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#TBT Throw back Thursday “My Story”

He Hits Like a Hammer! But He Loves Like No Other


Scared straight

Can you hear Him? He’s all around you. Listen carefully. I heard Him and this is my story of freedom…

Matthew 11:29 Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.30 For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

This was me, some years ago.


This is me lying on a bed in my room recovering from an injury. It’s called a “rectal fissure” (Basically, it’s a cut in the butt). It’s actually fairly common, and VERY painful (OH, SO PAINFUL). I have been here for nearly a year. I have no job, and no money, and I am not entirely certain of my future. Life has done some very cruel things to me. I have lost most of the things in my life. In a way, I have become like Job in the Bible. The name Job means “Hated”. Funny, but I don’t feel hated, even though I have lost everything. But God chooses who He chooses. He does the choosing, like it or not, but it is up to us to listen to that small voice calling from within. It guides us and pushes us along our path of destiny to places that we never could have dreamed of going. But God has a plan for everyone and everything. So who are we to argue? All we can do is listen, obey and hold on! So, listen carefully to what He’s saying, because sometimes other voices get in the way… mainly our own.

Okay Daniel, like it or not, God chose you. You may not have, I may not have, but He sure did! And it makes me ask myself, “Why me Lord? Who am I that He should choose to do anything important with my life?” Personally I would have chosen someone else, but He didn’t…  So why me?

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In Need of an RV

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365 Day Photo Challenge: Day 1

365 Day Photo Challenge: Day 1

Being inspired by Teresa’s 365 day photo challenge I decided to try my hand at it too.

Photo Day 1

Luke 13:22 And he went through the cities and villages, teaching, and journeying toward Jerusalem.

Teresa and I dream of a mobile life where we can take our ministry on the road.

When was the last time you sat down and talked with God just like a friend?

When was the last time you sat down and talked with God just like a friend?

Talking friends
Connecting on a personal level

  No, I don’t mean just you talking towards God. I mean when is the last time God shared with you as well? Aside from a gut feeling, emotion, hope or the rare few that claim to speak to him, when has He truly conversed with you directly?   If you had a conversation with God, what would you suppose that conversation would entail? Would it be to gossip about your family, friends and neighbors? Or would it be to speak about the immeasurable grandness of the universe? Somehow I suspect that the pettiness of gossip is beneath God and that the grandness of the mysteries of the universe is far beyond what normal Continue reading When was the last time you sat down and talked with God just like a friend?

Evangelizing to People Who Have Heard it All Before | RELEVANT Magazine


Within a society where people know the gist of what Christianity teaches but words such as “converts,” “evangelism” and “proselytize” are increasingly associated with religious zealots, abusive cults and violent terrorism, it’s becoming more difficult to communicate faith-based ideas without being offensive or perceived as a close-minded bigot.

Historically, evangelism has sometimes been used as a weapon to hurt, shame, guilt and induce fear. Its longtime associations with obnoxious street preachers, sleazy televangelists and corrupt organizations make it even less appealing to the public—and to Christians themselves.
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