“DREAMS” The Bear & The Angel

“DREAMS” The Bear & The Angel
Two dreams for the price of one.

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Mmm, honey!

Okay here is an excerpt from my dream journal on the first. I am going to send a link to the entire thing as well. Just in case you get bored and need something to read, lol.

I had a dream again about the Grizzly but many things had changed. One, was that he was huge and not only huge he was also different in color. He had a light golden color to him but also a golden or cream-colored stripe down his back just a bit darker than the rest of his body.

I was at a place and not much about the place sticks out other than it doesn’t seem like somewhere I had been before. I was told by the person we were staying with to lock up, so I went to look out the door. There were cats every where, and I mean every where. I put food down for them and with no hint of the bear or any mention of it, I see a reflection in the doorway. I ducked down because I wasn’t sure of what it was. The next thing I know it is the bear, so I took off and slammed the door shut. Another thing about this place, there was stuff everywhere, boxes and all kinds of junk I guess. It was piled up and stacked in every direction.

I could hear the bear, its nails ripping the screen and door out. Its claws were ridiculously huge. It got into the small space where the cats were and I yelled for my son and I had Saxton, my dog, in my arms. It got in to eat the food but started killing all of the cats. It was throwing them in the air and it was actually pretty horrific. Then we barred and locked the door leading into that room and it was scratching and clawing trying to get in.

So this man comes to me. I have never seen him before, in real life or in my dreams. As usual with these dreams, I always meet someone new in them. He is telling me he will take care of it but I needed to get out of there. He jokingly said do you want one of its claws. I said yes, its claws are so big, so the claws were pointed out. I did want one as a reminder of his life. He smiled and pushed me out the door.

I took off on foot with my dog, I got my son out some how and I am not sure which way he went but I still had the dog with me. Oh my son was put in a car and was taken to safety by someone else in the house I think it was my mom or some friend.

I was walking down this long dark highway and came to a camper, it was very small and I huddled there hoping the bear wouldn’t find me because in all of my dreams he always comes, but never attacks. I was very afraid this time though because I saw what he did to the cats. As I am sitting there I can hear cars passing by, this place felt familiar and then I woke up.

What is funny and weird about these dreams, the bear is always chasing me and supposedly vicious like a bear could be, but I always end up some place different because of his chase. These dreams are so vivid. I can look right into his eyes, see his nose, almost smell his fur. It truly is a powerful dream when I have them of him. I wish I knew what they meant.

I also wonder why he has changed so much. Why so much bigger, why the stripe, why the huge claws. It represents something. His intent at first in the dream seemed to be to eat the food, but he didn’t waste time at the food but tried to get to me. Even when he gets close he never attacks. He always looks like he will or looks like he is going to do something but never does.

I will post the other dream here as well about the man and the name. Thank you, excited to see what you have to say about these. God bless!


Adding the links in regards to the bear.



Posted by talkzcheap | December 20, 2011, 6:13 am


Okay Tiffany,

I am glad you came back with your dreams. Dreams are a funny thing and often have nothing to do with the actual physical things in the dream but rather a type of language of your spirit trying to tell you something.

Your bear, in all likeliness, has little to nothing to do, with an actual bear, but rather a persistent message of a kind of stress. It can be an overbearing relationship, a situation like; work, or school etc. Or it can be an attribute of your personality, or someone else’s. The bear is not trying to hurt you but rather deliver a sense of purpose that you are afraid to face. The bear is docile by nature but it can quickly turn aggressive with its single minded purpose. Thus it becomes “overbearing“. There is something in your life that you are trying to avoid but this message is persistent, and this is not a passive dream. You are troubled by this interference in your attempts to be free and live a content life.

Cats were know as the guardians of the afterlife, or rather keepers of the celestial house. Keeping it free of infestation and pestilence. But they also represent a sense of freedom of personality, a carefree attitude and independence. Each type of cat has its own special brand of meaning; tabby, gregariousness; calico, congenial friendliness, and so forth. You have been safe as houses in your spiritual abode, putting on the good show of independence and comfort with your family etc. but in reality you have a side of you that wants independence, or to do something that is your purpose alone, hence finding solace on the road in a camper, which is a mobile abode. Like you said, “I always end up some place different because of his chase.” This is your personal demon that compels you to change. Though not a demon in the demonic traditional negative sense, but rather an expression of your self-absorption like a grizzly, known for being self-absorbed.

The bear is cutting through your carefree “perfect” lifestyle, pushing you, compelling you to take action and to flee to the unknown paths of mystery. You are scared of this change and your guardian offers you resolution by presenting you the power of the beast. So Tiffany, you find yourself at a crossroads. Choices are made here. Do you follow your dream and pursue with defiance your calling to independence, or do you accept your station that has you feeling confined.

My advice is to balance your passion and patience and join to a path that leads you to where you most want to be.

Daniel Lyons

PS. The color seems to denote you see this bear as a good thing but it’s striped; meaning duality, or multiple meanings, and unpredictability. But both colors are encouraging.

Posted by soulblindministry | December 20, 2011, 9:21 am


Angel (Angel album)
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This is the second dream. I would say out of all the answers I want in life in regards to where my life is going this is probably one of the top things. This name has surrounded me since 2005. I hear it a lot in prayer and especially when I ask God if He wants me to to remain single or to remarry. This name came up over and over when I was engaged, that didn’t happen. I broke off the engagement for several reasons. 5 months after that (just recently) I met someone and went out with him 2-3 times, this name flashed in my head and showed up everywhere: on tv, when out and about, someone would mention the name, or ask about the dreams. It always came up, I decided that this wasn’t someone I wanted to get to know on that level any further and now it is quiet again. I have asked many people and always get different, yet some have been similar responses. I am asking God to really give you insight into this one.

