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The Truth of the garden and man

Adam's 2nd big mistakeThe Truth of the garden and man:

Consider the Bible as the story of you and not a history book of the past. In this way all things are truths of the inner-world of the soul. Imagine the garden not as a place but a STATE of being called ignorance. In our blissful ignorance we know not the shame of our action and thus we dwell amongst the trees grown of our own understanding. Yet before us is the option to stay as we are or to gain the knowledge of judgment. In our seeing that it is wise to discern both Good & Evil we create a judgment that strips away our joy and paradise is lost to an inner-world of toils to maintain our process of choosing right & wrong. The tree of the garden we call knowledge OF good & evil is that of death as it takes away our growth and replaces it with the need to control. That which does not grow dies and thus the need to control your world through judgment is the enemy of the freedom of salvation.

Consider the tree itself. Many think it’s an apple because of some paintings made long ago. The tree is not specified yet immediately a leaf is taken to show that understanding of shame has been born. It only makes sense that the fruit of the tree is the same covering their shame which is a fruit tree that grows two crops of fruit in its seasons. One Sweet & One Bitter, thus the knowledge of both Good & Evil.

From the point we realize we are naked and exposed we then spend our lives trying to cover over our mistakes by making one judgment over another until we have covered ourselves in garments of sin verse righteousness. To SIN means to ERR. To err only means to make a mistake over what was correct, thus we call CORRECTNESS “RIGHTEOUSNESS”. From the moment we find what we believe to be right & wrong we judge the world around us and even, in fact, ourselves with our own faulty judgments. When we look into the universal mirror of truth called the FIRMAMENT we see the empty void within if we are not filled with the light of truth. So we must see God reflected within, or face the madness of a “Legion” of demons that haunt our house of the soul. Our thoughts betray us and we think we are our thoughts and find ourselves possessed by the voices of our past all screaming out without heed to your own true voice that knows the truth. A still small voice in the din of despair is the clarity we seek to overcome the folly of our primitive self that is being molded like clay into the self-portrait of our Creator through the reflection of Christ.

What few realize is that the entire Bible is really a story book written by God through the lives of His “chosen” to teach each person the process and path to peace. It is written in symbols and living allegories as a manual to find enlightenment. But religions have formed around the misconceptions and instead of giving freedom to the mind it has only served to enslave more than it freed. Only in knowing how it is written can you free the soul (PSYCHE: Mind) from the prison grave it creates for itself. For without growing in the light of understanding we find we are only fit for the dark ignorance of the grave.

To those that really want to know the truth you only have to ask. Seek, knock and answers will become open to you.


#BiblicalConversations Texting with Teresa on MAN vs BEAST

#BiblicalConversations Texting with Teresa on MAN vs BEAST


Sometimes the best way to understand a thing is to talk it out with another person. Teresa and I do a lot of Bible studies using the “Book of Secrets” method and it sharpens our understanding of God’s Word with such clarity. This process of discovery is one of our greatest joys we share together and so we thought it might be nice to share our musings together to help you understand the same. Again you need to look at the Bible as if the world is really you and the stories are all about ideas that are in you and not as people. The whole Bible is written in living allegories and knowing the way to see it and read it changes everything. The real secret is in hidden in the names.


Teresa and I are very advanced in our studies and so some of this may be a little hard to grasp at first but the video series on this site should really help clear things up.


BIBLE “Book of Secrets” KEYS


It’s all about you! The WORLD/HOUSE is the SOUL/MIND inside you.



Text Conversation:


“jimmied letters” MONSTER?

“jimmied letters” MONSTER?

Monster Logo

Well for some reason I can’t foward the video so I’m just gona send info then is it ok . In South Africa we have an energy drink called Monster and its a hit but recently I founnd info regarding the logo of the Monster energy drink the “M” it self is made up out of three legs. The leg itself is said is similiar to the the Hebrew number chart for 6. So basicly the logo says 666 the slogan says unleash the beast! Continue reading “jimmied letters” MONSTER?



Hi there,

Firstly I want to say I am inspired reading your blog. You are indeed strong! God bless and I look forward to reading more!! :)

Also, please – if you could interpret my dream. No one has been able to and it’s been 8 years. I’m usually quite good at analyzing dreams but this one has me stuck. Continue reading “DREAMS” A COVENANT & A PROMISE

“jimmied letters” FEEDING THE BEAST

“jimmied letters” FEEDING THE BEAST

Original post: Chapter 4: THE TRUE FACE OF THE 666 BEAST

I’m impressed by your well thought out presentation and the scriptures to back it up.  I learned some new things reading this and am walking away with much more to think about. Continue reading “jimmied letters” FEEDING THE BEAST