Hi there,

Firstly I want to say I am inspired reading your blog. You are indeed strong! God bless and I look forward to reading more!! :)

Also, please – if you could interpret my dream. No one has been able to and it’s been 8 years. I’m usually quite good at analyzing dreams but this one has me stuck.

It was the most vivid dream I have ever had. In color too!! Never dreamed in color before or since.

I was in a mansion comforting a woman who appeared to be either related to me or my best friend. She was sitting on a chair in the middle of the room extremely distraught. She had women all around her comforting her but despite this, no one could.

There was a knock at the door and I went to answer it. I knew it was the woman’s ex – a man who used to be someone I knew as the nicest guy out but he had turned into the most horrible guy I’d ever met. He was on the porch and a group of his friends (who looked like a gang of his buddies) were leering and jeering at me from the driveway.

I was horrified and immediately incredibly angry. I started wildly swearing at him and yelling: “How could you do this to her?”

This was my anger.

Inside, I felt the most white hot anger – a righteous anger – never felt that before but it was sooooo powerful that my own anger was like an annoying knat in comparison (and let me tell you, I go OFF when I’m angry – or used to, bit better these days – thanks God!! hehe) but this was so pure and white hot, huge and powerful.

Anyway, he turned away from me and started to walk away – after a step he half turned and OH SO casually and with such arrogance and dismissal flipped something over his shoulder into the air while he said “Oh by the way, here’s a token”

Onto the deck between us, landed a small magnet of a Christmas tree in full colour – I see it now – a green Christmas tree with blue and red lights. I stared at it for awhile while the guys all yelled abuse and mocked and jeered at me and then I ran inside and barred all the windows and doors securely.

Thanks :)

Posted by Grace | January 11, 2012, 5:36 am



You had a great dream! I am going to jump you up in the queue just because this is fresh in my mind and I feel so proud of you!

The answer to your dream is simple. The world broke your heart. That woman crying is your past and your spirit. All your faculties were trying to comfort or mend your broken heart… BUT at the door was the guardian of your spirit – You. You became the power and righteousness of GOD. You are the lioness that protects the pride, because that man you saw at the door, was no other than Lucifer himself. That serpent of old, the dark angel who masquerades as an angel of light.

2 Corinthians 11:14 And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light.

YOU faced the Devil and his minions, head-on, with the roar of a mighty lion. With the heart of a true KING…. and that token you earned, was – Jesus. You didn’t just find him sister, you earned this… You have overcome a great optical and found a precious treasure that few find, hand delivered by the advisory himself… And sister, you KNOW HIM! PRAISE JESUS!

With a tear in my eye and a swelling heart… congratulations.

Sincerely, Daniel Lyons

PS. The tree is a covenant and a promise. The blue is for the spirit in protection and truth, and the red is for the flesh and the strength of your convictions. The magnet is to further explain the attraction to righteousness and the repulsion of evil. It is the perfect symbol of your new connection with God. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite… “Lucky”

Posted by soulblindministry | January 11, 2012, 10:19 am


3 thoughts on ““DREAMS” A COVENANT & A PROMISE”

  1. Oh I would love to talk with you more about dream interpretation. I love your Blog……thanks for being my first join. I look to be inspired and engaged in many spiritual conversation. God Bless!

  2. Wow. I was prepared to wait for awhile. Thank you for answering me so quickly!!

    You are right on the money my friend!! The world did break me down but now I have Jesus – I have a VERY strong conviction and want only righteousness – wow that’s amazing you are so onto it. Praise the Lord!! 🙂

    Thank you – I am so blessed. I speak peace, blessings and your hearts desires fulfilled in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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