Hi. I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer over 3 years ago. I know she is with our Lord and is at peace. I do believe that she has come to visit me. I long to dream of her, since this is the only way I can “see” her. Since her death, I’ve only had 6 dreams about my mom. Last July I had a very strange dream about my mom. It was the first dream in which she was dead. I awoke from the dream gasping from breath because I was crying so hard in the dream. But now what I remember most about the dream is how peaceful the place was and that everything was bathed in a soft golden light. I strongly believe my mom sent me this dream as a way of telling that she’s ok and that I need to move forward. To see more of this dream:

http://peace4me521.wordpress.com/2011/07/10/strange-dream/. I feared that I would never dream of my mom alive again. In November I dreamt of my mom again and this is the dream I’d like interrupted please.

My dream was very short:

I was lying in my bed and the room was dark. I know it was my bed because I could see the closet doors in the bedroom. I was alone in bed. For some reason I turned over, and when I did, I was no longer in my bed. I was now in my parents’ bed, still alone, and then my mom sat down next to me. She was dressed in white, like a white nightgown, and was holding a long, thin lamp with a candle-shaped bulb on the top. There was no shade covering the lightbulb. My mom gave me the lamp, and its light filled the area where we were sitting on the bed. I don’t remember if my mom said anything to me. Then I woke up.

Any thoughts would be welcomed. I miss my mom so much. Thank you.


Posted by Kathy | January 5, 2012, 7:23 am


I am sorry it took so long to get back to you Kathy. I had not forgotten about you. It’s just I am very busy and I went to bed and woke up thinking about answering your dream today. Funny that you should write today of all days.

I hadn’t really had a chance to look at your first dream until now. This dream of your mother is quite simple and of a delicate beauty. It is a vision of the love and light of the Spirit/spirit being passed on to you. Though I know nothing about your mother, she seems to be a powerful spiritual matriarch within your spiritual home (Your soul). She came to you in the quiet and darkness of the most intimate of places. This is in your peace she brings you the light of the Spirit/spirit to keep you vigilant of spiritual things. You seem to be upon a journey, though not a journey of action but an awakening of some sleeping part in you. Your mother represents an established wisdom lighting your awareness within. It could be a warning that you are sleeping too much inside and need to wake-up. She needs for you to take up her torch (So to speak) of the light she gave you. Her light is now your light. Let it serve you to hold back that darkness and sorrow that seems to live within you.

Wake up inside Kathy. Give some light to your soul. You are in a dark place inside and you are sleeping in the spirit. Wake up O’ ye sleeper!

John 11:11 These things He said, and after that He said to them, “Our friend Lazarus sleeps, but I go that I may wake him up.”

Lazarus means: the help of God. Wake up Kathy. Wake up your soul. Awaken the help of God within your life. It’s time to put away the past of sorrows and regrets. Because if you don’t… you’re dying inside.

Psalms 13:3 Consider and hear me, O LORD my God; Enlighten my eyes, Lest I sleep the sleep of death;

Don’t join your mother’s rest while you are still alive. Take the candle inside you and turn it into something  that will light your home… and cast out that darkness. She is at her rest, you need to be at peace too, just not asleep. She died, not you. SO SHINE! SHINE! RISE AND SHINE… WITH THE LOVE YOUR MOTHER GAVE YOU. Now make it your own and get out there and make God look good!

With great love,
Daniel Lyons

Posted by soulblindministry | January 26, 2012, 10:59 am


Hi. I know you get a lot of requests to help with a dream and haven’t even had time to respond to the dream I posted a few weeks ago. But I really need help with this one more than the other. I feel so sad right now, near tears, because it was such an upsetting dream.I can only really remember the end of the dream, but I know throughout the entire dream I was upset and crying. But here’s what I can remember now. I was with a group of people and we were walking around a huge garden that appeared to be in front of a church. My mom, who died 3 years ago, made a comment about people taking a short cut or something like that, since there was a shorter walk to get inside. Two people we saw walking into the church were my grandparents (mom’s parents), who I was very close to. My grandfather died in 2000, my grandmother in 2005, both at age 92. But they were alive and healthy. Everything in the garden was big, like trees or very high bushes, but it must have been winter because there were no leaves on anything. We kept walking around this garden path. We finally went inside this building, but inside it didn’t look like a church, more like an office in places and then a big room with lots of tables. Again we walked around a lot, passing many, many people. I was crying, walking behind my mom with the other people behind me. But instead of saying “I’m sorry for your loss” or something like that, everyone stood as we passed and said “good morning”. We kept walking until we saw my grandparents. They stood as we walked up to them. In this dream, my dad had died (he is alive and healthy). I put my arms around my grandfather, hugging him, and had to stand on my tip toes. He just started talking to my mom and they kept talking. Finally it got to be too much for me and I sunk into him, sobbing, and he put his arms around me. Then I woke up. “Seeing” my mom and grandparents was hard. I hardly dream of my mom and as far as I can remember have never dreamt of grandparents. My dad being dead in this dream was very upsetting. Thank you for any input you can give me. ~Kathy

