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Biblical Mental Wellness



Healing the Soul with Truth.

The Bible is more than the histories of an ancient people. It is a living book of truths about finding freedom within. The soul is more than a living essence, it is essentially the wholeness of being of the mind. Today, approximately one in four adults, that’s 61.5 million Americans that experience mental illness in a given year, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.



Numbers of Americans Affected by Mental Illness
“One in four adults-approximately 61.5 million Americans-experiences mental illness in a given year. One in 17-about 13.6 million-live with a serious mental illness such as schizophrenia, major depression or bipolar disorder.”


Nearly everyone is affected by some sort of mental illness, be it their own or someone else’s. However, some are affected on a much larger scale than others. Fortunately, (aside from physical and chemical imbalances) most can be corrected and handled through a simple change of perspective on life. This ministry is dedicated to those seeking a better life through a positive outlook and want to create a balanced mental and spiritual health within.


Contrary to popular belief, there is an additional document hidden within the pages of the Bible designed to help combat the effects of underlying issues associated with mental disorders. This letter is not easily seen unless you have a foundational understanding of how it is written. It is a love letter from God to his people. The Creator has not left His creation to suffer all alone without help. You are so precious to Him that he used the lives of his “chosen people” to document the process of the renewal of the mind (Also known as the “soul”).

Romans 13:12 The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armour of light.


The Soul

The Greek word for the “soul” is “psychē”. This is the root of the word “Psychology”. The word psychology is comprised of two words: psychē and logos and it represents the study or illumination of the mind.

Psychē: The Mind or Soul
Logos: Light or illumination



In psychology, the psyche
/ˈski/ is the totality of the human mind, conscious and unconscious. Psychology is the scientific or objective study of the psyche. The word has a long history of use in psychology and philosophy, dating back to ancient times, and has been one of the fundamental concepts for understanding human nature from a scientific point of view. The English word soul is sometimes used synonymously, especially in older texts.


The basic meaning of the Greek word ψυχή (psūkhē) was “life” in the sense of “breath”, formed from the verb ψύχω (psukhō, “to blow”). Derived meanings included “spirit”, “soul”, “ghost”, and ultimately “self” in the sense of “conscious personality” or “psyche”.


Modern psychology is much different than ancient philosophy, however they are rooted in the same basic concept of creating mental health through the illumination of the mind/soul. Of the ancient cultures that are known best for their philosophy the ancient Hebrews are not amongst this list, but in reality they are perhaps the greatest of them all. Unfortunately, the healing philosophy of the ancient Hebrews has been hidden in the symbolic nature of their religion and it has become lost to the doctrines and practices of a modern age.



Hidden away in what is now known as the basis of the Judeo-Christian religions is a vast treasure of mental riches that until now have not been noticed or understood. This ministry is dedicated to the uncovering and sharing of the greatest secret that the world has ever known. The Bible and the Torah are the best-selling books of all time, yet this great mystery has been secreted away from other generations. It is only now that the world has fallen so far from grace and into an age of science and free thought that spirituality has been pushed to the wayside. Spiritual wellness through philosophy was once common place when people sought answers to complicated situations. Now more than ever we need help from our Father in heaven to guide us and lead us from the self-imposed prison of the mind as spirituality is slipping away and being replaced by self-centered reasoning. Salvation of the soul is really the freedom of the mind from its own self-bondage.


Traditionally, the Bible is read as a book chronicling the lives of God’s chosen people, but in reality it is the manual and story of you and the step-by-step process of creating peace within your understanding.


Soul square circleWho We Are

Currently, soulblindministry is not comprised of professional counselors nor psychiatrists/psychologists. We are simply a few caring individuals that hold the keys to unlocking a great mystery of the kingdom and how it is used to help clarify and change the lives that choose to seek answers within themselves, and we are dedicated to helping you discover your peace and happiness with what is written within God’s Word.


This is not a religion, nor is it affiliated with any organized religion. It is simply a study, friendship, relationship, hope and a blessing of peace. Please join us in our endeavors to unlock and heal the soul with the truth of God’s light.



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How Different are We Really?


How different are we really from the animals? They feel, think and care. And genetically we really are only so different from them. Even elephants and whales have finger or toe bones. Just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there. People often forget that we too are animals, only we have a higher capacity for conscious reasoning, and unfortunately we too have a higher capacity for unreasonable cruelties based on our own personal miseries.


Love and playing is universal in almost all life here on Earth. Even plants are connected and respond to their neighbors and surroundings; only we have a harder time seeing it in most because they don’t react like we might. So though it is true that you are the center of your world,  you are not in fact the center of the universe. Live as a part of something greater and stop trying to be so great to your own eyes.


Love, Relate, Share and Care… After all isn’t love: patient, kind and longsuffering?


