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40 Answers about the Bible you didn’t know.

40 Answers of truth

According to the Bible:

1. What kind of fruit did Eve eat?

The fruit type is not given. It only mentions that she ate from the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. However, the fruit is classically depicted as an apple because the seeds of an apple are mildly poisonous but whenever the word “apple” is used in the scriptures, such as “you are the apple of my eye” it is referring to the black center of the pupil, meaning “you are the focus of my attention”. If a fruit were to be more closely associated as the fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil it would most likely be a fig as it grows two crops of fruit, one is bitter and the one is sweet, hence symbolic of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. But even though Adam and Eve fastened aprons of fig leaves thus depicting “I understand that I am naked or shameful” but yet it does not name the fruit of the tree specifically so the fruit is yet unknown. But consider this, the sap of fig leaves is VERY acidic and would burn even tough skin… would that be what you want on your VERY sensitive skin? So, my guess is the fig leaves are symbolic of the tree they ate from, otherwise I think I might find kinder leaves to cover with.

2. Where was Adam when Eve took the fruit from the tree?

It seems he was right there with her the entire time she was being convinced by the serpent to eat the fruit.

Gen 3:6 And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.

3. What sort of clothes did they wear in the garden?

They wore no clothes in the garden before the fruit as they were unaware of their faults or shamefulness, but post fruit they wore aprons of fig leaves until the Lord fashioned unnamed animal skins into garments for them. Symbolically your inner-garments or tunic are a covering of fine linen that represent the truths you fashion together to cover your faults or shame, but the outer-garment is usually more rough and made of animal hair or skin that depicts your true animal/beast nature. The animal is much like your personality characteristics and can also depict your profession or trade. Like John the Baptist wore a camel hair coat and a leather belt, or Joseph wore a robe of many colors that was torn and taken from him. Every culture uses animals to represent a spiritual truth about its possessor. From Kung Fu styles, to a coat of arms, we align ourselves with an animal that best depicts what our lifestyle best represents.

4. What was Jonas swallowed by?

The different translations of the Bible say different things and it varies from a huge fish to a whale or even a sea monster. The main beast that seems to stalk the seas is the leviathan and many stories attribute this creature to being a whale, but if you read Job 41 or Isaiah 27:1 you may get a much different picture of the sea beast that is NOT a whale!

Isaiah 27:1 In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.

The leviathan is a beast of the sea that seems to be a terror to ships and fish alike. Symbolically the fish are lost souls as potential waiting to be found. The leviathan does not give up its spoils easily and haunts the seas to keep, would be, traders and fishers at bay. But as fishers of men we gather from the depths the potential treasure of souls and bring them into the light and away from the beast of the raging seas.

5. What were Noah’s neighbors doing while he built the ark?

There is no mention of Noah ever having neighbors. God told Noah to build an ark and so he did, the rest is simply embellishment to make the story more endearing and relatable.

6. What did Mary ride into Bethlehem while pregnant?

There is no mention of any such event in the Bible.

7. What were the nationalities of the “wise men”?

All the Bible says is they were from the east. There are many additions added to this story but none that are from the Bible itself.

8. What animals did they ride?

There is no mention of any animals ridden.

9. How many “magi” were there?

This number varies from 2-25 but the truth is there is no mention of numbers (Only that there was more than one), we just use the 3 gift types mentioned as a best guess.

10. Were the magi kings?

There is no mention of this in scriptures. Some may take different passages to infer it, but that is only speculation.

11. What were their names?

The names of the Magi are not mentioned anywhere in the Bible.

12. How old was Jesus when they arrived?

Unknown, it only says He was a child.

13. How did they find the Christ child?

They followed a star from the east that lead them to a single location and then it stood over the child.

14. What kind of star can be followed and can also stand over a single child?

Following a star to a single point is an impossibility, as it would be too far away to triangulate. Try to stand directly under the moon at night to see what I mean; it is too far away to make a solid determination of the exact location it would be marking. Alternatively the angels of the Bible are often depicted as stars even though it does not come outright and say an angel is a star. The word angel means “messenger” and it is most likely they followed the messenger or angel of the Lord to the child king.