Posted by Kathy | January 26, 2012, 5:51 am


It’s a twofer day! Two for the price of one!

Okay, this dream I can go into and break it down if you like, but the essence of this one is actually not to far from your other one. You feel that you have lost your guidance. Your father’s death is the loss of a belief. The people are the mourning faculties of yourself. Kathy what are they saying? Are they saying “I’m sorry for your loss”? No, they are all saying “good morning”…. KATHY WAKE UP!… It is not mourning time any longer. It is a good-morning. No one is dying today… stop grieving for your life. Your loved ones have moved on. Why can’t you? Those trees in that garden are paradise. DO THEY LOOK LIKE PARADISE TO YOU? GROW! That building is the state of your soul. It is not warm and comforting. There is no real worship in it. It is the sterile blasé of an office. You labor but don’t love… not with joy. Kathy, whatever it is that has you so sad is killing you. Don’t let depression win. Open the windows to your soul. Stop being soul blind. Every fiber of your being is screaming at you to wake-up. The past is past, the future is not certain. But now, right now. This is real. This is the moment in your life that God is calling you to take a stand. Stand up. Rise up in the Spirit/spirit! You are being called to put away childish things of weeping to your  grandparents for wisdom and guidance of the past to love you and hold you. You are the parent now. You rule your life now.

Your paradise is lost within you. Water your soul with the SPIRIT. The word of God is SPIRIT. It is feelings and truth. Do you think God’s Holy Spirit is sad or filled with sorrow? Or is it light, and love, and hope.

You are being prompted to wake-up, take that candle of hope and grow-up and lead your life with love… or paradise will be forever lost to you. Don’t condemn yourself to a dark place in self-pity. But rise up in love. BE STRONG! AND BE HAPPY.

Sincerely hoping I made this significantly clear what I see in the longings of your dreams.

With hope, with love & with a glad heart for the new future you,
Daniel Lyons

Light up your whole home in the light of the Spirit of love… with Jesus

Posted by soulblindministry  January 26, 2012, 11:24 am

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11 thoughts on ““DREAMS” THE LIGHT OF LOVE”

  1. Wow, I love the pictures, especially the candle. Light is what I need to fill my heart and soul.

    Daniel, I hope you saw my individual comments to each of your interpretations. I believe that God brings people into our lives, or crosses paths, at just the right time. You inspired me, made me take a hard look at myself from within. I don’t like who I’ve become and want to change. I wrote a poem a few hours after reading your interpretations. It just came to me. It is entitled “The Master of Self-deception,” as I have been deceiving myself for awhile now. I will post it on my blog site very soon. I need to find the courage to share my deep introspection.

    To others who have left comments for me…thank you. Thank for the Bible verses, understanding and support. God bless.

  2. Kathy, it may help you to read Revelation 21 and 22. It describes heaven. John 14 talks about our dwelling place in heaven, Jesus is the speaker. Draw close to God and He promises to draw close to you. He is our Comfort. Psalm 91 is incredible, showing how much God loves us and takes care of us. God bless you.

  3. Oh, lovely responses, Daniel! You are such a loving Light! I have been blessed to receive dream visits from loved ones assuring me all is well. I know they are doing so and it is a spirit & spiritual visit (not “just” a dream) because each one has turned to me in the dream and said the exact same thing: “I’m all right.” And the Love and Light flowing from them is indescribable! Thank you for shining and sharing! 🙂

  4. Kathy, I had similar dreams over my Dad who had leukemia. I think God designed us to dream so we can work life out on another level. I knew already that my Dad was safe in Heaven, but it took awhile for my dreams to catch up to what I knew intellectually. One thing I know for sure like my Dad she would want you to have less pain, and more peace. My Dad was my best friend, and time prayer and knowing that I will see him again all helped. I wish you the best.

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