“jimmied letters” GOD’S POWER, LOVE, AND ANOINTING

“jimmied letters” GOD’S POWER, LOVE, AND… ANOINTING

Dear Daniel,

Your story oozes with God’s power, love, and anointing. I have been so moved by it. I found your blog because you “followed” mine. Anyway, it is Sunday afternoon as I write this and my heart is in “Sabbath mode” — Your words added to what God was already teaching me today. You are amazing.

I couldn’t help but sense our Father’s delight and pride in you. Remember how God boasted about Job after seeing how he reacted to his tribulations? I’m sure He is doing the same regarding you. I’d like to see your story told widescale.  As I read, I found myself wishing for a way to see your faith, how you responded to your fate, and how God used what happened to you to do so much good. What if your story could be produced into a book or script for a film?

Daniel, God loves both mercy and justice, and, as you intimately know and described, things are not right in our legal system. Your story could do so much to encourage others who are suffering, and to teach Christians, to touch and change those who are lost, and to voice wrongs being done in our faulty criminal justice system.

Your humility and your willingness to see the good in your sufferings is what I think striked me the most in your blog. You have such utter trust in God.

You really know the meaning of God’s three strongest gifts to His own: Hope. Faith. Love.

God showed up for you. In actions. In prision. In your injury. In your losses. In your hope.  Through you faith. How God loves you.

Your attitude of trust is what is the highest outcome. It is amazed me to see how God did so much through everything that happened.


To be sure, God is redeeming everything that has happened to you and you will continue to be be greatly used by Him. Jesus said His burden would be light and His yoke easy but that doesn’t mean we will be free from the horrors life can bring us sometimes. It is normal for God’s own to experience pain, loss, disappointment, wrongdoing, illness, unfairness, on and on — Because we live in a very fallen world and the evil one hates us. Whatever terrible things Satan manages to hit us with, God will always, always turns it around for our good, redeeming everything. In His time and in His way.

By following your heart’s desires to minister to Him, you are obliterating darkness and the evil workings of the God’s enemies. I love what you said: “… if you want something bad enough. If it is important enough. Don’t settle. Do this one thing with such a dedication and commitment that nothing can stop you… and that will be the secret driving force of your success in life.”

In our sermon today our pastor said that Augustine (300 A.D.) is known to have said that our desires are what defines us. And, your desires are to fulfill the destiny God has on your life. So … Go, Daniel, go! Even if you are flat on your back – I’m sure you realize that you are on the front lines of the battlefield. :)

Here’s one last thought, and I am quoting Brennan Manning, from Reflections for Ragamuffins:

“God is saying in Jesus that in the end everything will be all right. Nothing can harm you permanently, no suffering is irrevocable, no loss is lasting, no defeat is more than transitory, no disappointment is conclusive. Jesus did not deny the reality of suffering, discouragement, disappointment, frustration, and death; he simply stated that the Kingdom of God would conquer all of these horrors, that the Father’s love is so prodigal that no evil could possibly resist it.”


Let me know if you’d like to brainstorm on how to get your message published into another venue. You are a writer. You have an important message.

In Jesus, our Champion,

Margaret Montreuil

http://mmontreuil.wordpress.com Author of God in Sandals (a novel) – God With Us (a devotional) – His Kingdom Come (a novel)

Posted by Margaret Montreuil | January 29, 2012, 5:38 pm


Wow, that was nothing shy of inspirational. That was very high praise. Thank you.

I had just come in from shopping and seeing a movie only moments ago. A HORRIBLY stupid movie. One of the Underworld vampire/werewolf stories. I actually don’t mind those kind of movies, hence the reason I went, but the story holes were sooooo big I fell right through them and was half tempted to walk out of the movie from the very first few minutes. I don’t know, maybe it is also God changing me and my taste to other things as well. Like every seven years your taste buds change. Maybe our taste in spiritual thing we consume change too, in the exact some way?

Anyhow, I just wanted to again say thank you. And I find it actually quite pleasing you seem to think I am a writer. I write, but I am really not a writer. This is all fairly new to me. You see, for most of my life I NEVER wrote if I could help it. I have always been embarrassed by my writing and lack of skill in it. But a few years back I met a nice lady that got me inspired enough to write a little. I am not sure if I was any good, but I don’t know how to punctuate and I spell like a rhesus monkey. But you know, I do believe my life is a living testimony to our living God, and how He works miracles in our lives. He did SO MANY changes on me. My whole life blossomed as a result of this incident.