2 Corinthians 6:6 By pureness, by knowledge, by longsuffering, by kindness, by the Holy Ghost, by love unfeigned,


Galatians 5:22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,


Ephesians 4:2 With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering, forbearing one another in love;


Colossians 1:11 Strengthened with all might, according to his glorious power, unto all patience and longsuffering with joyfulness;


Where in a handbasket


I found this online and I have to say I am not too happy about it. Sure the people there dress a little funny and their property could use a little cleaning up but do they really need to be harassed for being organic?


Now I personally am not there yet with the whole “organic” thing but each day I see more and more reason to move somewhat in that direction. I still eat meat from the store and buy food out of the “organic” section to save money. I hear arguments on both sides about one is better than another or that there is no difference. Either way, wouldn’t it be great to grow your own food? I am seeing increased concerns about food shortages and a serious lack of natural resources verses the population’s growth and consumption. Continue reading TO HELL IN A HANDBASKET?

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The power to be


The power of nature

The power of God

The power to bud new hope

The power to live

The power to grow

The power to be open

The power to breathe

The power to strive

The power of enlightenment

The power to give

The power to be useful

The power to dance

The power to be a part of something

The power to be and give serenity

The power to change

The power to be a part of nothing

The power to be alone

The power of silence

The power to let go

The power over the fear of death

The power to be free

The power to be…

…The Lesson of the Leaf


~Daniel Lyons

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A Welcome To The World

A welcome to the world we all need to remember even as we get old.

When did we fall so far from wonder?
How do we become new again?
Remember that sense of wonder we had as a child?
Then why don’t we live it again?

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When most people read the Bible there seems to be a limitation to their understanding based on certain symbols used in the Scriptures. The stories are easy enough to read, but it is often hard to understand some of the deeper meanings if you do not understand the significance of symbolic items used such as: garments, trees, mountains, lakes, animals, etc. When you can understand the significance of these items you will gain a greater clarity into your studies. What symbolic truth can we learn from this word?


Different tree types represent different aspects of truth.

  • Trees: To make a firm understanding: Knowledge (Male)
  • Fruit: To produce, to be fruitful: A relevant truth called “Wisdom” (Female)
  • Seeds: to do, sow or scatter moral quality: The possibilities & potential that lead to “Actions & Understanding” (Child)
  • Forest/Garden: To Counsel or Consider truth.

The tree is the central structure of the home and often accounted to represent “life-force” but Biblically speaking it is the growth structure of truth that holds our home of the soul together. This is the growth process of knowledge that leads to love and understanding. There are many trees mentioned throughout the Holy Scriptures, each representing an understanding gained through life. Each tree brings about a new perspective we harvest to give us counsel to make better informed decision. The trees are also likened to individual people as each person too is an extension of this same process as each person you meet will give you counsel and thus plant a seed that will grow a knowledge into a wise understanding. Continue reading BIBLICAL SYMBOLS TREES

UnSeenWORD Basics: Zephaniah 1:1 Part D

UnSeenWORD Basics: 1

UnSeenWORD Basics: 2

UnSeenWORD Basics: 3

UnSeenWORD Basics: 4

Understanding Fidelity and Unification:

Foundations and Structure:

As we study deeper into the hidden truths of the Bible we can start to see a pattern forming in Zephaniah 1:1 where we are establishing an order of a thought process that will teach us a greater truth that starts from the kingdom of Judah. At this level of understanding we also know that Judah is not a physical location but an emotional and mental state of order formed in exaltation. A nation in the Bible is much like a mountain where we take many stones of truths stacked upon another to form a type of cast system or governing understanding. Each stone that forms the house or temple are a solid truth assembled in your consciousness, and each stone has its own voice as it came from someone in your life. When you learn something new that truth you gained builds up a part of who you are and will create the basis of all you stand for. If you were taught simple and solid principals in life you would have a solid foundation and a structured life. Notice the words I chose to explain your consciousness: Foundations and Structure. Many of these basic spiritual truths the Bible is built up from are still with us only masked and mixed into our daily lives but are no longer central in our focus. That is because our lives have become extremely noisy and filled with mass quantities of useless trivialities that amount to nothing but noise in your consciousness. And the more you subjugate yourself to the noise the more desensitized you become to the greater structures that build a solid house of understanding. For this reason alone were the Ancient Hebrews instructed not to marry outside of their faith as each person is a stone of truth at the level of the souls understanding.

Merging Concepts:

Marriage is more than a bond of the flesh at the subconscious level. It is a unity and bonding between two greater understandings that unify into one solid truth. So if the nation of Israel paired to like understandings they formed a greater structure of pure consciousness, as all people are no longer physical people but faculties of your soul. And to marry outside of the pure understanding meant it would cloud your judgments with faulty information and the whole structure would become tainted. So the only way to remedy the situation was to purge that person from the pure governing nation, or rather the higher order of assembled truths.

