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  1. Please keep me in prayer for direction. As of late, I have had a really strong burden on my heart to be involved in ministry, whether locally or on a larger scale. As I understand that God is still in the process of molding me to His will, I have drawn back on much of what I had been doing (blogs, etc.) and have been in His word and seeking His guidance. In essence I have been waiting for that “still, small voice”. I know it is all in His time. . . I just pray that I recognize that voice when it comes and fulfill His will, not mine. Many blessings and thanks!

  2. I pray to God for the strength and the courage to take action, to work through the depressions, and to live a most fulfilling life. I have so many aspirations. I need to lean on God. Let go and let God.

  3. LOLOLOL! No no ……Not the artwork…..the idea of having a Prayer needs Page. LOL….I don’t have one on my site, wasn’t going to put one, but after seeing yours and all the “needs” of others i believe Jesus is nudging me to do it too. I will most likely use my Candle Flame for the page and call it something else. I just like to say something in case people say……”Hey! That guy didnt have a page like that until he seen my blog”. LOL, i ususally dont take others ideas. My nonprofit site, people have taken alot of my ideas and never say anything out of courtesy to me. Thats all…..ok i will stop blabbering now since this is not what this page is for.

    Thank You and I pray to Jesus you keep up this awesome work. We need more and more people to fight this battle every day. It is refreshing to see your site as you seem a lot like me. :-))!

    1. Actually this is the perfect place to talk about the needs of others. Because ironically this room is called needs and you are looking to satisfy exactly that. Not everyone is brave enough to put their needs forward in a post, but those that read them do pray for the people that need them met. So perhaps some prayers too will come for your desires to meet the prayer needs of others, that it will be a good service and will meet a great need. Even if for only one soul, a need can be met that might not have been met otherwise. Though we are all miles apart, we are all still one family in God. Using the tools of man, to fulfill the purpose of God is a fantastic thing. I mean look at the world map and flag counter on my site. One world reading and coming together in the name of Jesus. And when two or more of us come together for a purpose, even online…. Well, there is real magic there. Thanks for being in-tuned with the needs of your readers.

      Be blessed and keep doing great things in His Holy name.

      Daniel Lyons

  4. Greetings,
    I have been struggling with myself. There are things which I am working on for my own personal changes I want to make. Other times I feel like I am doing nothing but floating around not doing anything enough to change. I pray and talk to God and I do believe that He decides what is meant to happen for me. Part of me also believes that God let’s us do what we want to learn and discover ourselves and how He comes into all of that. I am not into going to church, as in organized religion. I do talk with other though about things Biblical and so forth. I don’t even know why I am really writing this. :-/

    1. You are writing because it just feels better to express yourself so you can sort out the comings and goings going-on inside your heart and mind. Jacklyn, it is okay to question yourself and even if you are doing the right thing. It just sounds to me, like you are working out your own salvation and finding your path through life.

      The straight and narrow path is only straight in balancing principals and aiming straight for the target. But the real practical application is often that of a road that winds and twist through many lands. Your exploration is working its own way within you. These questions your are asking are part of the process. Do you think this test of life is easy? True it’s an open Book test, but knowing the right path is not always so easy to find. And just because there are obstacles in your way, and the path you take home may be a bit creative… don’t let it beat you down. And don’t let your spirit drop. THIS IS ALL PART OF A PLAN. And in the end you will see God will make all of your ways straight, and all obstacles will be removed from your path. Just believe and you will see real miracles in your life. No more extreme highs and lows, stability is on the horizon. Just keep doing what you know best and question everything. Because your quests for answers is the right path to take… and as you go, you grow and become the sum of your journey.

      Quest for answers… and you will get more then the ones you were originally looking for. And you will learn to run for Jesus… You’re in our prayers Jacklyn.

      Philippians 2:12 Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; 13 for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.

      14 Do all things without complaining and disputing,15 that you may become blameless and harmless, children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, among whom you shine as lights in the world,16 holding fast the word of life, so that I may rejoice in the day of Christ that I have not run in vain or labored in vain.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog last week. I have several needs, which I have placed before the Lord and I pray about. I have to believe that they will be answered when the time is right. Getting beyond my mom’s illness and death was a big step for me. I miss her so much and wish she was still a part of my daily life. But I know she is at peace now and with the Lord, and that’s a comfort to me. My family means everything to me and I’m very fortunate to have them in my life. Thanks for your blog.

