My name is Daniel Lyons,

Funny thing about my name, I am named after the Prophet Daniel; Daniel Lyons – Daniel in the Lions den.

I am by no means a prophet, but I share the ability to read dreams. It is a fascinating skill and I am surprisingly very good at it.

Just write me your dream in the comment section below and I will give you the perspective that your psyche or spirit is trying to tell you. It does not mean that we all dream in prophesy. Most dreams are our inner-self trying to tell us something in the language of the spirit.

So, my question is:

Who has a dream they need interpreted?

It takes time to answer and interpret your dreams, so please be patient.



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The process I use to answer these dreams is not some parlor trick. It is all part of what I teach on this blog. It is a way of understanding the symbolic sign language of the Bible that the disciples of Jesus understood, but the rest of the crowd was lost to its understanding. When you understand this properly you too can understand how Daniel in the Bible could interpret the dreams of King Nebuchadnezzar. (Though not on the same level of Daniel who knew the dream before the dreamer spoke it.)
Additionally, these symbolic attribute in the language are in EVERY part of the Bible. Once you learn this, the whole Bible will tell you a WHOLE LOT more. But it takes time and dedication to learn it… or you can just read my post and watch it all take form with each post.

63 thoughts on “NEED HELP WITH A DREAM?”

  1. I had a beautiful dream, like a childrens animated movie. The artistry was beautiful. It was about a little fish in the sea and how he gains confidence through the trials and storms of life. Perhaps even more interesting was the dream that preceded it. It was a spirit clearing investigation. Which are always a little terrifying. This one was different because my brother was with me during the investigation, where I have always been on my own in the past.
    I am interested in how these two dreams interrelate.

  2. Hi my name is Tony. I keep having a recurring dream that i would like help with if possible. Its about a relationship ive had with my ex-girlfriend for the past 5 years. the dreams didnt start until a few years ago but this girl i think has hurt me emotionally more than anything in my life. she has cheated on me with my best friends and even my brother in law, and with one of my best friends as far away as 10 feet from where i was passed out at. there are variations to the dream but all are the same i see her hooking up with someone else sometimes a different person sometimes in a different setting usually i dont know who the person is. but in every one of the dreams the emotional anguish i feel is overwhelming, to the point where the feeling is still just as strong when i awake and significant time even after i realize it was just a dream. i can physically feel the pain and this is the reason i am seeking help. In my dreams i usually have a feeling of such despair i am longing for her to feel what i am feeling and await for her acknowledgment but she never does. its like i am not there to her and she continues with her acts. like im almost forced to watch and waiting for her to realize what she is doing and acknowledge that im there seeing this and waiting for her to stop. but she doesnt. i usually wake up after a short time in the dream. one specific version of the dream is stemmed from a time i previously mentioned when she cheated on me with my best friend about ten feet away from me after i passed out. this was the most heartbreaking moment in my waking life and has had such an effect on me i cannot shake it. the dream is usually the same but sometimes in a different setting but she is hooking up with him in the dream. in this version i tend to have a feeling that its the second time they are doing it, like i know they have done it before and she is repeating the one act that has destroyed me once before. we have an on and off again relationship because after some time i make myself forgive or more or less “forget” what she has done in the hopes that she realizes how severely shes hurt me and changes her ways but this seems to be a fantasy of mine that will never come to reality. i feel if i dont overcome these dreams they are going to drive me to the point of insanity. i am afraid to go to sleep. im scared to be inside of my head or what it might create. please if there is anything or anyone who can help i desperately need it.

    Thank you so much,

  3. The dream that has stayed with me the longest and strongest is one I dreamed 45 years ago when I was in college. I would certainly appreciate your thoughts about it.
    I am at an amusement park standing in a crowd of people near a merry-go-round. I want to ride it, but it costs a dime and I have no money. A man comes out of the crowd and presses a dime into my hand. I put it in the slot, the merry-go-round comes to a stop, and I choose my horse — all white with a very light beige mane. The music begins, we go once and a half around, and then my horse takes off flying. He flies me to Washington DC. On the way we meet my college roommate going the other way. I ask her what time it is and she replies, “Six o’clock.” My horse and I arrive in Washington and go immediately to the Lincoln Memorial. No one else is around. We are inside it, looking at the statue of Lincoln when I notice a single tear dripping down my horse’s long face. We are both very moved by what we are looking at. It is then time to go back. He takes me to the front door of my house and lets me off. I walk into the house to see my mother washing blueberries at the kitchen sink.

    This dream has always felt intensely personal to me. I am tempted to write some particular facts, but decided against that so they won’t color your interpretation. If you would like to have those facts I’ll be glad to supply them.

    1. Hello, Daniel. I am looking forward to when you can take a look at my dream and tell me what you see in it. This has been a dream that seems like a friend, and I cherish it.
      Thank you.

  4. This dream I only remember a couple of parts of but I awoke feeling very uneasy. I shaved my head at one point, and stopped midway semi-regretful. I was driving in a car, going around a bend to merge onto the highway feeling anxous. On the highway, there was a very tall man with a walking stick. It took me a second of thought before hitting the brakes. There was a grunting and what was understood to be blood, but the only colors I remember are blues and white.

  5. Ok, here ya go…I had a dream last night that I was eating one of my shoes (a fav shoe at that). Don’t really remember much else other than after I did I had a huge amount of regret and tried to hide the other shoe (from myself I’m gathering)

    carla boggs

    1. The shoes are two choices in your path of life. One you chose to strengthen yourself with, to nourish your spiritual body. But you believe it is a hindrance to your personal walk or journey because now you are out of balance. It embarrasses you that you chose it, or are leaning in that direction. You regret this choice because it spoiled your balance and a type of joy and beauty inside you.

      We all deal with inner conflict. We all have to balance out our passions and out patience. Whatever this is that gives you regret pauses your walk and your growth get’s stunted. This is why the Bible compares us to things like hair and trees. We grow as we go. But like the trees you have to take in the things this life gives you, no matter how dirty, and apply them to your foundations. Root yourselves in these truths you are fed and use them in comparison to God’s light to allow you to branch out to many avenues for the Lord… but you are not drinking in His Spirit. No good fruit can be come from a bitter or dry tree. No potential can be seeded or planted into the fields of the heart. Bitterness grows bitterness. And that bitter fruit brings about only more bitterness in the others that eat it.

      So, for now you are stuck balancing precariously on one foot (so to speak). The middle of two wisdoms is true truth. There is the wisdom of the physical life, and the wisdom of the spiritual life… in the middle between being spiritual and practical is your balance. Stop sticking your foot in your mouth. Stop kicking in your own teeth and just be. Be loved and give love freely. Life is not so complicated nor hard as long as you trust in Him and just try the best you can each day. And be content with what you have so that if more is given, it is counted as a blessing to you. And if any of it is taken away, you didn’t need it because you needed to be pruned to grow in other ways. In this simple balance of things lies peace and wholeness of the spirit.

      What I mean is… this choice you feel your stuck in the middle with, and regret the way you are leaning towards. It too can be turned around into a blessing if only you allow it to. Cheer up… God loves you.