Stones: Truth, Voices, People
Mountain: Cast system, Government, Assembled Truths, A State of Higher Consciousness (sometimes becoming a sense of pride)

Understanding Dreams:

One of the biggest problems people experience today is that each stone of our celestial house called the soul or consciousness has a voice. And each voice has no way of controlling its volume. These voices are truths and memories of things we learned in life and they all scream out with their own loudness, all competing for your attention. This creates a state of noise and confusion that leads your internal governing order astray as we find ourselves trying to please each voice that we hear the loudest at that moment. But remember that these voices or truths are not real and do not need to be appeased, but the problem is we often give these voices a face that tends to appear in our dreams on a subconscious level and they sometimes seem to haunt us.

In example:
When you dream you may see a person that you recognize in real life and so you assume the dream relates to that person, but in reality it often does not. People at the subconscious level are the minds way of interpreting a truth that closely resembles a thought or feeling you acquired from that person you are manifesting, but it does not mean it is actually them. They are only a simplified representation of something that relates to what it is your mind is trying to sort out. Essentially your mind is a machine, and like your personal computer it uses icons to convey an attribute of understanding quickly. Sometimes it can be the fact you championed someone in real life so they manifest themselves in your subconscious to be something you feel requires justice.

Dreams are a funny thing in that they help your subconscious communicate with your higher brain and this is ironically how the higher truths hidden in the Bible are revealed by a very similar transliteration process. Many of the prophets were visited in dreams and they could also translate them back as well. This is the essence of the language of the soul and you will quickly learn that as your lessons go you will start to be able to decipher the dreams of the prophets as well as the dreams of others. Self-dreams are often a little harder to translate until you can learn to break the dream down into its major parts and then they will draw themselves out clearly. It’s like painting with brush strokes. The larger strokes of color give shape to the image and the smaller strokes give it details. And like in our dreams if we learn something new our mind often has to find a way to sort through what it already knows and then tries to place the new information into the greater consciousness like moving files around in a drawer. Unfortunately our thoughts have depth and weight to them so they are something more akin to moving bricks around in a house. So if you feed your subconscious useless information it has to find a place to sort in these new factoids. Often times things are filled with redundancies and we grow desensitized to them as they just continue to pack into like locations in the subconscious. Unfortunately what you learn has to go somewhere, so if you are filling your mind with useless information and if it is not understood as useless it may get sorted alongside more important truths that give us structure. So then the solid truth is not seen clearly and altered to accommodate the new useless information that has been sorted with it.

It’s like many Christians are prone to fear dream interpretations because it seems to relate too much to New Age beliefs, or they embrace the dreams as being something profound and prophetic that will change their life. To which both may be correct to some extent but they are now mutated from what they really mean because this information is packed in too closely to other beliefs that seem related. So now it’s hard to distinguish which is the right path to follow. Do I join to this belief or separate from it? In truth dreams are usually just the subconscious’ way of sorting out something the higher brain is dealing with and seldom does it have anything to do with a prophetic nature. But keeping an open mind a spirit to the dreams that stand out more than others might give you more insight into a path that should be followed. Now before we continue it might help once again to clear your mind and heart and to calm your body and let God open you up to what it is He is trying to teach you. Meditate on what you learn and allow it to work its way through all you know to help you sort through the stones of truths you have built up inside you. When you are calm and clear headed let’s continue.


The Typography of Truth:

The mountains of information we gather form elaborate landscapes in our inner-world. These mounting governing truths are the building up of information that resemble a nation or kingdom of the soul you know as a “state of being”. In learning to rule our mounting beliefs we too conquer the pride that is often associated with these higher ideals, thus Jesus tells us we can command mountains to throw themselves into the sea. It’s simply a process of erasing a set of faulty beliefs.

Matthew 21:21
So Jesus answered and said to them, “Assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but also if you say to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ it will be done.

Because a mountain is a set of ascending mounted beliefs it gives elevation to your consciousness when you ascend above and rule that state of consciousness. So often you will read about spiritual leaders in the Bible often climbing a mountain to grow closer to God. It simply means they ascend into a higher plain of consciousness and rule over the baser order that raised up that train a of thought, thus giving truth to order. This cast system is the essence of a pyramid in ancient Egypt. It simply refers to an order of government ruled by a single stone on top and supported by the descending order below, resting on the support of the lowest common denominator as the serving class, often represented as slaves. The pyramidal order of a mountain is our higher sense of governing all the other truths that support that leading thought. But in the Bible the order of man is reversed to the spirit and a king is last and the servants is first, so a physical king mirrors a founding truth that supports all else that follows. Remember this is about a mirror of spiritual growth and not the physical understanding the world taught you. In the divine order, to be humble and small makes for greatness and prominence in the spirit so thus the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

Matthew 19:30
But many who are first will be last, and the last first.

