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Do You Have a Cause You Believe In?

Reblog a cause

Do You Have a Cause You Believe In?

We love to hear about what inspires other people, as I’m sure many of our readers do. Whether it’s seeing somebody “paying it forward” or helping an elderly man or woman cross the street, there is something that touches our hearts to see these acts of kindness. And every now and then, those acts inspire us to be something more.

We would like to launch a small series to share the things that inspire the readers of our ministry. We are asking you to send us links to your posts that share the inspiration you found in an everyday act of kindness or a grand gesture. We will then reblog and post to Facebook and Twitter your stories. Our goal is to bring awareness to how we are all interlinked as a family and share how small acts of human kindness can have huge impacts on society around us. You are the small spark that can start a blaze of awareness!

Let’s start a fire of inspirational reblogs that spread like wildfire and share the inspiration that sometimes goes unseen all around us. Let’s start a chain reaction! As we reblog your inspirational posts, we ask that other join in and reblog them as well. Post them to Facebook and Twitter….wherever you can get the word out. As a community, we can show others the joys all around us.

Expressing Your Beliefs: Beliefs Part 2

Expressing Your Beliefs

We Share our Beliefs In Many Ways:

THANK YOU Anthony Adebonojo!

THANK YOU Anthony Adebonojo!

Your donation came just in time to cover the cost of one the twitter services I use to maintain and manage the sites followers! What perfect timing. I was starting to worry a little there, but I knew the Lord would provide somehow… AND HE DID! :) One more month of that service covered. Thank you, that really helps!