      Daniel Lyons

  6. Hi. I know you get a lot of requests to help with a dream and haven’t even had time to respond to the dream I posted a few weeks ago. But I really need help with this one more than the other. I feel so sad right now, near tears, because it was such an upsetting dream.I can only really remember the end of the dream, but I know throughout the entire dream I was upset and crying. But here’s what I can remember now. I was with a group of people and we were walking around a huge garden that appeared to be in front of a church. My mom, who died 3 years ago, made a comment about people taking a short cut or something like that, since there was a shorter walk to get inside. Two people we saw walking into the church were my grandparents (mom’s parents), who I was very close to. My grandfather died in 2000, my grandmother in 2005, both at age 92. But they were alive and healthy.Everything in the garden was big, like trees or very high bushes, but it must have been winter because there were no leaves on anything. We kept walking around this garden path. We finally went inside this building, but inside it didn’t look like a church, more like an office in places and then a big room with lots of tables. Again we walked around a lot, passing many, many people. I was crying, walking behind my mom with the other people behind me. But instead of saying “I’m sorry for your loss” or something like that, everyone stood as we passed and said “good morning”. We kept walking until we saw my grandparents. They stood as we walked up to them. In this dream, my dad had died (he is alive and healthy). I put my arms around my grandfather, hugging him, and had to stand on my tip toes. He just started talking to my mom and they kept talking. Finally it got to be too much for me and I sunk into him, sobbing, and he put his arms around me. Then I woke up. “Seeing” my mom and grandparents was hard. I hardly dream of my mom and as far as I can remember have never dreamt of grandparents. My dad being dead in this dream was very upsetting. Thank you for any input you can give me. ~Kathy

    1. It’s a twofer day! Two for the price of one!

      Okay, this dream I can go into and break it down if you like, but the essence of this one is actually not to far from your other one. You feel that you have lost your guidance. Your father’s death is the loss of a belief. The people are the mourning faculties of yourself. Kathy what are they saying? Are they saying “I’m sorry for your loss”? No, they are all saying “good morning”…. KATHY WAKE UP!… It is not mourning time any longer. It is a good-morning. No one is dying today… stop grieving for your life. Your loved ones have moved on. Why can’t you? Those trees in that garden are paradise. DO THEY LOOK LIKE PARADISE TO YOU? GROW! That building is the state of your soul. It is not warm and comforting. There is no real worship in it. It is the sterile blasé of an office. You labor but don’t love… not with joy. Kathy, whatever it is that has you so sad is killing you. Don’t let depression win. Open the windows to your soul. Stop being soul blind. Every fiber of your being is screaming at you to wake-up. The past is past, the future is not certain. But now, right now. This is real. This is the moment in your life that God is calling you to take a stand. Stand up. Rise up in the Spirit/spirit! You are being called to put away childish things of weeping to your grandparents for wisdom and guidance of the past to love you and hold you. You are the parent now. You rule your life now.

      Your paradise is lost within you. Water your soul with the SPIRIT. The word of God is spirit. It is feelings and truth. Do you think God’s Holy Spirit is sad or filled with sorrow? Or is it light, and love, and hope.

      You are being prompted to wake-up, take that candle of hope and grow up and lead your life with love… or paradise will be forever lost to you. Don’t condemn yourself to a dark place in self-pity. But rise up in love. BE STRONG! AND BE HAPPY.

      Sincerely hoping I made this significantly clear what I see in the longings of your dreams.

      With hope, with love & with a joyful heart for the new future you,
      Daniel Lyons

      1. Hi again:

        As I said in my last comment, your interpretation of my dreams surprised me. But you are also right. I walk with the Lord, I stray from the Lord, I come back, I stray, I come back…it’s been an ongoing cycle. I am now back with the Lord and have been so for awhile now, but I know that my walk with God is not strong. I NEED to make it stronger and I KNOW that I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN DO IT. No one else can clear the darkness from within my heart, my soul, but me and God. My sadness comes from losing my mom at a time when I wasn’t expecting it. My sadness comes from so many regrets of things I did, things I never told my mom. My sadness comes from many things that I won’t go into. But I do not want the sadness to kill me. I want to live and I want to be truly happy. I honestly didn’t realize how much sadness still resided within my heart until I read your interpretation of both dreams. You’re right, I am sad. Tears still come easily at times because of the loss of my mom. But I did not die with her, although maybe I let a part of myself do just that. It’s time to shock myself back to life, allow the light of the Spirit to fill me from within. It’s time to do a lot of self inspection and praying. I need my life back because there was a time when I was a lot different than I am now. My mom would not want me to be sad. She lived her life trying to give me the best that life could offer. I am not honoring her memory and I am not honoring God by living this way. I need also need to be a good example for my 2 children. Thank you for taking the time to interpret both of my dreams. I would have never tied them together, seen the thread between them. But now I do and it fits right along with a dream I had before the candle/light dream. In that one, I know my mom was telling me to move forward with my life and to stop grieving.

        Take care and God bless,


  7. Hi Daniel,
    So I had this dream 3 times when i was about 15 and 16 years old. During that time i was obesessed with the end of the world. Because in school we started to learn about the book of Revelations. And so i started to think more and more about the end of the world and the coming of Christ. I was a teenager back then, and as you know teenagers tend to exaggerate. So you can understand when i tell you that i was a bit paranoid at that time, with the whole end of the world and Jesus is coming thought. But anyways, during the whole “paranoid” time, i had several dreams about the end of the world. I kept having the same dreams over and over again.
    One dream was where the world was about to end, and everyone was in chaos. I realized that people who didnt know Christ would be lost forever. So i took a bike and started helping everyone and telling them about Jesus, so they wouldn’t be lost. But the strange part, that i cannot figure out why, is that, the whole time that i tried to help these people, i was completely bare. (yes naked) i realized i was bare, and i tried to put clothes on, but everytime i did that, the next second i’d be bare again. That was just strange.
    Right now I’m trying to find out what God’s plan is with me, so I’m trying to get closer to Him as much as i can, so that when He talks to me, i can hear and understand Him.
    I’m not really sure however, if my dream meant sth, or if it was just a side-effect during my paranoid phase. But i did have this dream about 3 times,

    Hope you can answer me 🙂


  8. I dreamed that the pages of the Arizona Highways magazine was coming to life. I saw landscapes, that would come to life and morph, land and sky, into day, evening, nite, and morning and summer, spring,fall, and winter. Also in the same dream, upon awakening I saw a big brilliant display of fireworks.

  9. Hi Daniel. So, it is me,Jamie again. You helped me with a dream earlier and I while I am hestiant to ask, I had a dream last night that I am not quite sure of so here I am again,hoping you can add some insight.

    The dream was… I was in a very busy resturant. There were lots of people and the whole place was just bustling with resturant activity. In the middle of the room was the Aussie gentleman we spoke of earlier. I was watching him from across the dining room. He was watching a TV screen and reading what was on the screen to himself. He was almost unaware of everyone else in the resturant, he was so focused on the screen. While I was aware of everyone else in the room, he was the only person I knew and the only one I was focused on. Then the dream flashed to the resturant closing. It was almost completely empty and the staff was closing down the resturant. The Aussie was still there, waiting. I turned to him and asked him if he needed a ride home. He said he would find a way but I could sense that he wanted me to take him home. So I told him that if he would just wait a little bit while I finished closing the resturant, I would take him home. He was very shy about it and said I did not have to do that but I could tell that he was waiting there for me to take him home, he was just too shy to ask me. So I told him it was no problem that I would I be happy to take him home, he agreed to wait. That’s the last thing I remember, me telling him two or three times that I would take him home.

    I think I have a few insights into the dream but would really appreciate any insight you may have on it. I am not sure if I am getting the meaning correctly or not.

    thank you,

    1. Hey Daniel, I know you are busy and don’t mean to be a bother but it’s been a few weeks and I was wondering if you had any insight to the dream posted above.

      Trying to be patient..Jamie

  10. I had a dream bout My ex husband that he was bald. than the second dream was that he pull me up and gave me a kiss
    What. Is the meaning of this dream please?

  11. Hi there,

    Firstly I want to say I am inspired reading your blog. You are indeed strong! God bless and I look forward to reading more!! 🙂

    Also, please – if you could interpret my dream. No one has been able to and it’s been 8 years. I’m usually quite good at analyzing dreams but this one has me stuck.

    It was the most vivid dream I have ever had. In color too!! Never dreamed in color before or since.

    I was in a mansion comforting a woman who appeared to be either related to me or my best friend. She was sitting on a chair in the middle of the room extremely distraught. She had women all around her comforting her but despite this, no one could.

    There was a knock at the door and I went to answer it. I knew it was the woman’s ex – a man who used to be someone I knew as the nicest guy out but he had turned into the most horrible guy I’d ever met. He was on the porch and a group of his friends (who looked like a gang of his buddies) were leering and jeering at me from the driveway.