This is the essence of the Star of David which is two triangles or pyramids in reflection and unified to a single cause.

So if what we know creates harmony and unity it helps to sort through what we learn and fill our souls with better truths that we can build upon and not so many trivialities. You can see how this gathering of outside information can easily contaminate the whole by looking at the life of Solomon, the wisest of all men and his many wives and lovers, and see how it led to his fall in the end. It was once believed that a kingdom was an extension of its king and as we are each a house and a kingdom of higher understanding, so we too mirror the kingdoms of the world. In this instance however we are embodying the kingdom of Jerusalem, the city of Solomon and of which both share the same root meaning in their names.

Strong’s H8010 – Shĕlomoh





she·lō·mō’ (Key)

Part of Speech

proper masculine noun

Root Word (Etymology)

From שָׁלוֹם (H7965)

TWOT Reference


Outline of Biblical Usage

Solomon = “peace”

1) son of David by Bathsheba and 3rd king of Israel; author of Proverbs and Song of Songs

Strong’s H3389 – Yĕruwshalaim





yer·ü·shä·lah’·im (Key)

Part of Speech

proper locative noun

Root Word (Etymology)

A dual (in allusion to its two main hills [the true pointing, at least of the former reading, seems to be that of יְרוּשְׁלֵם (H3390)]), probably from (the passive participle of) יָרָה (H3384) and שָׁלַם (H7999)

TWOT Reference


Outline of Biblical Usage

Jerusalem = “teaching of peace”

1) the chief city of Palestine and capital of the united kingdom and the nation of Judah after the split

Consuming Peace:

Peace is actually a form of wholeness-of-self more than it is a type of comfort and rest, but it becomes something akin to it when you are centered and accepting of yourself, your situation, etc. When you are in agreement with all things around you then you find a sense of balance and ease. This is the essence of the construction of your higher ideals in a house or consciousness made of solid truths. This wholeness-of-self that is also associated as peace is represented by a number in most major religions as the number ten (This is where tithes come from). Most cultures use numbers to represent various attributes of life. So if the number ten is wholeness then there must be many other factors or stages that lead up to the number ten. In this case it is represented in the number of wives and concubine Solomon has joined himself to. Remember this is no longer a focus on the physical attributes of the story but a hidden truth that is underlining the stories. So Solomon is no longer a man but a thought or belief like we learned in the previous lessons. And a man joins to a woman and thus the two become one flesh. But let us look at the word used for flesh in the Torah or Old Testament.

Strong’s H1320 – basar





bä·sär’ (Key)

Part of Speech

masculine noun

Root Word (Etymology)

From בָּשַׂר (H1319)

TWOT Reference


Outline of Biblical Usage

a) of the body
1) of humans
2) of animals
b) the body itself
c) male organ of generation (euphemism)
d) kindred, blood-relations
e) flesh as frail or erring (man against God)
f) all living things
g) animals
h) mankind

The word used for flesh is basar which is easily translated as flesh, but what happens when we see where the word comes from by looking at its root word that forms it.

Strong’s H1319 – basar





bä·sar’ (Key)

Part of Speech


Root Word (Etymology)

A primitive root

TWOT Reference


Outline of Biblical Usage

1)to bear news, bear tidings, publish, preach, show forth
a) (Piel)
1) to gladden with good news
2) to bear news
3) to announce (salvation) as good news, preach
b) (Hithpael) to receive good news

The root word of basar is also basar! It is essentially the same word with only a slight inflectional difference, but the meanings are substantially different! This same word has transformed from flesh into a news, a tidings, or to preach. Basically it is a teaching or as we more commonly know it as “truth”. Truth you also know very well in your studies as Jesus at the level of the soul, therefore we eat His “FLESH” during a sacrament because it is the essence of “TRUTH“. When Jesus offers up the bread and calls it His “flesh” to His disciples He is actually telling them to eat of the “Greater Truth” that establishes order in the world. But the word used for world here yet again is “kosmos” and as we studied before that the word Cosmos means the order of the universe, thus a “Order of consciousness” or as you might know it as “Universal Harmony“, which is also known as “Wholeness-of-self” or “Peace“.

Lesson Assignment 1:

With what you have just learned go ahead and try and read this passage in John 6:51 and see if you can do the transliteration of it into a higher truth.

John 6:51
I am the living bread which came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever; and the bread that I shall give is My flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world.”

Growing Consciousness:

Perhaps it would help if I give a little more information to make this previous passage more clear. Biblically speaking bread is very similar to a nation in that it is the gathering of many elements of consciousness into one body. The wheat has a nut that is likened unto your soul and grows until ripened and then harvested.

