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(Joy Is Found In Circumstance or Disposition?) Post for Day 169 of my “365 Day Photo Challenge”


I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.

Martha Washington

I trust in God and I have hope in His creation and so my joy is complete.

Proverbs 16:20 He that handles a matter wisely shall find good: and whoever trusts in the LORD, happy is he.

Chapter 4: Mirrors And Me

Featured Image -- 6035Chapter 4: Mirrors And Me


Witnessing Self-Evolution


So, how did it go with your challenge to stop saying (Or feeling) the dreaded “I Know”? My guess is that it’s still a work in progress, and that’s okay because it will always be a challenge to overcome the mind’s natural tendency to want to always be right, but as long as you are aware of this issue, it will help you prepare your mind to accept some new concepts. Looking at the mirror of the soul is not an easy thing to do objectively. Too often we fall into the traps of finding faults and imperfections in our self, or wrapping ourselves in the lies of vanity. True objectiveness is found only in one who can see all things as equals. Only in emptiness can one be a conscientious observer. This is a matter of removing yourself and your preferences from the situation. But to empty one’s self completely is to be filled with nothing. And I really don’t believe that nothing is the place we want to be consistently, because nothingness only leads to more nothingness. Though meditation does have its time and place, one cannot dwell in meditation forever. It’s like somebody who is on a journey, the one who is seeking has a goal or destination in mind and must endeavor to reach that goal and not just think about it or nothing will ever get done. And as such we must look at the mirror of truth a little differently and look beyond the glass as if it were a thin veil that can be parted to reveal a new path of reality.


Seeing Beyond The Superficial
Seeing Beyond The Superficial


The emptying of one’s self creates the starting point in which to grow upon and it also helps to prevent you from judging yourself incorrectly based on the vanities of faulty perceptions. But your goal as a Christian and a seeker of enlightenment is to see beyond the glass and to find your true-self hidden within the reflections of the mirror. So try and imagine your reflection as if the person you see on the other side of the glass is really your ideal-self. Transcending the glass to the other side would then be an ideal objective because the intangible person on the opposite side of the reflection is the you that you wish you could be instead of the reality of who you believe you are currently on the physical plane you occupy. We will treat the reflection on the opposite side as being your future-self and the one on the physical side as being your past-self. The future is always your goal, but up till now the past has made you who you physically are today. But the reality of who you are is neither of these identities, but rather someone who is somewhere between the two sides of the mirror and exist somewhere within the transition. You exist, at this moment of observation, as a being that is somewhere between what life has taught you that your limitations are, and who it is that you would like to be. You exist as a body in motion that is transcending constantly from one state into another.


Creating Perspective
Creating Perspective


So, in a very real sense you are really three people all at the same time. You are your advanced ideal-self with great potential, and you are also the person that is yet still imperfect, unrefined and primitive that you know currently as your real-self, and then there is that neutral hybrid self that seems to exists somewhere in a state that lies between your ideal and real self. These are three attributes of self that are divided and fighting to exist all at the same time.


Three Facets of Self-Reflection
Three Facets of Self-Reflection

How does this apply to the Bible?


Now take a moment to consider what you have just learned, and you’re going to try and apply it to the Bible itself and see if you can’t begin to see a deeper meaning start to take form from something you may have read many times without ever noticing. I’ve said this several times, so far, that you need to start at the beginning before you can move forward. So, let’s start at the beginning by opening your Bible and looking at Genesis chapter 1 and look at the first few verses, and then you’re going to apply the lessons you’ve just learned about the mirror and see what happens.


Genesis 1: 1-3

1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

2 And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.

3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.


Chosen For A Reason


Now try and take these verses at the beginning of the book of Genesis and see if you can see what they mean using the lessons you’ve learned so far. Remember the entire Bible is written in a parable or allegory form. Though these may be true stories, they are also filled with a much deeper meaning and you are going to be applying them back onto only yourself as a disciple or student of enlightenment. It may help you to visualize that hidden in all the text of the Bible is a perfect manual of peace that God had written out in His creation, but for it to take shape it required a chosen certain people, that lived at a certain time in history, to chronicle these lives in their native tongue for them be understood by future generations. So God’s CHOSEN PEOPLE are chosen for a reason, and that’s not because they were better or worse than anyone else, but because they are exactly what was needed to create a perfect love letter from the Creator to its creation. We benefit today because God used their specific lives as teaching tools for us to learn from. So only by examining the exact line of these chosen lives in the Bible, and seeing them from a new perspective, do we see the letter from God to humanity as it was written. And only in the native perspective of the one who created it all can we begin see it. So mentally you need to rise up from the earth and see the stories as if you are seeing the world as if you are looking within yourself much like you would reflect in a mirror.