    I was horrified and immediately incredibly angry. I started wildly swearing at him and yelling: “How could you do this to her?”

    This was my anger.

    Inside, I felt the most white hot anger – a righteous anger – never felt that before but it was sooooo powerful that my own anger was like an annoying knat in comparison (and let me tell you, I go OFF when I’m angry – or used to, bit better these days – thanks God!! hehe) but this was so pure and white hot, huge and powerful.

    Anyway, he turned away from me and started to walk away – after a step he half turned and OH SO casually and with such arrogance and dismissal flipped something over his shoulder into the air while he said “Oh by the way, here’s a token”

    Onto the deck between us, landed a small magnet of a Christmas tree in full colour – I see it now – a green Christmas tree with blue and red lights. I stared at it for awhile while the guys all yelled abuse and mocked and jeered at me and then I ran inside and barred all the windows and doors securely.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. You had a great dream! I am going to jump you up in the queue just because this is fresh in my mind and I feel so proud of you!

      The answer to your dream is simple. The world broke your heart. That woman crying is your past and your spirit. All your faculties were trying to comfort or mend your broken heart… BUT at the door was the guardian of your spirit – You. You became the power and righteousness of GOD. You are the lioness that protects the pride, because that man you saw was Lucifer. The angel of disguise. YOU faced the Devil and his minions head on with the roar of a lion. With the heart of a true KING…. and the token you earned, was – Jesus. You didn’t just find him sister, you earned this… You have overcome and KNOW HIM! PRAISE JESUS!

      With a tear in my eye and a swelling heart… congratulations.

      Daniel Lyons

      PS. The tree is a covenant and a promise. The blue is for the spirit in protection and truth, and the red is for the flesh and the strength of your convictions. The magnet is to further explain the attraction to righteousness and the repulsion of evil. It is the perfect symbol of your new connection with God. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite… “Lucky”

  12. So here I am again with another dream. Tell me what you get from this one. It was me and my ex who keep in mind was awful to me when we were together. I had on a gold wedding band and he did as well but we were not married.I kept bugging him about getting married and he kept going back infourth with yes no yes no. Then finally he came to me the last time and said I can’t marry you because look down at your ring. When I looked down at it, it had tarnished. Like it was never real. What do you get from that?

    1. HEY Brianna!
      This dream is simple. It goes hand-in-hand with the one I just posted for you in the “DREAMS” ON THE RIGHT TRACK” post. It just means that you and your old life are no longer suited for each other. You miss parts of it but you can never go back to that life because you are married to a new cause and purpose.

      It is not really him that you miss, but a part of you back then.


  13. i have had 3 dreams that disturbed me one was after my dad passed away we where in a white car one that he drove when i was younger and we drove to it seemed to be an airport and we got out of the car he handed me it seemed to be a 5 $ bill but the number 5 boldly stuck out and he said it is time and i awoke from the dream the other dream was i was it seemed to be in my bedroom i was laying in bed a sleep but then i waked into the room i saw my wife and then i looked out the window and said Jesus save us and then a figure came down and i could not make it out but was like a person in a golden color and it wrapped its arms around me and then i awoke from the dream the last dream i was in a room full of people in suits and ties and they where waiting for me i waked in and sat down and they wanted me to sign a document but i remember the numbers 482 and they asked if that was enough and then i awoke from the dream please can you help me understand these dreams

  14. i have had 3 dreams that really bothered me one was after my father passed away we where driving in a white car that he drove when i was younger and we went to it seemed like a airport and we got out of the car and he handed me it seemed like a 5 $ bill but the number 5 really stuck out boldly and he said it was time and i woke up another that has bothered me was i was like in my bedroom it seemed and i thought i was in bed laying there but then i came into the room and i saw my wife and i looked out of the window and i said jesus save us and some kind of figure came down i could not make it out but it was like a golden figure of a person and it wrapped its arms around me and then i awoke from the dream the other dream i was in a room full of people and they where in suits and ties and we sat at a table and there was a form that i had to sign and i just remember the numbers 482 and then i woke up from the dream if you could help me understand the meanings of these three please i would be greatful

  15. Thanks for explaining that in more detail, Daniel, and I Do agree, just wanted to make sure we were coming from the same place if ya get my meaning 🙂 Blessings, brother! N

  16. I posted this earlier in my blog. Weird thing is.. I didn’t realized you can interpret dreams until now that i’m browsing through your postings. It kinda amaze me coz even though I keep thinking about that dream, i never thought about writing it down. I just decided to write about my dream right after you followed my blog. Somehow, i feel it happened for a reason…

    Here’s my dream/post(Something weird):

    I have this really weird dream the other night.The first part is a little fuzzy now in my mind but I know I went to this party with this blonde girl with cute curls and hair tied up with red ribbons in both sides. It is not stated if we are blood-related but I felt that we are in some way. I don’t know what happened but I ended up leaving her there and the next clear thing I remember is being with my younger brother(he is probably 8 or 9 years old at that time) at the side of the road. We saw the blonde girl getting out of a vehicle and walking towards a dark side of the road,probably on her way home. I’m confused why we just let her walked by and not called her attention. Then I saw some troublesome-looking guys and my heart started to beat fast. I felt that something bad was about to happen. We got scared for her and started running fast towards the dark road, hopeful that we could still catch up with her and we would all be safe. And I felt there were other people running towards our direction so we ran faster. Then we saw it, a group of people’s silhouette, standing and looking down at some sort of…body – the blonde girl is dead.

    I couldn’t understand why that dream seems to bug me. Most of the time, I forget about my dreams as soon as I wake up. This one seems to stick to me and something that I don’t want to forget (the reason why I’m writing it now). I even feel guilty.
    Is it some vision from a past life?

  17. I know I have had dreams/visions for a long time, and many of them I have on my blog (which you already have the Link to). I have one question for you: do you believe this ‘patrick’ to be a ‘spirit guide’ or more like an angel that reveals things to you in spirit? I ask because I know how deceiving ‘spirit guides’ can be: sometimes we use the wrong words for things of ‘the Spirit’ and put it into words we can understand, which unfortunately, are often words of the flesh, and/or words that are not of ‘the Spirit’ . . . I hope you understand what I mean and where I am coming from: this is not an attack on ANYTHING you have said, I merely wanted to ask the question, and hope it’s OK with you. Thanks, brother!

    1. Was this question for me or for Daniel? I am confused since it was my dream he was interpreting??? Thank you! 🙂

    2. Nice to see you again!
      Okay, so here is the thing about dreams, and not everyone wants to know it, since a lot of people that have dreams think they mean some great spiritual guidance of prophecy. But, not all dreams are prophecy… not in the sense that they are 100% of the Holy Spirit, and more about 95% of our spirit trying to communicate a point to our unconsciousness mind. Or rather, our subconscious trying to make something known to our consciousness. Now some people are more in tuned to the Holy Spirit than others… but be careful of how high you promote your understandings. That can be vanity in the making. Remember the enemy can pervert ANYTHING. So be mindful of your dreams.

      1 Corinthians 15:40 There are also celestial bodies and terrestrial bodies; but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another.

      You see, there is His Spirit, and there is our spirit. His Holy Spirit communicates with our spirit directly, but our spirit can only communicate so well to our consciousness of the awake mind. The mind is so powerful that it rules your body with an iron scepter, and it is so stubborn that it can only understand things terrestrial. The mind, of itself, is like a machine with a purpose, and it has its own intent and calculates what it needs to get achieved for the benefit of all attributes of itself. The body facilitates the mind so the body’s needs are usually its main objective. You see most of the time our mind is in full control and it does what it wants to do, but then our feelings come in and it kind of derails its one track pursuits and changes its course to a new heading. There are feelings of the body, and their are feelings of what we call the “heart”. Not the physical heart but the center of our spiritual driving force. This is your spirit. Just as your mind can drive the body, it can not always drive your emotions, just like you can not control your beating heart by thinking about it. Mind, body and spirit work very separate from each other yet fully together when you are focused. Otherwise each does what it needs to do on its own. Hair and cells grow, heart beats, mind wanders and thinks, all without the others input. But in union they become a powerful force and an unstoppable juggernaut of good.