Mark 4:28
For the earth yields crops by itself: first the blade, then the head, after that the full grain in the head.

The harvesting of souls is actually the gathering of consciousness. Remember you are the world so a field is an open state of your consciousness and a plain or level ground is neither a state of self-elevation or lowness-of-self. Being neither high nor low means you are open and at a level of understanding that is not mixed with pride or depression. A mountain is a higher understanding of gathered truths, and a valley or chasm is the absence of enlightenment. So when the wheat grows in an open field it symbolizes the harvesting of level truths or more commonly known as “balance“. If you consider that in the book of Isaiah the grass is yet again referred to as “flesh” or “basar” meaning “teachings” or “truth“, and by eating of the “grass” we are in fact eating of the “flesh” which is another way of saying that you are consuming knowledge.

Isaiah 40:6
The voice said, “Cry out!” And he said, “What shall I cry?” “All flesh is grass, And all its loveliness is like the flower of the field.

When spiritual bread is made it is a process of waiting for the truth to mature from the order of the world (Cosmos), then harvesting it and preparing it for consumption. The process of making bread is very symbolic as it is the same process it takes to gain truths in life. Unfortunately I do not want to take us too far off track at this point and will simplify the explanation as many processes of growth, preparation, and sacrifices; all working together to assemble a unified consciousness or a single truth that metaphorically resembles a loaf of bread, an assembled body, or a church that forms together to make the body of Jesus Christ; all of which point to a single assembled truth and understanding that comes by way of the greater sacrifices of life.

Romans 12:5
so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.

The unification of a body of believers is actually the gathering of consciousness into one greater truth thus we are becoming one mind, body and spirit in the Lord.

2 Corinthians 13:11
Finally, brethren, farewell. Become complete. Be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you.

Acts 4:32
Now the multitude of those who believed were of one heart and one soul; neither did anyone say that any of the things he possessed was his own, but they had all things in common.

So if at the level of the soul we assemble together our life’s experiences into one greater truth then the passage in John 6:51 has changed into a message of a way in which to gain enlightenment by way of consuming a collective understanding learned by others, thus creating order and harmony within.

Lesson Assignment 2:

Now that you have a little more enlightenment into the bread and what it means to assemble your life’s experiences into one form of greater truth, then go ahead and try to read and translate John 6:15. Here are a few other transliteration keys that may help with the process.

Transliteration Keys:

Ego (I): Self-awareness.

Zoe (Life/Living): Vitality and essence of the soul.

Bread: Learned truths (gathered and learned only through sacrifices of persistence and determination).

Heaven: Higher state of consciousness.

Man: Thought or Belief.

Eat: Gain strength of understanding.

For+ Ever: Towards + perpetual world (eternal consciousness).

World: Divine order of harmony, peace and understanding.

Jhn 6:51   I 1473 am 1510 the living 2198 bread 740 which 3588 came down 2597 from 1537 heaven 3772: if 1437 any man 5100 eat 5315 of 1537 this 5127 bread 740, he shall live 2198 for 1519 ever 165: and 1161
2532 the bread 740 that 3739 I 1473 will give 1325 is 2076 my 3450 flesh 4561, which 3739 I 1473 will give 1325 for 5228 the life 2222 of the world 2889.

Transliteration of John 6:51:

So if you did the leg work you should come up with something like what I wrote below. Don’t worry if you do not get the same results, I have a few more years of experience at this. Just be patient and in time it will all start to make sense. So if you read John 6:15 again with the transliteration keys it should break down to read something more like this:

John 6:51
(ego) Of self-awareness exists the essence and vitality of a greater truth of consciousness which comes down from a higher state of understanding. If your self-awareness consumes of these greater truths, then those beliefs will gain vitality towards a perpetual understanding of a higher order; and the greater truth of consciousness that I shall give is for the (zōē) vitality and essence of the (kosmos) divine order of harmony, peace and understanding.

I highly encourage you to check these translations yourself using the tools I have shown you in the last several lessons as it will greatly help in the process of your growth in discipleship to the hidden truths of Jesus. Either way we yet again see that God is telling us that the truth is within us already but making sense of it is a process to uncover. The problem is that we do not fill our minds and hearts with pure spiritual foods to grow on. So we look back to Solomon who is the wisest of men who had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines.

