“jimmied letters” Dandelion Seeds

“jimmied letters” Dandelion Seeds 

Thank you- here is something – I read UCB’s Word for Today- today and it was about doing five things each day to help yourself.  The story was about the chicken soup for the soul people who could not find a publisher anywhere- they spent two years doing five things each day to help themselves in every creative way possible – the rest is history. I liked it so much I wrote down my five things and am just about to do my fifth for today- it has been the most productive and positive day in a long while and I felt the Presence of Christ- prayer was one of the five. Love Word for Today!

Posted by apocalypseicons | February 7, 2012, 2:43 pm


I had an amazing day too! I went on a first date… only it turned out to being a Bible lesson instead. It was not really a “date” date. Just a meeting to talk. And the impact the lesson had on her had her so deep in thought she got lost on the way home. She actually drove the wrong way home. Sure I told her the wrong way to go… but that is beside the point. She actually got so turned around she had to call me.

After she left the coffee shop the owner spent some time with me and listened to what I have to teach as well. He even offered to let me use his shop for lessons!

It was a fantastic day. After that I got the first haircut at a professional salon, or barbershop I have had in 3 years. For the last 3 years I was either locked-up or injured and so poor I couldn’t afford one, so I had to cut it myself. But today I had money that “I” earned. I held cash in my hand that I made by my efforts. Something I looked past my entire life. But now with all I have been through and with no one helping or letting me get a job with my new criminal record and bad credit from having everything repossessed on me… This was $60 US dollars in my hand that I earned. It felt so odd and so good. And I bought a hair cut. And the lady that cut my hair laughed and shined so brightly today. God’s light burned through me.

And I went to lunch at a real soup and salad place, and the people I interacted with their smiled so big and bright for little things we shared, but maybe not worth mentioning here. But simple pleasures and a positive attitude made people’s days.

Then I went to a movie. And it was a fun and good movie, and the person who took my money and sold me the ticket smiled at me for something I said that made her happy.

And then I went and bought groceries and I said to God, lead me. I walked around Wal-Mart and people smiled and opened-up to me. I talked to people all over the store. I just met random strangers and full conversations started. It was so strange. It was like old friends and unlike any day I have had before. Their was something, an energy pouring off of me. This day has been beautiful. I can not explain it, but God was using me in little things to start a ripple through people. Something is happening in my life. Like I feel like a waterfall has opened in my heart and it is something I can not contain. And even now as I write this tears are starting to well in me. Not weepy tears, or even ones you can physically see, but the type you feel them surfacing. Those manly ones guys try to hide so they look macho and shrug them off as something in their eye. Those kind. I never used to cry, but God touches something in me and as I see people blossom with the power of the Spirit. Man, it just gets me.

So here is to good days, cat and science fiction lady! To good days and 5+ things!

Posted by soulblindministry | February 7, 2012, 8:50 pm


Do you know- I don’t know your name, please tell me- that is a great day and do hold it in your heart for a long time especially when you have to go through more testing times. It is an endurance race and we have to just keep going till the end- Jesus tells us it is like this in the end times.  We just have to hang in their and keep our faith and love for Him burning bright.

This morning I am exhausted and needed to go into my church and continue the ministry they have given me with very little support but now I have read about your great day I am feeling encouraged to keep going and to do those little things that are meaningful to the dear ones who come into contact with me from the street.  Because it is they who are doing the real giving as you so rightly said ion your experience of others around you.

God bless you and keep you and may his light shine upon you now and forever. Amen

Posted by apocalypseicons | February 8, 2012, 2:30 am


I am Daniel by the way :)

Posted by soulblindministry | February 9, 2012, 7:49 pm


Dear Daniel, Thanks for the name to the face- Daniel along with David is one of my most favourite people in the OT.  He faced exile and imprisonment  but kept his faith and his face turned towards God even when commanded by the king- via his enemies- that he should bow down to other gods.  Daniel refused and was fed to the lions and yet he still survived through faith.  God is the power of transformation in our lives – we just have to ask, and believe.  today’s reading in the book of common Prayer is from 2 Timothy- about those pieces of crockery used for special occasion. Daniel was one of those. God bless.  Constantina from the UK who is soooo looking forward to a weekend with grandson Isaac who is nearly 2 and simply loves dinosaurs.

