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I had a dream early this morning. I was talking to an old friend who is from Australia. I was planning on moving to Australia and I was trying to decide what city to move too. I asked her about Sydney, then about the cost of living in Canberra. I was going to choose between Sydney or Canberra. Any insight? Continue reading “DREAMS” LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION… of the heart


“jimmied letters” SWAN SONG

“jimmied letters” SWAN SONG

Thank you for following my blog. I have just had two mugs of coffee as I sat reading through your experiences. You have had an awful time but I am pleased that you have found so resolve in Christianity. Me, I don’t go for religion, but in desperate times, I have found myself wanting to believe. Continue reading “jimmied letters” SWAN SONG

“DREAMS” The Bear & The Angel

“DREAMS” The Bear & The Angel
Two dreams for the price of one.

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Mmm, honey!

Okay here is an excerpt from my dream journal on the first. I am going to send a link to the entire thing as well. Just in case you get bored and need something to read, lol.

I had a dream again about the Grizzly but many things had changed. Continue reading “DREAMS” The Bear & The Angel

“DREAMS” The Birth Of Purpose

“DREAMS” The Birth Of Purpose

It’s funny that I’ve come across your blog about dreams. I always have a dream that I’m in a different relationship and pregnant (never shows whether my husband & I are divorced or I sometimes dream he is deceased). Continue reading “DREAMS” The Birth Of Purpose

“jimmied letters” BLESSED & ANOINTED: Λιπαρός: LIPAROS


“jimmied letters” BLESSED & ANOINTED
Λιπαρός:  LIPAROS

Matthew 5:4 “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Continue reading “jimmied letters” BLESSED & ANOINTED: Λιπαρός: LIPAROS

“jimmied letters” FEED YOUR HEAD

“jimmied letters” FEED YOUR HEAD

Comments from: The twilight of Twilight: Vampires and Werewolves in the Bible

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God works in mysterious ways… I’ve never read the Twilight series. Nor had I seen any of the movies… until now. Continue reading “jimmied letters” FEED YOUR HEAD

“jimmied letters” FEEDING THE BEAST

“jimmied letters” FEEDING THE BEAST

Original post: Chapter 4: THE TRUE FACE OF THE 666 BEAST

I’m impressed by your well thought out presentation and the scriptures to back it up.  I learned some new things reading this and am walking away with much more to think about. Continue reading “jimmied letters” FEEDING THE BEAST

“jimmied letters” FOLLOWING TIME

“jimmied letters” FOLLOWING TIME

Original post: “Time”

I agree with almost everything in this blog, just confused about why you think time heals all things? Continue reading “jimmied letters” FOLLOWING TIME

Setting souls free with “jimmied letters”

“jimmied letters”
Answering your emails and comments… and why.

“jimmied letters” are replies I write to emails and comments on this blog. I think they are potentially very helpful to other’s that may not read them otherwise. I hope they are useful to you, and I also pray they are greeted with the love intended.

Why are they called “jimmied letters”
Well, that comes with a story… Continue reading Setting souls free with “jimmied letters”