Heaven, Earth and Water:

Seven is God’s cardinal holy number which refers to an oath or promise that we will look into deeper in later lessons and we will also look at the number three that is a number that associates closely to the physical-self that embodies contentions or vitality of your baser understandings. For now we will simply associate them as your heaven and earth. Heaven, at the level of the soul, is not a place but a state of a higher understanding, and earth is a primitive or more common set of truths we follow that mirror our physical body. We know these better as the superego and the id which are balanced out by the ego. These attributes we will look more closely at in future lessons as well but to understand the balance of family we need to get the basic idea. So heaven is easier understood as superego which is the higher state of the mind. The earth is the primitive understanding of the baser-self called the id that acts just like your body and flees from pain and seeks comfort and pleasure. Lastly there are the waters which we know as spirit or truth that are easily associated with the ego. These three attributes are the same characteristics that form the order or balances of the cosmos we learned in lesson 2 as the microcosm analogy of mind, body and spirit syncing up to a family, and also a kingdom, and then to God, thus it is the order of the Cosmos. So if we are all three major attributes of mind, spirit and body we are then a mirror of the world (cosmos) reflected in Heaven, Waters and Earth, and we are also a family of Father, Mother, and Children. I know this may sounds a little complicated but in time it will make more sense. For now try to remember these trans-literal associations to help with later studies.

Trans-literal Associations:

  • Mind: Head, Father, King, Heaven, God, Sun = Thought
  • Spirit: Heart, Mother, Church, Water, Holy Spirit, Moon = Wisdom
  • Body: Stomach, Child, Nation, Earth, Jesus, Stars = Actions

Solomon and the Marriage of Truth:

Just as a man is depicted as a ruling thought or belief a woman too has a part to play on the subconscious level. Women are often depicted as wisdom throughout the entire Bible, especially in the book of proverbs.

Proverbs 1:20
Wisdom calls aloud outside; She raises her voice in the open squares.

So when a man, whom we already know to be a thought or belief, marries to a woman it is then the act of joining two attributes of the higher-self into one resulting understanding. When thought joins itself to a wisdom it brings about a resulting action or a continuing establishment of a thought process, thus you get a line of succession like in Zephaniah 1:1. But as Solomon is the ruling thought it means that wholeness-of-self or peace has joined itself to the power of ten in wisdom, thus seven hundred wives (Heaven) and three hundred concubines (Earth). When your wholeness or peace is divided it leads your heart astray and your peace is shattered. So it is what you fill your house with that keeps you in balance and in the state of wholeness, or your heart will be led astray in the pursuit of other truths. And when your mind is joined to impure pursuits of the heart the entire process breaks down and all resulting offspring of that union will be out of balance and the system shuts down until correction can be made. This is why Jesus is the only path to righteousness. It means that fidelity to God’s higher truth is the only path to correctness/righteousness and all other ways lead to err in the system that we know as sinfulness.

So it is what we consume that creates order and brings balance to our spirit as one unified thought process and anything else leads to excessive noise that causes ripples in the waters of truth thus shattering the whole or harmonious perfect reflection of God within. Noise in the soul leads to chaos, but internal peace is found in the wholeness we call being sound or resolute to a unified cause. So the choice is then yours to make, do you try to unify your thoughts into a harmonious order, or do you allow the voices of the world to call and pull you in many different direction and lose your way? One solution leads to peace, all else leads to being out of sync with the love of God.

Lesson Assignment 3:

Let’s wrap this lesson up with a summary on the establishing of truths and see if you can take this verse in Genesis 2:24 and do a transliteration with the information you have gained so far?

Gen 2:24 Therefore 3651 shall a man 376 leave 5800 his father 1 and his mother 517, and shall cleave 1692 unto his wife 802: and they shall be one 259

Transliteration Keys:

Man: Thought or Belief.

Father: Established Thought or Belief

Woman: Wisdom, Feelings or Insights

Mother: Established Wisdom, Feelings or Insights

Flesh: Understanding or Truth

This is the end of Part D.

Please take some time to reflect on the last 4 parts and read them again. If you do not memorize these Keys to the Kingdom it will hinder your future understanding. Please also feel free to write your translation assignment results in the comment section below. Sharing helps other to relate and grow.

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UnSeenWORD Basics: Zephaniah 1:1 Part C

UnSeenWORD Basics: 1

UnSeenWORD Basics: 2

UnSeenWORD Basics: 3

Clarity and Balance:

What have you learned so far from the last two lessons?

In the last two lessons you learned that a location, at the level of the soul, is not actually a physical place but a state of being, and that a person and their lineage is a type of metaphor for a developing thought process. We quickly see that not everything in the Bible is always as it seems and that the Holy Scriptures are multilayered truths that play out simultaneously. There are the surface layer stories, and then there are the spiritual truths written out in a type of sign language for the soul. You see small hints to this everywhere in the Bible when it mentions Heaven and Earth. In the mirrored truth these are no longer places but attributes of the human consciousness that teach us how to become a reflection of God and learn to rule our inner-world.

2 Corinthians 3:18
But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.

We also learned that to become more like God we must follow the establishing process and become a “son” of God and thus embody His Truth like Jesus.

Galatians 4:7
Therefore you are no longer a slave but a son, and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.

