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I Begin With Me

 These are the foundations that will unlock the Bible in a way you never knew existed.
From the series starting with “Unmasking the Truth” – Continue to part 3 “Self-Recognition

The Bible is more than a compilation of sacred books and stories. It is a key tool to unlocking the hidden attributes of your true self. Continue reading I Begin With Me

“jimmied letters” GOD’S POWER, LOVE, AND ANOINTING

“jimmied letters” GOD’S POWER, LOVE, AND… ANOINTING

Dear Daniel,

Your story oozes with God’s power, love, and anointing. I have been so moved by it. I found your blog because you “followed” mine. Anyway, it is Sunday afternoon as I write this and my heart is in “Sabbath mode” — Your words added to what God was already teaching me today. You are amazing. Continue reading “jimmied letters” GOD’S POWER, LOVE, AND ANOINTING