So onto the dream after praying about His will and hearing the answer of choice, this was the dream-

I saw a vision of a man’s face. He had a shaved head or bald head but it wasnt like he was losing his hair it looked more like he shaved it. What stood out the most was his eyes. They were a very odd but beautiful blue but I don’t think I’ve ever seen eyes that color of blue before. They were very piercing but filled with a lot of love. His features were very sharp and strong. There were things about him that were well-defined and his facial features stick out the most. His face flashed in and out of my head and I asked him who he was. He said to me, “you have a choice. The one you have known for many years, he will come forward. He is strong, he has always loved you, but you may have not even noticed him. He has kept it hidden but he will come forward. He will love you, this man is new. He loves your Father. He will lead and love you both, its forever, never-ending.” I ask who is this man, I hear “Patrick”.

I have written about Patrick before. It was back in 2005 and this is still in my Bible today, that I first heard the name Patrick. I heard it again in October 2008, I wrote on the same paper and wrote a letter to God and kept it in my Bible. Every single time I would pray about meeting someone I would hear this name. It was in 2005 I had been baptised for the second time. It was after this I heard the name a great deal. In October of 2009 I heard his name even more strongly. I had spoken with a preacher about it and was told that it’s always in God’s time.

I had kind of given up on the notion of finding someone and then met my now ex fiance. Here in the past few months the name Patrick is popping up everywhere and I was told by a spiritual person that she and another friend believes that Patrick in the name of my guardian. Now I have had a guardian/messenger named Patrick come to me many times and I have written about him in my dream journal many times. When I spoke of this dream to that same friend she felt it might mean to keep my thoughts on God and allow Patrick (guide or guardian) to work in my life for God.

I have to say I don’t pray now to meet someone. My prayers now are centered more around what God wills for my life. I am not so hung up on meeting someone like I used to be. I did have questions in regards to whether God would prefer me to remain single, because I have spiritual interests in my future that could be hindered at least in my view by being involved. That is why I say I have no idea what is best for my life, that is why I want God to take control of it. Make sense? Thank you again for helping others. You are going to be blessed over and over for allowing God to work through you. God bless.






Posted by talkzcheap | December 20, 2011, 6:37 am


ANOTHER DREAM?!!! You are pushing it sister!

This one is similar to your other dream and I think they mean the same thing, only with a different attributes. The name Patrick means “Nobleman”, or rather to you it means “nobility”. It is a purity and nobility of your spirit guide.

The head represents the center of your thoughts, and hair is wisdom and spiritual faculties. The hair of the head is the joining of thoughts to wisdom. Masculine attributes of command joined to feminine insight and guidance. The shaved head is removing of old ways and starting anew, removing of old wisdoms or ways of preconceptions. And starting over fresh and clean like the consecration the priests use to endure when rededicating themselves to service.

Leviticus 14:9 But on the seventh day he shall shave all the hair off his head and his beard and his eyebrows — all his hair he shall shave off. He shall wash his clothes and wash his body in water, and he shall be clean.

The eyes are perception and the lamps of the Spirit, or indicators of purpose. Blue being the color of spirituality and connection with truths.

Matthew 6:22 “The lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light.

Patrick is not a person but a calling. He is manifested to give you insight into your greatest desires. And to you that seems a life of service to a higher or rather elevated spiritual existence. Right now you don’t feel the need, so much, to date, because you are finding harmony in yourself and need less, to share yourself, by joining to another.

We are as our thoughts and why each gender has its own spiritual significance. You are on your spiritual journey and don’t need to “Join” to the reasoning’s of anyone, but your own faculties. You are finding contentment by being filled with your purpose, that gets diluted when shared with another. This is harmony and why the Bible asks to stay single, but to marry if passion so drives you.

1 Corinthians 7:9 but if they cannot exercise self-control, let them marry. For it is better to marry than to burn with passion.

This is NOT a bad thing. It is not about carnality in passion, but the need to be joined to a purpose. Hence our desires for each other, it is the need to belong to something, and it comes with passion that can consume our lives… but you are not needing to join to anyone or any cause, but your own. God is the center of your mission, thus you are joining to Him as the Bridegroom in your life.

Marriage and love may come again, but it will be with ease and clarity of thought, not by loneliness and fear of being alone. When you are in harmony with you, your relationships will have a clarity to them as well and not be filled with chaotic movements like crashing waves, but have ease like calm soothing waters. This is why truth and spirituality is always referred to as water…

Mark 4:39 Then He arose and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace, be still!” And the wind ceased and there was a great calm.

Whatever choice you make, let your spirit guide lead you with “nobility” of purpose, and what comes, comes. Tomorrow is not set in stone but rather is carried in on gentle waves as easy as your soul… Now go in peace and spread the Word! Slacker! Two dreams in one day…sheesh!

Posted by soulblindministry | December 20, 2011, 10:13 am


Wow! Amazing is the only word I can think of. You more or less put my own thoughts down on paper and explained it to me in a way that I really needed to hear. I guess sometimes you need to hear or “see” the reasons from someone else. That was incredible, both of them very profound and I thank you very much. Sorry I made you work doubly hard on dream cases, lol. I do appreciate it greatly though. I would like to repost these if that is okay? I would also like to add a link to your site in the posts with your permission of coarse? Again I want to thank you and you really have a gift. Keep up the good work, thank you, thank you kind Sir! God bless!



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