      Now you are a vessel and your spirit is viscous like a fluid, it fills its container perfectly. And your spirit is filled with whatever you put into it. This is why eating is so important in the Bible, what you consume becomes a part of you and nourishes or pollutes the body. This is true with the spiritual body as well. Both a polluted and clean spirit will speak to your mind and tell it things. But God’s Spirit is a pure truth of spirit. So, it speaks in you and becomes like Jiminy Cricket and plays the role of the conscience. Remember to “always let your conscience be your guide”.

      It is not that the Spirit is guiding you directly… most of the time. It’s that it nudges your conscience to do the right things. We may try to force it down when it is a hard task to do, since our spirit is like water it tries to find the easiest path. But we all do what we think we must.

      I know I may have seemed to go a little off track, but what I am trying to say is that some of us are receptors for things celestial FAR more than other people. But we do have a tendency to mix our wants and desires into that message. Some want to feel so important that we elevate our abilities to feel special and admired. Others demote their abilities out of fear of the message, and fear of ridicule, or fear the loss of acceptance by others. But none of this changes the fact that God is talking to you. We just don’t fully understand what and who God is.

      Most organized religions tend to but God in a little box of their understanding. We often see God as a man, which in a way is true, like in the case with Jesus who is the exact representation of God the father in Heaven. But yet Adam is also the exact representation of Jesus. What it comes down to is that we think God has eyes, and feet, and hands. And He might, but also know that we fear what we do not understand, and to understand something we must feel a familiarity to it. Look at movies of aliens (Not calling God an alien here). The more the alien looks like us the more we feel with it and understand it. Like E.T. if he didn’t have two eyes and one mouth, two arms and two legs with fingers and toes, we would not have understood his intent so well nor related to him. But our Heavenly Father presents Himself with the exact image of man. This gives us an exact understanding of His intentions. We mirror him symbolically:

      His arm means strength.
      His feet represent wisdom and overcoming adversity.
      His face means intent, by watching expressions you know intent. This is why His face is most often hidden.
      Hands, are works and deeds.
      Eyes are perceptions of things spiritual.
      Hair is faculties of wisdom and joined to the mind. White hair is a pure and sage wisdom

      All these things are symbolic of God’s will being made known to you as a simple mortal, in a way that your spirit can know Him who is ALL THINGS, and in ALL THINGS… He is the power of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE and He is speaking to your soul each and every second of every day. We just need to wash away the filth and bitterness of the salt water of your spirit to hear Him.

      Your “spirit guide” that guides you, is part spirit and part SPIRIT. Thus a guide made of spirit, or your spirit and feelings leading you somewhere. Some is of your choosing, and some of His choosing. If it leads you to helpful things, they are promptings from God. If they are explicitly selfish things they are you trying to “make it” in a hard world, and seeking things of control and safety. He nudges you… don’t resist.

      I know this was long and maybe even a little confusing, but please take the hints God gives you. If you are being constantly nudged in a direction… maybe your spirit and His spirit are prompting an action. Like placing chess pieces into position for a move of His choosing. You may not see it as a pawn, But the King is calling the shots. Play the Gambit and move to a place that is of an advantage to the King and not the advantage of a pawn. And in all likeliness, the two will be as one.

      I hope this answered your question.

      With love,
      Daniel Lyons

      1. Daniel,
        I agree with everything you have said here as a reply, as it makes sense. I certainly do not think I have all the answers, and I do not believe ANY of us do–my one top desire, above everything and anything, is to Remain HUMBLE……
        I know some dreams are just dreams, believe me *lol* there is a definite difference in having a ‘prophetic’ dream than having a ‘dream’, and while your answer Was long 😉 It was not inappropriate, rather I appreciate you being thorough……Thanks for answering to the best of your understanding, and again, I appreciate that. Blessings, brother.

  18. Hi. I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer over 3 years ago. I know she is with our Lord and is at peace. I do believe that she has come to visit me. I long to dream of her, since this is the only way I can “see” her. Since her death, I’ve only had 6 dreams about my mom. Last July I had a very strange dream about my mom. It was the first dream in which she was dead. I awoke from the dream gasping from breath because I was crying so hard in the dream. But now what I remember most about the dream is how peaceful the place was and that everything was bathed in a soft golden light. I strongly believe my mom sent me this dream as a way of telling that she’s ok and that I need to move forward. To see more of this dream: http://peace4me521.wordpress.com/2011/07/10/strange-dream/. I feared that I would never dream of my mom alive again. In November I dreamt of my mom again and this is the dream I’d like interrupted please.

    My dream was very short:

    I was lying in my bed and the room was dark. I know it was my bed because I could see the closet doors in the bedroom. I was alone in bed. For some reason I turned over, and when I did, I was no longer in my bed. I was now in my parents’ bed, still alone, and then my mom sat down next to me. She was dressed in white, like a white nightgown, and was holding a long, thin lamp with a candle-shaped bulb on the top. There was no shade covering the lightbulb. My mom gave me the lamp, and its light filled the area where we were sitting on the bed. I don’t remember if my mom said anything to me. Then I woke up.

    Any thoughts would be welcomed. I miss my mom so much. Thank you.


    1. I am sorry it took so long to get back to you Kathy. I had not forgotten about you. It’s just I am very busy and I went to bed and woke up thinking about answering your dream today. Funny that you should write today of all days.

      I hadn’t really had a chance to look at your first dream until now. This dream of your mother is quite simple and of a delicate beauty. It is a vision of the love and light of the Spirit/spirit being passed on to you. Though I know nothing about your mother, she seems to be a powerful spiritual matriarch within your spiritual home (Your soul). She came to you in the quiet and darkness of the most intimate of places. This is in your peace she brings you the light of the Spirit/spirit to keep you vigilant of spiritual things. You seem to be upon a journey, though not a journey of action but an awakening of some sleeping part in you. Your mother represents an established wisdom lighting your awareness within. It could be a warning that you are sleeping too much inside and need to wake-up. She needs for you to take up her torch (So to speak) of the light she gave you. Her light is now your light. Let it serve you to hold back that darkness and sorrow that seems to live within you.

      Wake up inside Kathy. Give some light to your soul. You are in a dark place inside and you are sleeping in the spirit. Wake up O’ ye sleeper!

      John 11:11 These things He said, and after that He said to them, “Our friend Lazarus sleeps, but I go that I may wake him up.”

      Lazarus means: the help of God. Wake up Kathy. Wake up your soul. Awaken the help of God within your life. It’s time to put away the past of sorrows and regrets. Because if you don’t… you’re dying inside.

      Psalms 13:3 Consider and hear me, O LORD my God; Enlighten my eyes, Lest I sleep the sleep of death;

      Don’t join your mother’s rest while you are still alive. Take the candle inside you and turn it into something that will light your home… and cast out that darkness. She is at her rest, you need to be at peace too, just not asleep. She died, not you. SO SHINE! SHINE! RISE AND SHINE… WITH THE LOVE YOUR MOTHER GAVE YOU! Now make it your own and get out there and make God look good!

      With great love,
      Daniel Lyons

      1. Hi Daniel:

        Thank you for taking the time to interpret my dream. My mother was a wonderful, giving, caring woman. She brought God into my life and into our home. She devoted her life to helping others. Yes, even though I have accepted her death, a part of me in still in mourning. I have to honestly say that your response surprised me and at first saddened me (like I had done something wrong). But I realize that first, this was not your intention (and I requested an interpretation of my dream), and secondly, you’re right. I have been on a journey for a long time, long before my mom was diagnosed with cancer, long before she died. It’s a continued journey of healing from past hurts and losing people I loved dearly. My mom’s death just added to it and I’ve closed off part of my heart. I realized that a few weeks ago. I am not the person I want to be and haven’t been for a long time. I’ve been hurt and betrayed a lot in life, but that is not a reason for not living I am meant to, the life God gave me. I have a family who needs me, who loves me and whom I love dearly. I pray for others, for my children, maybe it’s time I start praying for myself too and ask for help with greater healing and a journey of action. I know I will see my mom again in Heaven one day. I don’t want to waste my time on Earth. I want to do whatever God’s will for me may be.