Clearing the Slate:

Now in the process of becoming an established embodiment of truth we need to start from the beginning point of knowing nothing and growing from there. This is why your life is compared to a wineskin. You do not put new truths in with the old or it will spoil the temple you are trying to assemble within. But set aside the old things you know and you will have two sets of truths to call upon when needed.

Matthew 9:17
Nor do they put new wine into old wineskins, or else the wineskins break, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But they put new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.”

In the new order of understanding you must set aside all old knowledge and start anew, but keep in reserves the information you have gained from your past life before you became aware of higher truths so that you may call upon it later. These are a type of duality of the spirit that we will look more into later on as the two ruling wisdoms that govern your greater truth. These same attributes are also mirrored in how you are learning to read the Bible right now. Set aside what you think you know about God and the Scriptures and fill your vessel with His higher truths, but also keep the information you have learned in church. In time the two facets will begin to merge and forge a new understanding in your life.

Matthew 13:52
Then He said to them, “Therefore every scribe instructed concerning the kingdom of heaven is like a householder who brings out of his treasure things new and old.”

Now before we can go forward remember it is always important to pray and clear your mind. So take a moment to calm and clear yourself of all you think you know. When you are ready, let’s move forward onto the next part in our search into discovery of higher understandings.


In the book of John just before he begins to talk about the world, or as we learned in the last lesson that is actually the “world order” or rather “universal harmony” called the Kosmos; he begins to introduce the “Word” of God. Now we also learned that the “Word” means “Truth” and the “Truth” is “Jesus”. But at this level Jesus is not the man but rather the divine truth God has sent to us to help us establish our greater understanding and unlock the keys to the kingdom by establishing a “house” or “temple” we know as our “soul” which in fact is your “collective consciousness”. Also at this level we need to remember that “God” is no longer the ruler of the outside world but a “Divine enlightenment” or “Ruling Higher Consciousness” that rules your inner-world.

John 1:1-5
1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
2 The same was in the beginning with God.
3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

So the passage you just read at this level is not about the Bible or Jesus per say, but the Truth of God we now know as the “Divine Enlightenment“, or if it makes it easier to understand, it simply means “correctness” which you know as “righteousness“. I think one of the hardest parts for most people that are highly indoctrinated by their religion is that it’s hard to let go of what they were taught and they even fear a little words like “Higher consciousness” or “Universal Harmony” as they feel a too “New Age”. In a way you would be very correct in that assumption, but these are universal truths that are shared amongst almost all major religions of the world that focus on your soul as a higher essence of consciousness. The simple fact is truth is truth no matter where it comes from. But it is what we do with the truths we learn that makes all the difference in life. So if it helps, break down these insights into their simplest terms so it removes the more sacred sounding terms and just gives you a clearer understanding. Please feel free to do what feels most comfortable in your learning process. After all God has placed these truths in your heart already as we learned as we read at the end of lesson 2 in John 1:9-10.

Now the point I was trying to make in John 1:1-5 was that we need to have a new beginning and a way to start over so that we can establish the Truth of God by building up our understanding on the symbolic “Rock” we know as Jesus, or as you better know Him now as the “Truth” of God (IE: Correctness of understanding). So as “Sons” and “Heirs” of His Truth (taken from the last lesson) we are “Establishing” and “Building-up” our Holy “House” or “Temple” known as our “Consciousness” so that God’s truth may reside inside of us (Are you with me so far? If not, feel free to review the earlier lessons for better insight). Now to establish a foundation of new truths you need to clear away your old beliefs you once had, and so you need a starting point to reference from and the end passage of John 1:5 will help clarify this by pointing out that the truth is already within you, but you simply do not fully understand it clearly.

John 1:5
And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

This is the exact same sentiment we studied in the last lesson in John 1:9-10 that the truth is already with you. But we were full of darkness and could not understand what it is we already know to be true and correct. You will see this also echoed in the Gospel of Luke.

Luke 11:34
The lamp of the body is the eye. Therefore, when your eye is good, your whole body also is full of light. But when your eye is bad, your body also is full of darkness.

The eye is your perception of spiritual truths. The Hindu religion calls it your third eye, but in Christianity it is simply a reference to your actual eyes but perceived at a spiritual level. Basically it is in what you perceive as good that gives your life meaning by enlightening your consciousness. But what you perceive as wrong will cloud and darken your perceptions of life and thus your soul or house becomes dark and lonely. We often call this darkness ignorance, but it is the essence of fear and depression which is your greatest enemy. By removing the darkness in our perceptions we accept what we believe to be correct and this lifts our spirits. The things the Catholic Church quantified as the Seven Deadly Sins are all attributes that weight down your soul and make your house of lies heavy and hard to hold together. But the greater virtues of righteousness are freeing and a house built of solid truths is strong and upright and full of light, thus it is uplifting as it is made of things that give your soul elevation rather than depression. This is the essence of the tribe and name of Judah.

