“Dreams” Going Through The Motions

“Dreams” Going Through The Motions

The dream that has stayed with me the longest and strongest is one I dreamed 45 years ago when I was in college. I would certainly appreciate your thoughts about it. I am at an amusement park standing in a crowd of people near a merry-go-round. I want to ride it, but it costs a dime and I have no money. A man comes out of the crowd and presses a dime into my hand. I put it in the slot, the merry-go-round comes to a stop, and I choose my horse — all white with a very light beige mane. The music begins, we go once and a half around, and then my horse takes off flying. He flies me to Washington DC. On the way we meet my college roommate going the other way. I ask her what time it is and she replies, “Six o’clock.” My horse and I arrive in Washington and go immediately to the Lincoln Memorial. No one else is around. We are inside it, looking at the statue of Lincoln when I notice a single tear dripping down my horse’s long face. We are both very moved by what we are looking at. It is then time to go back. He takes me to the front door of my house and lets me off. I walk into the house to see my mother washing blueberries at the kitchen sink.

This dream has always felt intensely personal to me. I am tempted to write some particular facts, but decided against that so they won’t color your interpretation. If you would like to have those facts I’ll be glad to supply them.

Posted by Maggie | February 14, 2012, 12:11 pm


Hello, Daniel. I am looking forward to when you can take a look at my dream and tell me what you see in it. This has been a dream that seems like a friend, and I cherish it. Thank you. Maggie

Posted by Maggie | February 16, 2012, 9:16 pm


Sorry Maggie!

I am trying to catch up with all the dreams. I just have so much on my plate right now. But thank you for your patience!
(In fact if I missed any of my reader’s dream post, please just copy them and post them again so I don’t lose them in all my other emails. Sorry if I have missed any of you)

This dream has always felt intensely personal to me. I am tempted to write some particular facts, but decided against that so they won’t color your interpretation. If you would like to have those facts I’ll be glad to supply them.

Thank you but the facts are not needed as, like you say, they can influence the interpretation that is really only for you alone. You will know what it means once you understand the surrounding principles of the dream.

This is what I read in your dream Maggie:

In the time of your life when you were most seeking to be enlightened along your spiritual path, you had a vision that called out to your sense of purpose. I assume there was much wrestling with where to go and what to do at this time, but this dream may have been symptomatic of the choices you made around this time and also made you are who you are today.

The amusement park is you trying to find the thrills in the mundane things of your life. This dream is a calling to your true path and purpose. The crowd is the many aspects of your life without direction. The merry-go-round is the cyclic and pointlessness of the actions we all go through. Amusing as our lives may be, there is no real forward progression and you were seeking to progress. This is a pivotal point in your life and this is how many people view their own lives that don’t have a clear image of where they want their life to go. But you wanted to know, and the cost of this ride is a dime. The silver coin of ten. 10 is the number of completeness. This is the wholeness of the spirit. In Jesus’ time it would have cost you a denarius to ride. A single answer to a single question of your soul. This was the cost of the longing of your soul, given by a man. The man is the higher-self, the answer of the mind, perhaps even the image of God.

The merry-go-round stops to allow you passage into your image of your future-self. The horse is the symbol of your wild and primitive spiritual nature. It is the pure, unadulterated spiritual-self. It is the swiftness and freedom of the spirit. This is your vehicle of choice to understanding and it is clothed in (white) purity in wisdom but with (beige) a sense of introverted anonymity. You chose to be humble and wise and less ostentatious in nature then most. You are not a crowd pleaser or thrill seeker is my guess? This is your core sense of self.

The music begins, this is your inner harmony at this state. I can only guess the thrills have begun and anticipations mounts with the building music, this thrill inside is the unleashing of your spirit’s true desire, and the horse becomes as its name in Hebrew suggests, the sparrow. This is the swiftness of the mind, pure quickness of thought and enlightenment. You have embarked upon your higher spiritual quest to see the path laid out before you.

