“Dreams” Soul Food

“Dreams” Soul Food

Hi Daniel. So, it is me, Jamie again. You helped me with a dream earlier and I while I am hesitant to ask, I had a dream last night that I am not quite sure of so here I am again, hoping you can add some insight.

The dream was… I was in a very busy restaurant. There were lots of people and the whole place was just bustling with restaurant activity. In the middle of the room was the Aussie gentleman we spoke of earlier. I was watching him from across the dining room. He was watching a TV screen and reading what was on the screen to himself. He was almost unaware of everyone else in the restaurant, he was so focused on the screen. While I was aware of everyone else in the room, he was the only person I knew and the only one I was focused on. Then the dream flashed to the restaurant closing. It was almost completely empty and the staff was closing down the restaurant. The Aussie was still there, waiting. I turned to him and asked him if he needed a ride home. He said he would find a way but I could sense that he wanted me to take him home. So I told him that if he would just wait a little bit while I finished closing the restaurant, I would take him home. He was very shy about it and said I did not have to do that but I could tell that he was waiting there for me to take him home, he was just too shy to ask me. So I told him it was no problem that I would I be happy to take him home, he agreed to wait. That’s the last thing I remember, me telling him two or three times that I would take him home.

I think I have a few insights into the dream but would really appreciate any insight you may have on it. I am not sure if I am getting the meaning correctly or not.

thank you,

Posted by jamie | January 31, 2012, 1:55 pm


Jamie, I am sorry that this dream slipped through the cracks in my busy life. And I hope it is not too late to answer you.

The dream can be taken two ways.

One way is that this man you have been talking to in Australia, that has taken your breath away and made your life unstable for the desire for love, still lives in another country (if I remember correctly). And it seems you have deep feelings to be with him.

A restaurant is a type of intimacy in the spirit. It is about the consumption of the things you desire. When you eat something it becomes a part of your permanent self and it enriches and strengthens you. This is not about food but a closeness of spiritual things. In this case the resuarant is your spiritual house (The center of your soul). The people are the faculties of your mind and feelings, and they are all the aspects of your busy life. And the man is a goal or belief that is watching as the signs of your life unfold. He is a strong goal of your heart, but you see how this goal effects all aspects of your life. And so you are waiting to see if his patience and perserverence will pay off. So you watch for the signs of good or bad news to guide your choices.

Both aspects of the dream are as one. The one side of you that craves a closer relationship with this real man, who is so far away, is calling out to you from your dreams. You wish to consume all of his life; his physical presence, his thoughts, and his spirit in an very intimate way. Everything, your desire from him you seek to enrich your own life. You want it all and you think he is too shy to express his care for you too. But you can sense it is there and very real.

The physical attraction you already know. That part of the dream was easy and I am sure you knew that answer before you wrote me. But the physical desire is also the same as your spiritual desire. This real man is also your spiritual desire to consume a belief in a life beyond what you have now. It is not a replacement for your life and beliefs, but an enrichment to the goodness you already know. You do not only want to consume in this restaurant of life, but you are the server. You are the giver. You are the teacher. You are the server of the enriches of the spirit. You wish to give of the richness that you possess. Unfortunately you feel you have unfinished business here that must be attended to before you can change your life in any new ways. You are ready for a change to enhance your life, but in your time and on your own terms. Because you know this is the right thing to do. And a part of you is very warmly flattered. You are secure in your belief that he will wait. Your life is growing, and it is progressing as it should. With order, and purpose, and dignity. You are on the right track. There is nothing holding you back but timing and settling old matters, and getting your house in order before new avenues can be ventured, where joining to a new truth and love will create a lasting growth in life.

You are on the true mission of your life. You are walking the path God has laid before you. Stay true to what you know is true, and follow the path of love, with love to guide you.

Daniel Lyons


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3 thoughts on ““Dreams” Soul Food”

  1. Hi Daniel,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to interpret this dream. I am sorry that it has taken me some time to reply but I have to admit that your answer threw me for a loop a little. Your insight spoke deeply to me and at the time was very sobering for me. Your answer “hit” me with much more spiritual force than I expected. It is an very encouraging answer but even now when I read it, I am amazed and even a little stunned by it. To be honest, I am left speechless and even a little breathless by your answer. I am, in truth,still processing what you have said, it is real beyond even my own insight and feelings.

    Again, thank you so much. You truly have a divine gift, my friend. I pray all the best that God has in store for you!

  2. I’m glad I came across this post this morning, as it gave me a little insight into a dream I had last night. I don’t remember my dreams often, but I can’t imagine that it’s coincidence that I did remember this one AND took the time to read this post. Thank you!

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