15. What was the name of the daughter of Herodias that danced for the head of John the Baptist’s?

Traditionally she is called “Salomé” (Why I do not know) but the name of Herodias daughter is never given in the Bible.

16. What was the name of her dance?

Somehow this dance has become known as the “Dance of the Seven Veils” but this is not mentioned anywhere in scriptures.

17. What was Jesus’ occupation?

In the life of Jesus He took on almost every occupation in one form or another. From teacher, to shepherd, to king and much more but, He is typically known as a carpenter. However this title is not exactly accurate. The word used for carpenter has a very wide scope in definition and it is harder to nail down than you might think.

I. a worker in wood, a carpenter, joiner, builder

A. a ship’s carpenter or builder

II. any craftsman, or workman

the art of poetry, maker of songs

III. a planner, contriver, plotter

an author

All of these attributes lead to a planner and builder but, the root word comes from something more akin to someone whom assists, helps, guards and avenges. Most theologians today attribute His occupation as something more like an architect and not just someone who works only with wood. An architect is a planner and builder of houses and temples. The human soul is likened to a house and your body to a temple, so perhaps this is more appropriate than a carpenter but, perhaps that is for you to decide.

18. What was His father’s occupation?

Joseph is not specifically called a carpenter, only Jesus is called the carpenter’s son. It is most likely that both God and Joseph play the same role as chief builder and architect, one on earth and one in heaven.

19. What was the instrument called that Jesus was whipped with?

There is no mention of this device, it only states that he was whipped or flogged. Some call it the “Cat of Nine Tails” but this torture device was not invented then.

20. How many times was he whipped?

There is no mention of any number of lashes. Some speculate it was 40 minus 1 but this too is not factual.

21. What was Jesus crucified on?

Just as Jesus was a carpenter/architect He too was sacrificed on a tree/cross. Ironically the root meaning of the word Cross means to “Make a stand”. So it most likely also represents a choice we must all make between “Freedom” (Jesus) or “Slave” (Barabbas) as the definition of the names dictate.

22. Where were the placements of the nails?

The Bible mentions feet and hands (not wrist). This has symbolic meaning as a completion of actions hence “It is finished”.

23. How many angels are mentioned by name in the Bible?

There are only 2 angels mentioned by name; Gabriel and Michael. However it has been argued by some that Michael is yet another name for Jesus. This however is not fully definitive.

24. Do angels have halos?

Typically a halo is an Egyptian sun disk that represents the enlightenment of the mind but, it is not mentioned anywhere in Scriptures.

25. Do angels have wings?

Yes, Seraphim and Cherubim are mentioned to have wings which are symbolic of spiritual enlightenment.

26. What gender are angels?

The gender of angels are not exactly mentioned. Some attribute angels to be both, or neither male and female but, this is not substantiated. Both Michael and Gabriel are masculine nouns and some cherubim are said to have the head of a man, as well as animals. Angels are also described as “Sons of God” but gender is not specific as there is no description of a need to procreate. In a true Biblical sense we are all “sons” and heirs, male and female alike. All genders are attributed as adam as well, meaning man or mankind. We are being made into the likeness of angels so gender is not specific.

27. Do demons have wings?

There are no descriptions of a demon’s form, or even what a demon really is. Many say they are fallen angels but this is not expressed specifically in the Bible but yet commonly accepted.

28. Does the Devil have horns?

There is no mention of this or even implied.

29. Does the Devil have a pitchfork?

There is no mention of this at all. Only the Lord is attributed with a winnowing fan, not a trident or pitchfork.

30. Does the Devil have goat legs and hooves?

This is not mentioned nor implied. It comes from the opposition of the lamb on the right hand to the goat on the left and the all-consuming nature of a goat verses the selective grazing of a sheep.

31. Did Jesus ever go into Hell?

This is not mentioned in the Bible. However the word Hades is mentioned but, Hades is not Hell, it’s death such as the grave. Hades was the Greek god of the underworld and the gateway to both the Elysian Fields as well as Tartarus.