You are not one to jump into an unknown situation without some form of confirmation as to its safety, so you created a spirit guide to confirm this is the right course. The image of your roommate is a reassuring wisdom. This seeing her return must have eased your spirit. This is also confirmed by the time she gave you. “Six o’clock.” This is symbolic for the peace in the body and comfort. And now that you have found your confirmation that this is in fact the correct course you again carry on. You seem to be a very prudent and cautious person, with a small dreamer “free-spirit” energy also squirreled away in there as well. So over all happy and content… By the way, this is a very good combination in Christian ethics. Very liparos. The very definition of Christ in your life. That is a sumptuous and delicate style of living. Simple, yet hearty and rich in your real and spirit life.

Your quest takes you to Washington DC. This is the state of spiritual correctness. The rightness of the spirit. And you are drawn to the Lincoln Memorial. This is a state of pride in yourself and also perhaps in others. At this point you are looking to be a champion of the moral right. You or looking to see the good in people and what can be done to right a great many wrongs. There is no one else around because this is a uniform and solitary core belief. This is your calling. And as you look at the face of personified integrity (Lincoln), your spirit weeps for this cause as it is important to you, and a side of you, not yet at this time, fully realized. This is your longing to find the integrity in yourself and also in mankind, confirmed as good and noble beings… All of these signs point to you being a spirit warrior in cause, wanting your life to be a sign post, or to call other’s to see the signs that are so obvious to you. But yet we go around and round like fools with our lives. But even before this quest started you knew the answers to your life’s path. The horse never made two revolutions in the carousel-of-life before it took flight. The awareness was made before the quest began. There was never any choice, your heart made it before you even left.

And at journey’s end, as you arrived at your home and front door. This is the gateway to your heart and soul, where this new knowledge you just acquired would be stored as a permanent part of you, you confirmed yet again in your solemn nature, the image of your mother. She is your patriarch wisdom of your heart, nurturing, and confirming to you that this is the right path, as she is associated with washing the fruits of your spirit quest, preparing them for consumption into your adult and future life. These blueberries, the color of law and truth in the spirit… confirmed that this is, in fact, the new calling of your life.

I have to say, I am curious what you did with this insight? I would think on a grand scale you would become a lawyer for human rights causes, but you are inconspicuous in nature? Maybe a teacher or social worker?… Ah wait, I just peaked at your profile… yep, a teacher of language, and a writer of poems, spirituality, and medicine. Yeah, I don’t think you had a choice in this one. Your dream spelled all that out fairly well.

Sounds like you did exactly what God has put you here to do, and I bet you have no regrets in the choice of occupation you chose? You are one of the lucky ones to know your heart and to have followed it. Your rewards in heaven will be great indeed… A life not wasted and used for the purpose it was intended… How very glorious of you. You have become the Lincoln of your heart… Integrity personified.

With great blessings sister,
Daniel Lyons


Stay tuned, big things are coming! AND if you liked this spread the Word!

5 thoughts on ““Dreams” Going Through The Motions”

  1. Thank you, Daniel, THANK YOU. Everything in your dream interpretation resonated. At the beginning when you said this was a pivotal point in my life and that there was much wrestling, that is absolutely true. I was 21 years old, still in college, dealing with a difficult father who was tremendously demanding. He worked in Washington D.C. at the time. You are correct in that I am not a crowd pleaser or a thrill-seeker.I am more cautious in nature, enjoying the internal life, but very much the dreamer, the free spirit. I do have a deep feeling for wanting to champion that which is right. I was very close to my mother (parents divorced when I was 13), and I’d never been able to understand the image of her washing blueberries. Thank you for that understanding. It means a lot to me. How interesting that, before you peeked at my profile, you thought I might be a lawyer, teacher, or social worker. Yes, I taught school for 27 years, and as you said, never regretted my choice of career. Yes, I am more inconspicuous in nature. I find great pleasure and satisfaction in writing poetry in classic forms. I love words and try to be careful with them, whether written or spoken. I have published a book of my poetry. I also pray for people, and some have called me a prayer warrior. I have friends with whom I pray on a regular basis. Thank you very much for your attention to my dream. This was worth waiting for. God bless you.

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