I found a voice, a purpose, a hope and a ministry. I can not express in words, the full rejuvenation that God has done to me. Let me explain. There is the obvious with the writing. I think it has improved several hundred percent. I think my whole life, though I have always been silly or goofy, or whatever I am, I always had an underlying sadness. I felt like I had this really great purpose, but I wasn’t living it. My ex discouraged church for many years and that only furthered the sadness inside. I had a LOT of years in a miserable and loveless marriage. But duty bound me to stick it out. My point is not about that, and in fact I am saddened and shamed to have brought it up. My point is that with the rebirth in my spirit, God took away all the confusion and doubt. The words just flow now, almost without effort. As long as my hand is set to the Lord’s work, it flows freely and it KNOWS the answers. Is that strange? But I do know when I try to do things on my own, away from God, I am miserable and I struggle. I am a vessel of His love and a functioning hand to His will.

Not only did my writing improve but as crazy as it might sound, my voice changed. Seriously, my actual voice changed. I could never read out load before. I always got stuck and words simply didn’t flow like they should. But now I think I have a voice for radio. The guys at the jails and prisons used to remark about how much they loved my voice. So I would read spiritual books to them through the vents to the other cells as per their requests. Mostly it was Rich Warren’s Purpose Driven Life that I read them. And even now I work on the phones and people remark about my voice… I find that so interesting.

That is another thing. I could never seem to bring anyone to the Lord before. The gift of evangelism does not seem to be my gift even still. I seem to be shaped to bring light to those that are already in the service of the Lord and to give them a sense of hope and understanding for their life. But winning souls was never my strength. But wouldn’t you know it, God uses who He’s got in places like prison and jail. I was getting a few souls a week that were coming to be saved there. It was an amazing thing and it made me so hungry for more. I saw such beauty and change in peoples’ lives. I saw bad men, or rather confused and scared men blossom into stable and confident men. God is so amazing. If I could show you what my eyes have seen, it would make the hardest heart melt and believe.

God has done so much wonder in my life. And though to someone that maybe just met me, and they knew my story of going to prison, and now having nothing, and living, essentially, at home with my mother…. well, I look like a 42 year old loser. But if you see what I have overcome and where I am heading, then suddenly that glass is not only half full, but instead it is overflowing, full of blessings. Our God is an amazing God… and I can not begin to express the gratitude and love I have for Him and life in general. It is like a starving man, eating the best food you could ever imagine for the first time in his life. It is ambrosia, the nectar and food of the gods. His Spirit fills my life with so much power that at times it almost hurts to not have anyone to express it to. I think this site is more than me expressing my love for my own words… it is me trying to keep from exploding with the blessings He has graced me with.

And the best part is that my readers only see a small part of what God has shown me. I desire so much to share the vision. The treasure of the truth in the words. I WISH with all my heart I could dedicate all my time to making this message better known. But as I am just a man and this is a mountain of work on top of what I need to do to survive my humble existence. It will just have to expose itself with time. But I am trying to explain the full vision as best I can…. but their is a lifetime of spiritual walls that have to be brought down little by little to expose the greatness of the Living word hidden in the book right in front of you each time you read it… and you really are only reading about half of what is actually being said.

You see, my story is not the message. I am only a messenger. My story is nothing. We all have them. Mine just sounds more horrify then some, but some people face greater horrors each day, in their own personal life. You see God was with me while I was locked-up. I was never once alone. He was with me every moment of my life. I can feel Him. I always feel Him close at hand and working things out around me… their is something weird about my life. Like I feel I am always being pushed in a certain direction with a purpose in mind. Like every choice I make has a bigger plan than that moment. It’s weird but even the down times are actually for a reason. So I just put my trust in Him and say, “Okay Lord, where’re we going today?” And off in that direction we go. And all the time now my mind is always spinning. Like a machine calculating and sorting and filing. I have so much in my head I don’t have the physical ability to get it out fast enough! I need an army of people helping me to get this out of me… but alas it is just me alone. So, each day I pray “Lead on Lord, lead on”.

WOW! That was a lot of typing… and funny, I knew this topic was about to come up today, though I didn‘t know how. I could feel it as I was out at the movie and I was dying to get back home to write it… God is amazing! In so many ways! I wish to God you could all share what I feel inside each day that I am in the service of Him. There is something there I can’t explain… I pray, one day, I can at least give back even a small portion of what He has given me each and every day of my life. Amen.

Sincerely, Daniel Lyons

Posted by soulblindministry | January 29, 2012, 11:59 pm


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One thought on ““jimmied letters” GOD’S POWER, LOVE, AND ANOINTING”

  1. You are doing a fine job of sharing in the abundant blessings that have filled your cup to overflowing. I guess that when you are down to nothing, God is up to something. and He has proved it in your case, in spades……
    Humans from the very time of Adam and Eve, have always wrestled with giving their total trust to God, otherwise they would never have dis-obeyed in the first place. We are all wanting to get back to that place where we walk and talk with our God in all circumstances. If we can only find the courage to give up our “agendas” and trust that God has a purpose for our lives already marked out, how much easier would life be. We don’t know what is in store for us, but God has promised that he will not only fill our cups, but fill them to overflowing, such is His love for us. You are blessed indeed Daniel, shalom, God’s peace be with you! Olivia

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