32. Does Hell exist?

This is widely acceptable as yes but, surprisingly it’s not definitive. Hell is a word added much later to the Bible to describe the accumulation of the punishments of the afterlife of the unrighteous spirits, but yet it is never given a name as a single place. Hell is described as a lake of fire; a place of wailing and gnashing of teeth; an outer darkness; an abyss; but it is not described as a single place that is all those things, so the word Hell is used to help link them together. But if you look to the original text used, you will see that it is either geenna, sheol, grave or hades. The closets version of this word Hell is tartaroō or Tartarus in Greek meaning the place reserved for the most wicked spirits and only used once in the entire Bible.

2 Pe 2:4 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, (G5020) and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;

33. Where is Hell?

Because Hell is often described as an abyss or pit it is easily accepted as below the earth’s surface but, there is no mention of any such location, only what the characteristics of it embodies.

34. Is Heaven our final destination?

Unknown, there is however mention of a New Jerusalem descending from Heaven as a bride but, it does not mention heaven being our final destination. The word Jerusalem means “Peace” or the “Teachings of Peace” so a New Jerusalem would be as a New Peace that descends upon you.

35. Is there a grim reaper?

The Bible talks about harvesters coming when the wheat is ripe but, it makes no mention to any entity called a grim reaper. Additionally the fields may well represent the fields of the soul that grow understanding and the harvesters are your higher-ideals gathering truth within.

36. What is the soul?

This is a mystery to most because it is not clearly written out but, it is easiest to understand it as a consciousness. The word “Psyche” is relates to the mind and little else. It is the root of the word Psychology.

37. What is mammon?

Mammon is commonly considered money, but it is not. The word mammon means confidence. It is the belief in something absolutely, but there are no absolutes in this life despite the jokes of taxes and death. Remember all things are possible with God and anything you think you know you may quickly find to be wrong. Money is a thing of confidence that people put their faith into, so it is commonly believed to be money but, it is anything you put all your confidence into. The true nature of God is to be open and understanding but, this message is easily lost in judgment. When you work in absolutes judgment is a natural progression and openness is lost. You cannot serve both morality and certainty. True freedom is not found in judgment but in removal from it. It would take some time to explain this fully but it is easiest to see it in saying “I know”. When you utter the words “I know” your journey ends because you are no longer open to change and have no more room for growth. With leaving a little room for healthy skepticism, and on top of conscientious objectivity, you can see things more clearly, as both possible and not possible at the same time. It means you observe and not close your mind to possibilities as a rich man too full of his own knowledge would. Being poor does not mean you do not know, it means you are humble and hungry as being open to all wisdom.

38. What is the “Eye of a needle”?

Many believe this is a sheep gate but, there is historically no evidence of this. The exact meaning is in some debate but what is important is that all things are possible with the Lord. But consider “true riches” are truths. Riches are beliefs; some true and some false; a rich man is full of self. The Hebrew word Gimmel or Camel too means riches. A rich man is too full of self to humble himself to stitch together a thread of truth.

39. Can a rich man get into Heaven?

Of course, so long as he is not mastered by his own riches. Can a proud man full of self…. probably not so much.

40. Does Saint Peter guard the way into Heaven?

I could not tell you where this myth started but, it is in no way substantiated in any scriptures.

So how well did you do?

This exercise was not meant to make you question your faith in a negative way but rather to open up a part of you that perhaps was more closed than you knew. There is a lot to this life that is not understood by most and it is not the fault of the observer who gets it wrong but only to the observer that thinks they know it all and are not open to correction or change. When you reach this dead end the world ceases to flow and a prison of the soul is forged and chains you too your beliefs, and traps you in your own judgments. Remember you cannot serve God and mammon. Not money, but your own beliefs and judgments are the bonds that imprison you into a hell of your own making. Remember, only minutes before you read this you thought you knew the answers but, now you have doubts… so too should the rest of your life be open to possibilities.

The Bible you know is not fully understood and there is much much more than what you think you know going on inside it. God has given us answers, but if you believe you know all the answers then the journey ends and you will miss the voice of God calling out within you. If you want to know more, be open to possibilities and come back and visit often. Seek-knock-and possibilities open!


