My Solar Eclipse Video

I filmed this amazing event from my back yard during a massive wildfire.

Annular Eclipse of 2012 as seen through the smoke of the Arizona Gladiator Wildfire


98 thoughts on “My Solar Eclipse Video”

  1. hey soul
    great vid … we missed it out here … rain clouds clouds and more rain … sigh
    oh and thank you for the follow

  2. At first I thought the sun was obscured by the fire… but then we saw people with pinhole devices checking it out from the street in Phoenix! Your photo work is amazing!

  3. also wanted to see this in the other side of the globe~ too bad the weather was not good on our side and by the time we got a chance to see it.. its already half-way finish…. need to wait another 100 years,,,

  4. Loved the video and pics. Thanks so much for sharing. We didn’t see it here in California. Just missed it. Noticed the light coming in the window was really different. Had forgotten that we would have been able to see it a little at least. Be blessed.

  5. That was definitely not a random act of beauty for us to witness. It shouldn’t take a beautiful setting (and wonderful pictures) of this event for people to realize that the power and the beauty of God is around us all the time. It is nature, the surgeon’s hands, the writer’s mind, the athletes skill and any other place where we can see things our minds have a hard time wrapping themselves around. It makes one wonder how people can see and recognize the higher nature in front of them but cannot accept that into their own lives. I love the idea for your series coming up, hopefully it will be able to change some minds.

  6. Awesome! I especially enjoy watching the eclipsed sun eclipsed by the hill at the end of the video. The hill is the head and the crescent is the horns of a mythical bull!

  7. You had an amazing viewpoint of the eclipse! Were you actually in Arizona, or did you just get the smoke from one of our fires? Either way you pulled off some beautiful shots. My family and I watched it from Surprise, AZ through my boyfriends welding helmet which gave it a very errie look. Did you happen to notice the distortion of shadows the eclipse produced? We tried to get some pictures because it created this halo effect around the shadows, but it was difficult to capture. Thanks for the beautiful video.

    1. I actually live here in Arizona. That footage is from my yard in Black Canyon City. And that halo effect, I saw it once from an airplane looking down on the shadow of the plane below. It was so weird, I thought maybe I was crazy! Nature and life is so filled with such rich wonders, and we shroud ourselves to the amazing gifts God surrounds us with each day. We just need to look with better eyes and we can see such wonder in everything. There is a cute animation on my main page that I think nicely illustrates that wonder in even the smallest and most insignificant of things. It’s called “zero”.

        1. I just got the camera a few weeks ago. I am planning to run a whole series on the Scriptures and the world as a desert after the loss of paradise. The images of the desert go hand in hand with the message. So you can expect much more photos from out here, and a deeper message of understanding life’s amazing truths. Like healing chicken soup for the soul.

    1. Hey you! I am glad you liked it. I posted this video for you and my regular viewers, but I guess wordpress found it and put me on freshly pressed! Wow! My readers spiked today! Now if only they can read the rest of the blog as well!

      1. I saw the huge number of comments! What a great blessing for getting the word out! The pictures you’ve been posting are fantastic. I find that I’m checking back more frequently to see if there’s anything new! The eclipse was a special treat. The last time we had one on the east coast, it was cloudy! Looking forward to more and praying that the people being brought here by Freshly Pressed are giving some of your other posts a view!

    2. WOW!!!! Even in this day and age of science and technology it is just so awesome to be humbled by the simplest of natural phenomena and your video demonstrates that. We didn’t see any of this here in the UK so your video is all the more special. Thank you for sharing it with us 🙂

    1. You are very welcome. We had these really dark disposable glasses from the eye doctor and they made for a great view of the sun. We would stack 2 and 3 together and it provided for some great viewing with the naked eye.

  8. Thank you so much because here in Texas, I tried but was not able to get a clear shot of the horizon at that time. Now I didn’t have to miss it. I’m reposting this on my blog. Thanks again!

    1. That was actually my best viewing of an eclipse in my life, and it was just part of one of the great blessings the Lord has gifted me with my life lately. Thank you for writing me and I am glad the images inspired you. Please come again.

    1. That sounds so much like the blessings the Lord gives us in our lives. When things seem their darkest and confusing, He will reveal what you most need when you most need it, if you stay diligent and focused on the subject at hand. And when He gives you what you seek, it is often FAR GREATER than our wildest expectations.

  9. How exciting that you got a video of this event. It’s also nice to see that now two of my blog followers have been Freshly Pressed! Congratulations. You may want to check out the photos of the eclipse I captured here in Texas.
    I posted them last night. I was perfect timing for my 100th post!

      1. Thank you for the kind words. I couldn’t believe the one with the bird. I didn’t even see it because the light was so intense. The sail boats made it almost like watching a movie. It was great. I hope to get all of the pics posted in the gallery along with some brief video my husband shot. : )

    1. Oh, that’s horrible, but there will be more. I got doubly lucky with the rich orange color because of all the smoke from the forest fire nearby. Sad about the fire, but it made the sky ever so much more magical in these shots.

  10. Excellent! I’ll include a link to this shortly when I post my own photos from our eclipse party in Minnesota

  11. Thank you for that, I was looking for it here and we did not get such a beautiful effect. I guess we are just in the wrong area to enjoy such a show! 😦 Glad to see it through your eyes though!

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