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Ok, here ya go…I had a dream last night that I was eating one of my shoes (a fav shoe at that). Don’t really remember much else other than after I did I had a huge amount of regret and tried to hide the other shoe (from myself I’m gathering)

carla boggs

Posted by Carla | January 26, 2012, 9:47 am



But unfortunately what it means is not.

The shoes are two choices in your path of life. One you chose to strengthen yourself with, to nourish your spiritual body. But you believe it is a hindrance to your personal walk or journey because now you are out of balance. It embarrasses you that you chose it, or are leaning in that direction. You regret this choice because it spoiled your balance and a type of joy and beauty inside you.

We all deal with inner conflict. We all have to balance out our passions and out patience. Whatever this is that gives you regret pauses your walk and your growth get’s stunted. This is why the Bible compares us to things like hair and trees. We grow as we go. But like the trees you have to take in the things this life gives you, no matter how dirty, and apply them to your foundations. Root yourselves in these truths you are fed and use them in comparison to God’s light to allow you to branch out to many avenues for the Lord… but you are not drinking in His Spirit. No good fruit can be come from a bitter or dry tree. No potential can be seeded or planted into the fields of the heart. Bitterness grows bitterness. And that bitter fruit brings about only more bitterness in the others that eat it.

So, for now you are stuck balancing precariously on one foot (so to speak). The middle of two wisdoms is true truth. There is the wisdom of the physical life, and the wisdom of the spiritual life… in the middle between being spiritual and practical is your balance. Stop sticking your foot in your mouth. Stop kicking in your own teeth and just be. Be loved and give love freely. Life is not so complicated nor hard as long as you trust in Him and just try the best you can each day. And be content with what you have so that if more is given, it is counted as a blessing to you. And if any of it is taken away, you didn’t need it because you needed to be pruned to grow in other ways. In this simple balance of things lies peace and wholeness of the spirit.

What I mean is… this choice you feel your stuck in the middle with, and regret the way you are leaning towards. It too can be turned around into a blessing if only you allow it to. Cheer up… God loves you.

Daniel Lyons



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  1. There is something that you said in this blog that I never really thought about before, which is that in the Bible we are often compared to hair and to trees, and that this says that we do continue to grow, much like trees and hair. Thank you for bringing it up. It’s really quite profound when you think about it. Why else would Jesus have chosen to compare us to hair and trees if not for that? You have definitely brought up interesting points here, thank you.

  2. I’m not that sure that what we dream belongs to us. I think it might filter in from other places, especially if the brain was a bit fixated on something during waking time.

  3. I was trying to send you a message this morning after I read your Post but didn’t finish. I was trying to say I was on the way to church with my mind on the Lord and what a great time I would have today then after reading it all I could do was laugh.,laugh, laugh, Thank God I didn’t have to teach Sunday School. So from now on If you contact me on Sunday or any church day I’ll read it after I get home.
    Praise Him
    God Bless

      1. Yes it is a compliment, and I wish I had used the term tickled instead. I didn’t mean laugh as foolishness,

        I am thankful to relate with others that share the same zeal for Christ and can bring spiritual Joy in the name of the Lord.

  4. I’m probably jumping the gun here because I haven’t yet viewed your entire post on this subject. Sometimes our dreams are our brain’s way of sorting things out. Your dream could be saying that you’ve made a harsh statement and now you regret it or got caught. Open mouth insert foot. I’ve been very good at doing just that. Then again, maybe your dream means something entirely different.

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