The game of Telegraph

Have you ever played the game of “Telegraph” where on person whispers something into the ear of the person next to them, and that same whisper is shared down a line of people until it gets to the end and shared with everyone? The end result is never the same as the original whisper… why is that?


… and does that happen with the Bible?



8 thoughts on “The game of Telegraph”

  1. It is true that if we only get our instruction from the Bible second hand we might actually get some real misinformation especially with all the different translations out there. When we hear something interesting about the Bible we should go there and check it out and see if it’s true. I perfer the King James for that because I think it is the closest to the Hebrew and Greek and I don’t trust other translations to really give me the right info. I know not everyone agrees with this but also what I do–I have a good Bible program and I go there and check out the meaning of some of the Greek and Hebrew words as well as read some commentaries. Also sometimes the Holy Spirit uses a certain scripture just to speak to us personally and that might not be for everyone’s situation. God Bless I enjoy your posts:)

  2. What makes us unique as humans is that no one of us perceives things the same as another. We all interpret based on our personal life experience the understanding we read in the bible, it’s the road map of life, we need to open our minds to the history and the mystery that only God can explain. The bible is written to be simple and easily understood….not always…it’s based on the teachings and perspective of others before us. The stories found in this book vary as much as we as people do, the purpose of it I believe is to teach us love of one another and the courage it has taken and continues to take as believers in an “entity” many have not yet seen, but trust with God given faith. Whispers of God found within our souls and hearts….awesome concept….let’s whisper the “word” across the world.

  3. It’s funny you should ask. My post today was based somewhat on this idea. I think that there can definitely be unintentional “distortions” that happen (as well as intentional). Think about this. . . back in the days before the flood, people lived to be hundreds of years old. Much was passed down from generation to generation by oral tradition. If the story was distorted somewhere along the way, the original person was there to say “Whoa! Hold on a minute!” We no longer have that. If something gets distorted, there is no one there to set the record straight. And if someone does try to set the record straight, you get the “it’s open to interpretation” argument.

    So, now that I’ve rambled on in my post and yours 😉 , yes, I think it does happen with the Bible. It is why we are so much more accountable to make sure that we are in the Word and sharing Biblical truth.

    1. Interesting and well put Teresa, but I want more input from others before I share as well. I want to say nothing to influence people’s opinions with my own personal bias. I think this is a very important topic and getting a feel for what people think can be very helpful.

      Your post on your page poses a very interesting interpretation with it. Very interesting. I will pose my points there on your site, if you like, as to what that actually seems to mean to me.

  4. Although I’ve never played ‘Telegraph’ (I think it’s similar to Chinese Whispers), I totally understand what you’re trying to say. In terms of the bible, some people try to distort the truth about Christ and his teachings but it can never be hidden. Those that want to know about God or understand him more need to take the initiative and read the bible themselves rather than just accepting hear’ says.

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