The Founding Tribe of Judah:

Let’s look again at Zephaniah 1:1 and see the names in the lineage that led to establishing the prophet Zephaniah.

Zep 1:1 The word 1697 of the LORD 3068 which came unto Zephaniah 6846 the son 1121 of Cushi 3570, the son 1121 of Gedaliah 1436, the son 1121 of Amariah 568, the son 1121 of Hizkiah 2396, in the days 3117 of Josiah 2977 the son 1121 of Amon 526, king 4428 of Judah 3063.

Balancing the Soul:

Notice that the first name listed in the order of succession is Judah. Now this is not Judah the person but the kingdom of Judah. Now on the level of higher understanding this will be our starting point, or the founding stone of this section of the house, or the soul’s consciousness. And as this is a kingdom and not a person this is a mental or emotional state of being that we are building up from. Basically it is an order of understanding based in Judah. But to understand this state of consciousness we need to know what Judah means and this is one of the more complicated names to decipher if you do not understand the balancing weight of sin and the freeing lightness of righteousness. In many ways enlightenment is weightless, thus light = light and darkness = heavy. You have heard it called “The weight of sin”. This is very similar to what the ancient Egyptians believed where the human soul was weighed against that of a feather of Maat the goddess of the order of the universe.

Hebrews 12:1
Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us

This act of balancing the spirit is also seen in Revelations as a scale in the hand of the dark rider.

Revelation 6:5
When He opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come and see.” So I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand.

So as the err of sin is heavy, then correctness is in opposition to it on the scales of justice and it gives ease and lightness of the spirit, and this is where the name of Judah becomes important.

The Elevated State of Judah:



יהודה Yĕhuwdah

The name of Judah is not another composite name like Zephaniah, but it helps to look at the root of the name to get a better picture of its meaning.

Strong’s H3063 – Yĕhuwdah





yeh·hü·dä’ (Key)

Part of Speech

proper masculine noun

Root Word (Etymology)

From יָדָה (H3034)

TWOT Reference


Outline of Biblical Usage

Judah = “praised”
1) the son of Jacob by Leah
2) the tribe descended from Judah the son of Jacob
3) the territory occupied by the tribe of Judah
4) the kingdom comprised of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin which occupied the southern part of Canaan after the nation split upon the death of Solomon
5) a Levite in Ezra’s time
6) an overseer of Jerusalem in the time of Nehemiah
7) a Levite musician in the time of Nehemiah
8) a priest in the time of Nehemiah

The translation chosen by scholars in this case is “Praised” because it comes from the root word yadah

Strong’s H3034 – yadah





yä·dä’ (Key)

Part of Speech


Root Word (Etymology)

A primitive root; used only as denominative from יָד (H3027)

TWOT Reference


Outline of Biblical Usage

to throw, shoot, cast
a) (Qal) to shoot
b) (Piel) to cast, cast down, throw down
c) (Hiphil)
to give thanks,, laud, praise
to confess, confess (the name of God)
d) (Hithpael)
1) to confess (sin)
to give thanks

Yadah means to cast or shoot out as in an arrow or to throw out, but it also means to confess or give thanks, all of which give ballast to the side of correctness on the scales of justice because it is casting off the burdens that weigh us down. The root word that yadah is made from is yad.

Strong’s H3027 – yad





yäd (Key)

Part of Speech

feminine noun

Root Word (Etymology)

A primitive word

TWOT Reference


Outline of Biblical Usage

1) hand
a) hand (of man)
b) strength, power (fig.)
c) side (of land), part, portion (metaph.) (fig.)
d) (various special, technical senses)
1) sign, monument
2) part, fractional part, share
3) time, repetition
4) axle-trees, axle
5) stays, support (for laver)
6) tenons (in tabernacle)
7) a phallus, a hand (meaning unsure)
8) wrists

Yad is an attribute of strength that can be used in many ways but mostly as a means of support.

So when we take all the attributes of Judah we do get a type of “praise” as the simple definition gives but yet there is something more. We get a real sense of Divine Exaltation.

What is Exaltation?

Definition of EXALTATION

1: an act of exalting
: the state of being

2: an excessively intensified sense of well-being, power, or importance

3: an increase in degree or intensity <exaltation of virulence of a virus>

Exaltation is a state of being that is something akin to both “Joy” and “Praise” and just like a city is represented in the Bible as a state of being, then perhaps, so too is exaltation a state of being of praise that could easily be called “Judah“. So my guess is that the Kingdom of Judah is actually a state of “Divine Exaltation” which is in an essence, a magnified sense of “praise” which gives us a solid ground in which to build upon.

This is the end of Part C.

In the next lesson we will learn how to understand fidelity and unification to the higher truths of God.


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