shower steamers, and our peppermint bath truffles. There will be more details to come!


Aviary Photo_130912616331082806[1]This is our newest baby! And I have to admit that both of us are enjoying the jewelry making process so much! Most evenings, we can both be found in front of the TV working on one project or another. In my opinion, Daniel is the true artist, as his wire work designs are amazing. We have a number of pieces already up on the shop. Anything from boho leather and bead designs to wire wrap jewelry to pearls and crystal. And this child is treated no differently than the other!

Again, for our followers we have a coupon code that does not expire. Use SOULBLIND during check out for 20% off. Yes, it is the same code! Why complicate things? And for the holidays, we are offering the same coupon code of GIFT2015….again, for 20% off your order.

In addition to this, we’re starting to research and gear up for craft fairs! I love the idea of this and getting out among the people. But, since I’m tied to a full-time job (only for now….hopefully!), we’re looking to stay local at first. BUT, if you know of any “must-do” craft shows or fairs, please comment below!

Aviary Photo_130903501044889593[1]

Coming Soon to a PC Near You….

Bracelet 6

I am learning that I can be a bit long-winded at times.

This morning, I started on a post to introduce a new venture, and it turned into a whole “back-story” post….which I will share at a more appropriate time.

Necklace 2Right now, I want to introduce you to the new venture. On October 18th, I will be launching a new shop. It is not yet active, but the web address will be http://www.Etsy.com/shop/SoulblindDesign.

This is an exciting time for Daniel and I, as this is a collaborative effort combining our talents! Connect with us on Twitter (@SoulblindDesign) and Instagram (again, @SoulblindDesign) to keep up to date on our deals and new items in leather, beaded, and wire wrapped jewelry. Most items are in line with the latest trend in Boho fashion, but withBracelet 10 Daniel’s artistry (for those who didn’t know, yes, he is an actual artist), there are some more elegant pieces in the works!

Everything is meticulously handcrafted to bring you the best quality we can. And for Bracelet 12those who follow our ministry at http://www.soulblindministry.com, 100% of the proceeds go to help support the ministry.

In the coming week, I will be sharing previews of our one-of-a-kind items on both Twitter and Instagram. Please share and spread the word, to help us spread The Word!


Cactus Flower Naturals and Deals!


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So, by this point I’m sure it has become rather obvious that I have opened Cactus Flower Naturals on Etsy, to sell natural and organic bath and skin care products. As part of my journey, I was given the freedom to explore my passions and creativity. And it seems that I have a bit of a predilection toward creating something not only useful, but healing and beautifying as well.

I thought that today, I would give a little bit of the back-story on my journey to Cactus Flower Naturals and the thoughts behind it. Continue reading Cactus Flower Naturals and Deals!

The twilight of Twilight: Vampires and Werewolves in the Bible

The twilight of Twilight:

Vampires and Werewolves in the Bible

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My name is Daniel Lyons,

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Hammer Time! Forging the path of life.

Isaiah 41:7
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