  19. I have learned that there are 2 kinds of dreams: the first kind is as they say the brain working out things that happened during the day…the second kind is some sort of shamanic journey through time and space, a reconnection with our heavenly twin…and it’s the later that interests me the most.

    Usually, you can tell the difference between the two…type one you show up to give a presentation only to realize you’re still wearing your pyjamas (or less)…I find the deeper more significant type have a certain sheen to them, my dynamic in color…could there be a choir ohhing and ahhhing in the background, too?

    I don’t believe our incarnation here on Earth is solitary, I believe that an ‘aspect’ of ourselves remain in the spiritual plane, watching, guiding. In our sleep it’s our astral selves that communicate to us and try to guide us…the problem is simple…HOW to communicate? That is done through certain imagery and feelings a form of celestial charades. It is this imagery that some of us need help “interpreting” because it’s not always as obvious what it is that our heavenly guide is trying to say to us.

    Peace brother, and good luck on your path!

  20. Thank you for visiting my page and the follow.

    The concept here that one person can interpret another persons dreams fascinates me. It is my belief as I was taught many years ago that we are the best ones to unravel the mysteries of our dreams. For a reason that is very simple. I dreamed of bees once… My father kept bees while growing up. To me they are a necessity to the garden and what makes things grow. They can be pesky sometimes though. But what if someone else had the same dream and they were deathly allergic to bees? The dream and it’s meaning would be far different. All things are not the same to all people. If you pick the highlights of a dream and consider the dynamics of what it means to you in your daily life, one can find the best answers… My Bee dream… well very soon after that I found out was pregnant with my daughter…

  21. You can interpret all of mine, lol. I have one whole section devoted to my dreams. I love your blog! Very inspiring and filled with information. There are two dreams I would like answers to. I will have to find them and come back and post at some point. One is regarding a Grizzly Bear, reoccuring dream I have had for years. The other is about a man and a name. As I said I will get back with you. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog so far. God bless!


      1. Okay here is an excerpt from my dream journal on the first. I am going to send a link to the entire thing as well. Just in case you get bored and need something to read, lol.

        I had a dream again about the Grizzly but many things had changed. One, was that he was huge and not only huge he was also different in color. He had a light golden color to him but also a golden or cream-colored stripe down his back just a bit darker than the rest of his body.

        I was at a place and not much about the place sticks out other than it doesn’t seem like somewhere I had been before. I was told by the person we were staying with to lock up, so I went to look out the door. There were cats every where, and I mean every where. I put food down for them and with no hint of the bear or any mention of it, I see a reflection in the doorway. I ducked down because I wasn’t sure of what it was. The next thing I know it is the bear, so I took off and slammed the door shut. Another thing about this place, there was stuff everywhere, boxes and all kinds of junk I guess. It was piled up and stacked in every direction.

        I could hear the bear, its nails ripping the screen and door out. Its claws were ridiculously huge. It got into the small space where the cats were and I yelled for my son and I had Saxton, my dog, in my arms. It got in to eat the food but started killing all of the cats. It was throwing them in the air and it was actually pretty horrific. Then we barred and locked the door leading into that room and it was scratching and clawing trying to get in.

        So this man comes to me. I have never seen him before, in real life or in my dreams. As usual with these dreams, I always meet someone new in them. He is telling me he will take care of it but I needed to get out of there. He jokingly said do you want one of its claws. I said yes, its claws are so big, so the claws were pointed out. I did want one as a reminder of his life. He smiled and pushed me out the door.

        I took off on foot with my dog, I got my son out some how and I am not sure which way he went but I still had the dog with me. Oh my son was put in a car and was taken to safety by someone else in the house I think it was my mom or some friend.

        I was walking down this long dark highway and came to a camper, it was very small and I huddled there hoping the bear wouldn’t find me because in all of my dreams he always comes, but never attacks. I was very afraid this time though because I saw what he did to the cats. As I am sitting there I can hear cars passing by, this place felt familiar and then I woke up.

        What is funny and weird about these dreams, the bear is always chasing me and supposedly vicious like a bear could be, but I always end up some place different because of his chase. These dreams are so vivid. I can look right into his eyes, see his nose, almost smell his fur. It truly is a powerful dream when I have them of him. I wish I knew what they meant.

        I also wonder why he has changed so much. Why so much bigger, why the stripe, why the huge claws. It represents something. His intent at first in the dream seemed to be to eat the food, but he didn’t waste time at the food but tried to get to me. Even when he gets close he never attacks. He always looks like he will or looks like he is going to do something but never does.

        I will post the other dream here as well about the man and the name. Thank you, excited to see what you have to say about these. God bless!


        Adding the links in regards to the bear.


        1. Okay Tiffany, I am glad you came back with your dreams. Dreams are a funny thing and often have nothing to do with the actual physical things in the dream but rather a type of language of your spirit trying to tell you something.

          Your bear, in all likeliness, has little to nothing to do, with an actual bear, but rather a persistent message of a kind of stress. It can be an overbearing relationship, a situation like; work, or school etc. Or it can be an attribute of your personality, or someone else’s. The bear is not trying to hurt you but rather deliver a sense of purpose that you are afraid to face. The bear is docile by nature but it can quickly turn aggressive with its single minded purpose. Thus it becomes “overbearing“. There is something in your life that you are trying to avoid but this message is persistent, and this is not a passive dream. You are troubled by this interference in you attempts to be free and live a content life.

          Cats were know as the guardians of the afterlife, or rather keepers of the celestial house. Keeping it free of infestation and pestilence. But they also represent a sense of freedom of personality, a carefree attitude and independence. Each type of cat has its own special brand of meaning; tabby, gregariousness; calico, congenial friendliness, and so forth. You have been safe as houses in your spiritual abode, putting on the good show of independence and comfort with your family etc. but in reality you have a side of you that wants independence, or to do something that is your purpose alone, hence finding solace on the road in a camper, which is a mobile abode. Like you said, “I always end up some place different because of his chase.” This is your personal demon that compels you to change. Though not a demon in the demonic traditional negative sense, but rather an expression of your self-absorption like a grizzly, known for being self-absorbed.

          The bear is cutting through your carefree “perfect” lifestyle, pushing you, compelling you to take action and to flee to the unknown paths of mystery. You are scared of this change and your guardian offers you resolution by presenting you the power of the beast. So Tiffany, you find yourself at a crossroads. Choices are made here. Do you follow your dream and pursue with defiance your calling to independence, or do you accept your station that has you feeling confined?

          My advice is to balance your passion and patience and join to a path that leads you to where you most want to be.

          Daniel Lyons

          PS. The color seems to denote you see this bear as a good thing but it’s striped; meaning duality, or multiple meanings, and unpredictability. But both colors are encouraging.

      2. This is the second dream. I would say out of all the answers I want in life in regards to where my life is going this is probably one of the top things. This name has surrounded me since 2005. I hear it a lot in prayer and especially when I ask God if He wants me to to remain single or to remarry. This name came up over and over when I was engaged, that didn’t happen. I broke off the engagement for several reasons. 5 months after that (just recently) I met someone and went out with him 2-3 times, this name flashed in my head and showed up everywhere: on tv, when out and about, someone would mention the name, or ask about the dreams. It always came up, I decided that this wasn’t someone I wanted to get to know on that level any further and now it is quiet again. I have asked many people and always get different, yet some have been similar responses. I am asking God to really give you insight into this one.