  6. I live in the Tampa Bay area and need places people can go when they need help. Please check out my blog: http:/www.wordpress/ and please leave a comment that truly has helped you or someone you know. It’s all about networking and uniting the elderly with the young….Help me please?

    With gratitude……Twofish13

  7. Thank you for reading my post. My ‘need’ right now is for peace during a time of heartache. Going through a very emotional (aren’t they all?) and difficult (ditto as before) break-up and while I trust it will get better, I am searching for answers as to what just happened after two years of what seemed like steps being taken toward forever together with someone. Anyway, thanks for any prayers you could send up. Have a great day and God bless.

  8. I have drifted from God for many years. I was raised in a church and when I turned 18, I started to drift. I’m as far away from God as possible at this point…

    I need help finding my way back to him. I feel so lost in this world right now.

    I guess I could use prayers. Any prayers. Pray that I find the sign I need to find my way back to him.

    Thank you!

    1. Hopeful….It’s simple, get still, breathe and whisper either aloud or in your mind, “Lord Jesus forgive me for all my mistakes in life, for any and all sins and allow me to claim you as MY LORD and Savior. I love you Jesus!

      Jesus already died for all of our sins, that’s why He was born to act on our behalf for previous sins, current ones and future ones. Who do you know that would sacrifice their only Son for the lives of another so we can all dance and sing in heaven? Do I believe there is a heaven with gold paved streets? I don’t know…..but I for one would rather gamble and be right then to assume there isn’t and be wrong.

      I will be praying for you…..”I AM who I AM, Begin at the beginning, Be who you are”….God’s whispers in a very loud way to me…embrace them til you hear your own and know He and I love you. Keep the faith …. all will be good.

  9. I have written about Forgiveness and Letting Go since I have learned to do it myself…. and I pray others can learn to do it as well. I see so many hurting people, and when talking with them find they are harboring anger for past hurts.

    Two people I know, John and Howard are in that space. They both told me that they cannot forgive those people who hurt them deeply.
    Your prayers for them will be greatly appreciated, along with me as I ask God to heal their hearts and give them courage to find the love in their hearts to FORGIVE, and to LET GO.

    Part of a prayer I said at and for a networking meeting this morning is…
    “God, I believe one special gift we can give ourselves and others this Christmas is FORGIVENESS AND THE LETTING GO of the anger for past hurts. Please help us to remember all those we need to forgive (maybe even ourselves), remembering that they too are your children; and most of all that you have forgiven all of us. And, that we remember your prayer “…..and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”
    Let us do this as a birthday gift to Jesus Christ, who died for our sins and God, our Heavenly Father has forgiven us.

    Bless all you who pray for this special intention.

  10. So I’ve never really put up a prayer request up on a public blog for all the world to see…but if one person would pray for me, I would be very grateful. My family loves God, He has provided for us in so many ways that we are truly blessed. My mother is an incredibly strong woman, the person who brought me to God in the first place when I was struggling. Now my father on the other hand, doesn’t know the incredible love that only God can give. I just hope that one day, maybe he will know the peace and forgiveness that I have received and cherish every single day. I can’t do much right now since I’m away at school, but maybe my younger brother will be able to fill my void and take charge, because everyday my mother only grows weaker…
    One other thing…I mentioned that I’m at school right now. I’m juggling my time right now with studying as well as Air Force ROTC. Now this is a really important year for me in determining if I move on with the program or not, and right now I’m just a little worried about my future. It’s a really competitive program and I just want to give back to this country (following in my dad’s footsteps, he retired as a Seargent First Class in the Army) for giving us the ability to believe freely. I mean if this route doesn’t work, there are alternate ways to reach this goal. But I’ve put in a lot of time into ROTC and school and would not want to just throw it away. I know that God put me on this path, because just a few years ago I would have nothing to do with the military. But being in ROTC, the Lord has blessed me and I’ve excelled in almost every single aspect and I know this is where He wants me, just at times I don’t feel like I can live up to this grand expectations that He has set for me. I’m not perfect, just forgiven.

    1. @onwindydays, {love your name} I am holding you and your beloved mother up in prayer. I am always touched to see the ROTC students and pray the program can stay afloat. I wish you all the prayers and thoughts I can muster. God is right there with you along with the two angels he’s put on your shoulders. The only expectations needed to live up to are your own. God gave us our brain for free will, use it your brain to master belief in yourself. God believes in you.

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