What is everywhere and nowhere and has no center? The Answer…

I asked my readers the question “What is everywhere and nowhere and has no center?” and these are the answers I got:

  • Now that the whirlwind has settled and I’ve had time to think. . . God is the only answer that fits the question. ~
  • The CREATOR ~
  • Infinity ~
  • Void ~
  • Just being… ~

There was a time
when the answers people would have given would have been, God, or heaven or something similar to the ones I got to my question. But times have changed, as they often do, and an entity has grown out of technology into something both real and not real at the same time. The answer is to the riddle was:

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Lupita Nyong’o

I found this on YouTube and thought it was worth sharing.

Thank you Lupita Nyong’o for being a woman of substance.

Lupita Nyong'o

How is it that we all seem to forget who we are? How do we lose sight of our pride and self-love and think of ourselves as something less than wonderful? Are we not all made in God’s image? Are we not all made of excellent things? If you mirror God then you are amazing! Continue reading Lupita Nyong’o

“JIMMIED LETTERS” Facebook Conversation with Mike P.

Daniel Lyons

8:40am Feb 25

What if… the “end times” meant something else entirely? What if you missed Jesus’s coming because you didn’t understand what it meant? What if your salvation had an essential element you missed? What would you say if I told you that you were reading the Bible wrong? What if the whole time it was a story about your own progression?

Genesis 1:1-2
1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

“beginning” from ro’sh = head

“God”= ‘elohiym = multiple “Judges” or “judgments”
In the head higher judgment creates enlightenment.

Genesis 1:1-2
1 In the head higher judgment created the Super Ego & the Id.
2 The Id is without order, unsubstantial & ignorant to the core.

The Book is written as a mirror of two truths but not seen if looking at it from a worldly perspective. When you see the world of scriptures as a lost and lonely child and look at it from (A parent) God’s perspective everything changes and the measure of your own understanding is then gained as you play both creator and creation in your life. Don’t you think it should be a world worth living in, after all that lost child/world is you?


UNRAVELING THE GREAT MYSTERY: PART 1 There is a great mystery hidden in the Bible if you choose to b…

Mike P…

10:52am Feb 25

There is no mystery any more. The Bible is a Revelation, The Gospel is preached and men and women are brought into the kingdom. Jesus brought light not darkness and mystery. Continue reading “JIMMIED LETTERS” Facebook Conversation with Mike P.


When most people read the Bible there seems to be a limitation to their understanding based on certain symbols used in the Scriptures. The stories are easy enough to read, but it is often hard to understand some of the deeper meanings if you do not understand the significance of symbolic items used such as: garments, trees, mountains, lakes, animals, etc. When you can understand the significance of these items you will gain a greater clarity into your studies. What symbolic truth can we learn from this word?


Different tree types represent different aspects of truth.

  • Trees: To make a firm understanding: Knowledge (Male)
  • Fruit: To produce, to be fruitful: A relevant truth called “Wisdom” (Female)
  • Seeds: to do, sow or scatter moral quality: The possibilities & potential that lead to “Actions & Understanding” (Child)
  • Forest/Garden: To Counsel or Consider truth.

The tree is the central structure of the home and often accounted to represent “life-force” but Biblically speaking it is the growth structure of truth that holds our home of the soul together. This is the growth process of knowledge that leads to love and understanding. There are many trees mentioned throughout the Holy Scriptures, each representing an understanding gained through life. Each tree brings about a new perspective we harvest to give us counsel to make better informed decision. The trees are also likened to individual people as each person too is an extension of this same process as each person you meet will give you counsel and thus plant a seed that will grow a knowledge into a wise understanding. Continue reading BIBLICAL SYMBOLS TREES

Prayer Request

Today is National Prayer Day in this country

Earlier I asked 7,519 followers if they had any prayer requests to please post them either through twitter, or through my post online. To which I received only 3 requests. I guess the world must be doing “Just fine” and in little need of some love. 🙂 Continue reading Prayer Request


We are conditioned from birth into believing that perfection is a game we must all play in order to win in life. Continue reading Perfection

Whispers Down The Line

Chinese whispers[1] is one of the names for a game played around the world, in which one person whispers a message to another, which is passed through a line of people until the last player announces the message to the entire group. Errors typically accumulate in the retellings, so the statement announced by the last player differs significantly, and often amusingly, from the one uttered by the first. Some players also deliberately alter what is being said in order to guarantee a changed message by the end of it. Continue reading Whispers Down The Line