        So onto the dream after praying about His will and hearing the answer of choice, this was the dream-

        I saw a vision of a man’s face. He had a shaved head or bald head but it wasnt like he was losing his hair it looked more like he shaved it. What stood out the most was his eyes. They were a very odd but beautiful blue but I don’t think I’ve ever seen eyes that color of blue before. They were very piercing but filled with a lot of love. His features were very sharp and strong. There were things about him that were well-defined and his facial features stick out the most. His face flashed in and out of my head and I asked him who he was. He said to me, “you have a choice. The one you have known for many years, he will come forward. He is strong, he has always loved you, but you may have not even noticed him. He has kept it hidden but he will come forward. He will love you, this man is new. He loves your Father. He will lead and love you both, its forever, never-ending.” I ask who is this man, I hear “Patrick”.

        I have written about Patrick before. It was back in 2005 and this is still in my Bible today, that I first heard the name Patrick. I heard it again in October 2008, I wrote on the same paper and wrote a letter to God and kept it in my Bible. Every single time I would pray about meeting someone I would hear this name. It was in 2005 I had been baptised for the second time. It was after this I heard the name a great deal. In October of 2009 I heard his name even more strongly. I had spoken with a preacher about it and was told that it’s always in God’s time.

        I had kind of given up on the notion of finding someone and then met my now ex fiance. Here in the past few months the name Patrick is popping up everywhere and I was told by a spiritual person that she and another friend believes that Patrick in the name of my guardian. Now I have had a guardian/messenger named Patrick come to me many times and I have written about him in my dream journal many times. When I spoke of this dream to that same friend she felt it might mean to keep my thoughts on God and allow Patrick (guide or guardian) to work in my life for God.

        I have to say I don’t pray now to meet someone. My prayers now are centered more around what God wills for my life. I am not so hung up on meeting someone like I used to be. I did have questions in regards to whether God would prefer me to remain single, because I have spiritual interests in my future that could be hindered at least in my view by being involved. That is why I say I have no idea what is best for my life, that is why I want God to take control of it. Make sense? Thank you again for helping others. You are going to be blessed over and over for allowing God to work through you. God bless.



        1. ANOTHER DREAM?!!! You are pushing it sister! 😉

          This one is similar to your other dream and I think they mean the same thing, only with a different attributes. The name Patrick means “Nobleman”, or rather to you it means “nobility”. It is a purity and nobility of your spirit guide.

          The head represents the center of your thoughts, and hair is wisdom and spiritual faculties. The hair of the head is the joining of thoughts to wisdom. Masculine attributes of command joined to feminine insight and guidance. The shaved head is removing of old ways and starting anew, removing of old wisdoms or ways of preconceptions. And starting over fresh and clean like the consecration the priests use to endure when rededicating themselves to service.

          Leviticus 14:9 But on the seventh day he shall shave all the hair off his head and his beard and his eyebrows — all his hair he shall shave off. He shall wash his clothes and wash his body in water, and he shall be clean.

          The eyes are perception and the lamps of the Spirit, or indicators of purpose. Blue being the color of spirituality and connection with truths.

          Patrick is not a person but a calling. He is manifested to give you insight into your greatest desires. And to you that seems a life of service to a higher or rather elevated spiritual existence. Right now you don’t feel the need, so much, to date, because you are finding harmony in yourself and need less to share yourself, by joining to another.

          We are as our thoughts and why each gender has its own spiritual significance. You are on your spiritual journey and don’t need to “Join” to the reasoning’s of anyone, but your own faculties. You are finding contentment by being filled with your purpose, that gets diluted when shared with another. This is harmony and why the Bible asks to stay single, but to marry if passion so drives you. This is NOT a bad thing. It is not about carnality in passion, but the need to be joined to a purpose. Hence our desires for each other, it is the need to belong to something, and it comes with passion that can consume our lives… but you are not needing to join to anyone or any cause, but your own. God is the center of your mission, thus you are joining to Him as the Bridegroom in your life.

          Marriage and love may come again, but it will be with ease and clarity of thought, not by loneliness and fear of being alone. When you are in harmony with you, your relationships will have a clarity to them as well and not be filled with chaotic movements like crashing waves, but have ease like calm soothing waters. This is why truth and spirituality is always referred to as water… Whatever choice you make, let your spirit guide lead you with “nobility” of purpose, and what comes, comes. Tomorrow is not set in stone but rather is carried in on gentle waves as easy as your soul… Now go in peace and spread the Word! Slacker! Two dreams in one day…sheesh!

          1. Wow! Amazing is the only word I can think of. You more or less put my own thoughts down on paper and explained it to me in a way that I really needed to hear. I guess sometimes you need to hear or “see” the reasons from someone else. That was incredible, both of them very profound and I thank you very much. Sorry I made you work doubly hard on dream cases, lol. I do appreciate it greatly though. I would like to repost these if that is okay? I would also like to add a link to your site in the posts with your permission of coarse? Again I want to thank you and you really have a gift. Keep up the good work, thank you, thank you kind Sir! God bless!

            Tiffany 🙂

              1. I posted them in my blog, Dream Journal category. Thank you again, I really do appreciate it. Keep up that sense of humor too, it’s great! 🙂



                Good grief, I need to shorten those links, lol! Just about have a 200 page article with links alone. 🙂

  22. After reading your “About” page I am humbled at how God is using your horrific experiences to minister to the world. i am also ashamed at how much I’ve complained to God about my (comparatively) less-than-earth-ending struggles. I do want God to use me more!

    I don’t have a dream for you to interpret, but I want to know if you have ever heard of this:

    My wife (and her mother before her) will have a dream that a relative has died. Within a few weeks there will be a death in the family (it is never the relative they dreamed about). Because a death almost ALWAYS follows such a dream, the two of them start preparing themselves for a death in the family anytime they have such a dream. They have had DECADES of experience with this.

    Two weeks ago I had a dream that my sister died. I told my wife about it. When my aunt, my dad’s sister, died last week, my wife reminded me about my dream and about the fact that “It’s never the person you dream about.”

    Have you ever heard of this? Could this be God’s way of preparing us, or do you think it’s purely coincidence?


    1. I am so sorry it took so long to get back to you. I was not ignoring you. I have just been very busy and I wanted to answer this question properly. I started to reply when you first commented here, but I just had not had a chance to finish yet… Anyhow, this phenomenon is not uncommon. Some people can just connect to the strings in the tapestry of life better than others. I don’t fully understand how we are all so connected, but some of us are more in-tuned than others to certain things of a spiritual nature. My mother has this gift/curse as well, and has had it all her life. She just knows certain things, and even when people think she is being a little nuts and go “Yeah yeah, right” she knows what she knows, and is almost always right. God seems to be talking to us through everything, but most of us can’t hear Him, or know that it is HIM speaking into their lives. Sometimes it is heard the loudest in the silence of death. We would drown out a scream by our conditioning to the world screaming at us. But silence speaks in volumes to our souls. When you sleep, your soul speaks louder and your mind speaks less. So that is when the spirit comes most to life.

      Your wife and her mother have a sense of hearing with a part of their consciousness that I am sure even they don’t understand. Most of us brush this stuff off because most everyone doesn’t understand it, even the dreamer. But our Scriptures are FULL of it. Most of the Bible is written by this method of God speaking through a messenger to His messengers of Hope. We don’t always understand our spirit, so we sometimes get it wrong when our minds step in and try to rule the show. It’s our nature to do so. But when someone close dies or is about to die, I think it is so different from every other feeling we know, so their is less confusing messages or wires to get crossed. So, if you are one of those whom spirit reads the telegraph of prophecy… well how good/bad for them. It scares people, but just know that it is not meant to be a curse. It’s just another gift, you just have to learn how to understand it, and try to use it for what it is intended for in their lives. Just don’t fear the gift, no matter how scary it may seem. It has a purpose, if you let…

      Here is just a very small sample from the Bible as it speaks of people with visions of things to come… and their are MANY!