Posted by apocalypseicons | February 10, 2012, 4:33 am


My name actually is Daniel Lyons. I was named after that very same Daniel from scriptures. And I too faced the lions den in prison for a crime I never committed. I was in the jail for 12 months and Daniel was cast amongst the lions for 12 hours. As I faced my trials I carried that story with me. I was not harmed when in jail. I knew the Lord was with me. And though it was not an ideal situation, I almost recommend everyone goes through this trial and separation in a way that separates you from the world for a time. It was like a fast. I got very little food with almost no taste, and there was also no sunlight there. Some days we could go “outside” for half an hour and there you could touch a small piece of sunlight that crept in through the bars of the ceiling into a small concrete courtyard. The men would line-up and take turns putting their hand up into the light to feel its warmth, if even for just a second.

I was separated from the world and all I loved. In fact I was separated from all forms of love, trust and compassion. The world had swallowed me whole and with no way to reach out to anyone.  I knew my innocence and yet no one cared. I almost never dream but my dreams were so vivid at night, I think it was the mind’s way of trying to escape. You can not imagine how horrible the whole experience was. The worry and doubt, the wanting to reach out. I was 100% alone. My wife (though we were already separated) left me because she was embarrassed by me being in jail, my kids, whom I was so close to, were under her spell and never wrote me. There was no love, no light, no pen pals, no friends, no way to call anyone or reach out. No books, no freedom, no understanding, and trapped in a box the size of a closet, almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This was the ultimate fast of life.

It strips away certain desires and also creates other ones to the point of when you are released it is like a person who has never truly lived and all things become beautiful. All things glow with magnificence and simple things become great. Those 12 hours in the lions den gave strength in His Word and a whole new purpose in life. And when that rock to the tomb was rolled away, I was reborn into the light.

I think we all face our own den of lions each day. We just need to hold on to that promise that the Lord is with us. And He will shut the mouths of lions until He is ready to show us His purpose in our lives and deliver us from the fires and from those that would harm us. So being faithful in all things is the best we can live until the death of the flesh. Our body is only a vessel, but our soul is eternal. And this life is not a prison but a school of understanding. And on that day we graduate, we do not die, but are born again into His light and begin our new and true life.

Also, on a funny side note. My brother’s father adopted me when I was a child. I had no love for the man unfortunately. He was not a good man from all I remember, so years after he died, and when I was old enough, I changed my name back to my birth name. But when he adopted me he gave me his first name as my middle name, as well as he changed my last name to his. His name was David. So when I went to change my name back at age 21, (That wasn’t the funny part, but this is) the motor vehicle department made a mistake on my drivers license. And so for a very brief moment there before I got it fixed, my name read as “Dan D. Lyons”. Now never in my life did I ever want or expect to be named after the hearty and fast growing weeds like the dandelions…. Go ahead and laugh it up. But you know what, I am 6’5” and I grew really fast my entire life. I was 6’3” by age 13. I was always taller than everyone else. So yes, I grew like a weed. And like that weed, when I was ripped out of my life, I grew back just as fast. And now I am spreading my seeds of love and hope out upon the winds. And I hope that at least some of them take root in the fertile fields of the heart and mind and grow in God’s light.

Sincerely, Daniel Lyons A.K.A. dandelions

PS. Dinosaurs rock! Growl!

Posted by soulblindministry | February 10, 2012, 10:12 am

I’m not sure but I think I might have been flirting with her?
If I was I must not be very good at it!

Read the rest of this at: https://soulblindministry.com/2012/02/06/i-am-looking-for-investors/comment-page-1/#comment-1791


Stay tuned, big things are coming! AND if you liked this spread the Word!

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