      Daniel 1:17 As for these four young men, God gave them knowledge and skill in all literature and wisdom; and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams.

      Daniel 2:28 But there is a God in heaven who reveals secrets, and He has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what will be in the latter days. Your dream, and the visions of your head upon your bed, were these:

      Daniel 4:5 I saw a dream which made me afraid, and the thoughts on my bed and the visions of my head troubled me.

      Job 4:13 In disquieting thoughts from the visions of the night, When deep sleep falls on men,

      Job 7:14 Then You scare me with dreams And terrify me with visions,

      1 Corinthians 12:10 to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues.

      John 16:13 However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.

      Acts 16: 16 Now it happened, as we went to prayer, that a certain slave girl possessed with a spirit of divination met us, who brought her masters much profit by fortune-telling.17 This girl followed Paul and us, and cried out, saying, “These men are the servants of the Most High God, who proclaim to us the way of salvation.”18 And this she did for many days. But Paul, greatly annoyed, turned and said to the spirit, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.” And he came out that very hour.19 But when her masters saw that their hope of profit was gone, they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace to the authorities.

      And that was only a sample! But to answer your question… it can be a bit of both.

      Fear the dreamer, not the dream. Mua ha ha 😉 j/k

      Thanks for writing,
      Daniel Lyons

  23. Wow! It’s good to know that I’m not alone in dream interpretation, thought I doubt I’m as skilled as you. I believe God speaks to us in dreams…that seems to be one of his favorite ways to communicate with me anyway. I haven’t had any in awhile with a new baby and all, but if I do, I’ll hit you up. It’d be nice to compare notes.

  24. Okay Daniel, here is a strange dream or more like a nightmare that I have had intermittently through out the years. I am fighting being possessed by a ghost or the devil and the last couple have been trying to keep my family from it too. Sometimes I am sucessful and sometimes I am not. Not quite sure if this is just simply telling me to be careful to stay in God’s light or does it mean something a little more creapier? Hope you can help!

    1. Nightmares and dreams are still pretty much one in the same. The only difference is our fear of what they are saying. You have given me very little to go by here so I can only answer with what I have.

      Your “Devil” is a negative aspect of your life. One of the names used in the Hebrew for devils or demon, is שֵׁד Or shed. It is pronounced as SHADE. The root of the word shed means: to ruin, destroy, spoil, devastate.

      On the level of the dream, this is your plaguing spirit that seeks to ruin you. It is in all likeliness a demon of your own making. It is likely a type of personality quirk you despise about yourself and see emerging in your family as well and want to surprises it before it causes issues in their lives like it has in yours.

      But more likely it is a dark shameful hidden truth that you would very much like to keep hidden. But it keeps resurfacing, like a rotten bloated corpse you keep trying to drown, but it is looking for its revenge and wanting its secret to be know… (Like my sinister explanation? Bwa ha ha).

      This can be a truth like: an addiction, an affair, a compulsion.

      I am sorry but there is some attribute of you that wants to be know, or set free, and you think it poses a threat to your way of life. Guilt is getting the better part of you, and until you resolve this, that demon will continue to try to ruin, destroy, spoil, devastate you from the inside out. Do what you have to to let this go. Confess it, give it to God, whatever it is you have to do. Peace can not be found if you have personal demons possessing and making a mess of you spiritual home… resolve this.

  25. It’s funny that I’ve come across your blog about dreams. I always have a dream that I’m in a different relationship and pregnant(never shows whether my husband & I are divorced or I sometimes dream he is deceased). This is crazy because I can’t have any more children, so I know this isn’t possible. But I am in a different state with a new job that I love with a man that is not my husband or the father of the child. My dream never ends just simply repeats. Can you make any sense of this?

    1. Set your heart at ease sister. This is not a dream of unfaithfulness, Again, dreams are in the language of the spirit of the subconscious mind. It is not a dream of you wanting your husband dead or wanting a divorce (I hope 😉 ). Unfortunately, Many people suffer needlessly from not understanding such dreams. So please don’t beat yourself up over this.

      Marriage, in our dreams, mostly has to do with a joining. The bringing together of two concepts. Often a wisdom and a thought, or an event of joining the physical with the spiritual (As in the case with the “Bride” in Revelations). The man you are joined to is NOT your husband but rather it is your sense of self, looking to be rediscovered. There is a part of your heart that feels like it is trapped in a state of stasis and it is looking to hatch like the chrysalis of a butterfly. You are looking for a renewal of your spiritual self.

      You see, the “Job” is your current state of your opinion of your works and your potential. But somehow you believe that currently you are not living up to your potential. So in your dream you are having a vision of a self with a “New job” that “You love”. Somehow, you envision a new course of actions in your life and finding that you are doing something that is worthy of your time and skills.

      The pregnancy also has little to NOTHING to do with actually conceiving a real, flesh and blood child. It is the beginning stage of an awareness or enlightenment. Something is hatching within you, like a plan.

      When you bring it all together you get that your spirit is looking for a new avenue to express itself, that differs from where it is now. You believe that staying the course exactly how it is will not allow you to reach your full potential. You believe full hearted that you have a GREAT potential, but it is simply not being tapped into. But you are formulating a scheme or plan in the back of your mind and it is waiting for the right moment or situation to be brought forth. Again, this is not unfaithfulness to your husband but rather a departure from perhaps something he may believe about you. Your mind is telling you that you need to assert yourself to get what it is you so desire to have. You feel like a prisoner in yourself and you NEED this to feel whole. And the reason you have this dream over and over, is as Daniel the prophet said:

      Daniel 2:30 But as for me, this secret has not been revealed to me because I have more wisdom than anyone living, but for our sakes who make known the interpretation to the king, and that you may know the thoughts of your heart.

      45 … the great God has made known to the king what will come to pass after this. The dream is certain, and its interpretation is sure.”

      Find out what it is that you need/want, and then find the courage and spirit to ask for it. But I have a sneaky feeling you know what is at your heart of hearts already. The beginning of the plan is preconceived, it is just now up to the execution.

      Good luck with this new endeavor of your heart. May God’s blessing help see it through. 🙂

      1. Oh my God! This is all I can say to your response! Wow! You bought tears to my eyes and God, you’ve been blessed with an amazing gift. For a while now, people have been speaking that God is calling me into ministry because of the daily devotionals I do and because people always tend to come to me for prayer and guidance but I’m stalling I guess. I don’t know why but I am. Reading your reply to my dream is mind boggling to say the least.

        1. This is all, just the language of Scriptures. Many people give me grief that “This is NOT CHRISTIAN” or that I don’t fit into the mold that they believe a “Christian” should believe, by seeing that spiritual truths mirror the physical world. And they say “Why would God make this so complicated?”. In fact, one of these guys is trying to sabotage my site and changing the ratings to my posts.

          The truth is God doesn’t make it complicated, we do. All of life is speaking out to you, every second of the day. We just refuse to hear it because we are used to hearing it, like so much white noise in our lives. But our dreams speak in an actual language. It is an association of physical things to spiritual truths. It is ingrained into us. By understanding the connections of physical things and their spiritual significance, you too can do things like Daniel the prophet, and see the meaning in dreams. Or rather the language of your spirit, or hearts desires. And this is the language of the Scriptures.

          I am glad this helped you. You seem like a lovely person, from the very little I have read in these posts. But if “ministry” is the name of child that your dreams are trying to give birth to, then WOW, what a baby! Anyhow, I am glad I could be of some service to you. Please spread the word about this ministry and let’s change the world together!

  26. I had a dream early this morning. I was talking to an old friend who is from Australia. I was planning on moving to Australia and I was trying to decide what city to move too. I asked her about Sydney, then about the cost of living in Canberra. I was going to choose between Sydney or Canberra. Any insight?

    1. Hello Jamie,
      What a great dream. but did your friend answer? If there was no answer in the dream, it simply means you are having a sort of inner conflict with what choice to make, much like in your waking world. You are caught in between where to move and are seeking the advice of a trusted spirit consoler to help give you a nudge to the right course of direction. This is a very wise dream and fairly common.

      I am sorry, but with the details I have, I can only interpret so much. But what I can tell you is that Australians are know for friendship and congeniality. I had a great friend out that way, who lived in Sydney. She always said it was a great place to raise children. From everything I have ever seen, Australia is a fairly wonderful place. It is not perfect, but where is really? You will have to get all new electronics and a new car, however. All the electrical is different voltage and the cars drive on the other side. I had an employer who lived there for a time, and that is what he told me when I was going to move out that way.

      My personal advice is, what matters most to you? Sydney is a major city with the amenities of a big city and the beach. Canberra is the capital of the country but very small and landlocked. If you like the feel of a smaller more homey feel, it may be the better choice, but if you like the feeling of say something like San Francisco, only with more family values, then choose Sydney. If it were up to me, I would choose Sydney 9 out of 10 times.

      All I know, is that EVERYONE I asked about living in Australia, that lived there at some point in their life… LOVED IT. And they all loved it most, because of the people.

      Blessings and good luck with your choice. How exciting for you Jamie.

      PS. Your spirit speaks to you in your dreams. Sometimes it has something important to say, and sometimes it is little more than an escape, and looking for a little adventure. It sounds like your dream and reality are one. A dream adventure of a lifetime. Wow! Lucky you!

      1. Thank you! It was interesting to read your insights this morning. I do remember my friend answering in the dream which city she preferred but I do not recall what she said, which I find very odd since I remember the rest of the dream clearly, everything but her answer. I also have not seen this friend in 8 years so I was surprised to be dreaming of her.

        The dream came from left field really. I was planning on moving to Sydney when I was a teenager but have not thought about it since life had other plans for me. As of now, moving to Australia is not in my plans but if given the chance I would go in a heartbeat. Sydney has always been the place I would go.

        Why do you think that I would dream of moving there when I was not considering moving there in real life?

        1. It is, in all likeliness, not about the place as much as it is, what the place represents to you. I wrote a part about this in what this means in the Bible. This is the link to that post on “How to read the Bible”:

          Just skip down to the section that starts with:
          THE WORLD IS YOU!… It’s all you man! You got this.

          The short of it is, that the world is symbolically you, on the level of the soul. And all the states or cites, etc. are representations of your emotional and mental states of being. The thing is that each location of the world represents an attribute of your spiritual health. Right now your soul is reaching out to you asking for a change.

          Australia is known for its friendship and congeniality of the people. It is one of the few places that accepts foreigners with open arms. “Come on in mate‘ and sit a spell“. I know, because I too have always had a calling to go there to live. I knew that the woman I needed to join with was there. The thing is she was actually a real person, but we never met in person. We were internet friends for many years. But what was so important about her, was that she was my muse. She was the person that allowed me to open my heart and break down the walls of fear in my soul, and it unleashed my writing. I had no clue how to write creatively and was embarrassed to do so, before her. I write from my heart now, as you see, because of a stirring she provoked within my heart and mind. I was not afraid to discover my feelings and sensitivity because of her. She helped me through a horrible marriage and encouraged me to stay strong and loyal for years. And trust me I hard a very tough marriage that had my soul crushed to such extremes. But she gave me strength to stand and face each new day with more hope and more strength then I knew I had within me. This strength she gave me fueled my soul and it still burns brightly, so much in fact, I have trouble containing it at times.

          Unfortunately, I lost contact with her (Like everything else I physically lost, in my life) with my incarceration. She was a very important person in my life. And though we were only friends I think maybe she was the only woman I have ever truly loved (Sigh). But the past is past and this is not about me.

          It wasn’t just her as the physical sense that my soul was calling out to. It was a very real person that “I KNEW” I needed. God led me to her with this calling I had had since childhood, since I was about 8. But I never made it physically to Australia (Nor will I ever with my felony). But I now understand that much of this life is mirrored by spiritual truths. And Australia is the sense of kindness and compassion and real heart. What I am trying to say is that, on the level of soul, your heart is looking to be loved. You need a friend that you can connect to. Your spirit or hearts desire is that you want to change your emotional state of being into a state of compassion. You want to connect with someone or something… but you are hesitant and questioning if it is the right choice. And the choice in which state of grace you are hoping to move to.. One with a beach view (Sydney) or one with a cozy warm home feeling (Canberra).

          I personally don’t know what it is that you are considering, but you my friend, are looking for a gentle and kind soul.

          I hope this helped.

          1. Ok, so I am shocked by God. I have been trying to process what you wrote. I understand what you are saying and I don’t disagree with you. In fact I get it, I really get it. I am, however supremely surprised by what you have said.

            First off, I am sorry to hear about your lady friend in Australia. I believe that if she is the one God intends for you to spend your life with then He will make it happen, no matter the hills that have to be climbed to make it happen. I hope that the Lord opens the door of restoration for you. Thank you for sharing it with me.

            I am shocked because for the past week or so I have been in a terrible conflict with myself and you are right; I am questioning something, if it is right or not. More surprisingly it all started just over a week ago by a man. Someone who I do not know personally but who as you said, stirred my soul. I am not one who subscribes to romantic notions or daydreams, my life has been too hard to sit around day dreaming but if I were to ever believe in a soulmate or “the one” this man would be it. He is Australian and in just over a week, he has turned my life upside down and I am struggling to make sense of how just a glimpse or thought of a person can render so much havac in my life. But he has. Unbeknownst to him; he stirs long lost dreams in my soul and inspires a more daring life. He affects me on a spiritual level, something I am having difficulty controling or containing or even knowing what to do with it.

            You wrote: “What I am trying to say is that, on the level of soul, your heart is looking to be loved. You need a friend that you can connect to. Your spirit or hearts desire is that you want to change your emotional state of being into a state of compassion. You want to connect with someone or something… but you are hesitant and questioning if it is the right choice. And the choice in which state of grace you are hoping to move to.. One with a beach view (Sydney) or one with a cozy warm home feeling (Canberra).”

            This could not be more right on. It is him, the Australian, that I wish to connect with. (Interestly enough, he was born in Canberra and grew up in Sydney.) He speaks to the part of my soul that I buried long ago. He rekindles fire from my youth and to borrow a phrase…draws me like a mouth to a flame. Two weeks ago I was mulling about in a dull haze, thinking I had it all together. Now, because of this person, everything is upside down. It is clear that he speaks to my soul, like no other, ever.

            So, I ask you…what do I do now?

            1. Pray… and then listen… carefully.

              I can not give you the answers that only you can provide. When the Buddhist monks used to be asked what they should do, the monk would reply while pointing at the moon. “There is wisdom, how you reach it is completely up to you”. This logic is still so very true today. The moon does represent wisdom, even in the Bible. It has many faces, like that of a woman, but it is pure. You just need to find your way to the heart of your problem by questioning, praying, listening with a “Wash, rinse, repeat” mentality, till the journey presents its answers to you.

              But my suggestion is: Don’t do anything stupid! Nothing good comes from rushing into the unknown. Really get to know the guy first. THIS IS FAR from your support structure and safety of family and friends. Lust is immediate, but love grows over time. Remember, all good things come to those who wait… and are flirty enough to keep him interested. Also, have any vacation days saved up? Just some food for thought. Live in the moment, but don’t be rash and impetuous.

              With love,

              1. Thank you for your sound advice. I am not a person who rushes into things and will most certainly be praying over all of this. I have learned the wisdom in waiting for the Lord to move me instead of moving in my own power and steps.

                Right now I am still trying to sort out all my feelings and soul stirrings to do anything rash. I will be honest and admit that those feelings are powerful causing me to do some soul searching on my own. You were right in the fact that I am hesitant about many things right now and I do see that right now is not the time to be making any major decisions. I will do my best to leave it all before the Lord and wait for answers and guidance from above.

                Thank you so much for being so helpful! :o) You have helped me to regain some focus and hopefully sort out all this stuff.

                Many Blessings to you!

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