Revelation Is In Creation


So now that you are changing your perspective from one who is on the earth to one who is above the earth, and then, looking back at the world as a whole as if it were something like a snow globe, you will then gain a new perspective on your true purpose and being. In other words, we’re looking at the whole world as if you were looking at the advancements of your own understanding. And by viewing the world as if it were your transitional soul you will start to see that the inner-world is completely without form, because it is has no structure or order to it. This is your starting point that leads you to salvation from the bonds of chaos, that is also known as Babylon (Confusion) in the Bible.


So in the beginning the ideology of self is unstructured and it lies shrouded in chaos and it is needing the semblance of form and order so that it may have a structured organization.


And the earth was without form…


Also the transitional self is empty and void. It’s as if it doesn’t exist because nothing feels substantial and thus it is the aspect of self that is constantly empty and unfulfilled.


… and void…


And you will also see that there is no understanding in the gloom of darkness. Without enlightenment darkness fills you thoroughly into the deepest parts of your being and chaos reigns supreme.


…and darkness was upon the face of the deep…


Starting Realization Point
Starting Realization Point


But most importantly, you will also see that you are not alone in your search for enlightenment because the face of God is within your spirit, and thus this will allow the means for transition from one state into another, and only with God’s help is the proverbial transcending of the mirror to the ideal-self a possibility.


…And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.


And so, from what was once ignorant and without the perception of spiritual insight, the light of truth or enlightenment has now the means of illuminating the shadows of darkness within.


And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.


Recognizing The Goal
Recognizing The Goal

Day one of Creation is really about you being lost, lonely, empty and wanting a change for the better. So we the seekers of enlightenment endeavor to go where hope lives, into the belief that change is possible and that there really is the ability to grow from the ignorance that creates suffering. But man cannot grow, much like a plant, in total darkness. Nothing can be built up or survive for long in the dark, and nothing can take root in emptiness, nor can you build a sound structure without order. Firm and constant foundations are needed to grow both physically and spiritually, and light is the source that powers the growth in plants, men and buildings. Enlightenment is the empowerment and instrument of change that is a life giving spirit that grows chaos into order, and without it you will always be trapped in a state of perpetual arrested development and your soul will remain imprisoned in a hell of its own making.


Now before we can move on to any new lessons I need you to take a moment and really consider the concepts of this lesson. These will be the foundations of everything to come and you really need to grasp these concepts to be able to move forward smoothly. You need to be able to see yourself as a multifaceted individual and as one who exists in many states at any given time. By reflecting in all aspects of who you are you will begin to find your purpose and establish foundations in which to grow your understanding upon. So, as a practical learning tool actually go to a physical mirror and try to mentally reflect on the person you see there. In doing so you might find a hidden part of yourself that was not visible at first glance, and maybe you’ll even start to discover the source of the division that exists within you that often limits you from experiencing true happiness.


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Chapter 3: How Do I See Myself?

Featured Image -- 6020Chapter 3: How Do I See Myself?

So how do I start to see the Bible with new eyes? Again you need to start at the beginning, but this time you need to look at the alternate definition for words that change drastically by perspective, and you also have to look at the symbolic nature of each of these words. But before you can use the alternate definitions you need to change your perspective on what is being read by how it is being seen.

Typically when you read the Bible, you are seeing the stories as histories. And while you’re reading the stories you are also, on some level, relating these people to yourself and your own experiences. Remember, you cannot truly understand something unless you relate it to yourself. If it doesn’t seem to relate to you it tends to become almost invisible. So you make it important by relating yourself to the stories. In this manner you see only the stories themselves and gain a type of moral lesson from them. This level of the Bible we will call “Taming the Beast“.

Psalms 73:22 I was so foolish and ignorant; I was like a beast before You.

The surface level stories of the Bible are designed to help you find moral direction and thus you learn to tame your primitive animalistic side by gaining a higher understanding that turns you from a beast into a man. It’s like gaining a moral compass that points you towards the right path in life to follow. For thousands of years this has been the acceptable method of reading the Bible. But to look at the deeper meaning you need to change your view from an observer that is inside the world that is looking out into something higher above that is looking from the outside of things inward. So instead of looking at the stories as a person that is on the earth, you need to look at the whole picture as the Lord would see the earth, by looking at the world as a whole from the outside looking in, much like someone holding a snow globe would peer inside. You often see many scriptures that add pluralities to singularities. Like a single body being made of many parts or people. A tree with many branches, or a temple made of many stones that too are all really people. This is all part of the secret on how to read the Bible at a deeper level. By looking at the entire world as though it’s a single entity you can begin to understand the power of unity. From this new perspective all the words change because you are no longer talking about people, places and things because they are all really attributes of a single entity. And if you haven’t guessed it by now that single entity is really you. You are the world of creation.

Romans 12

4 For as we have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function,

5 so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another.

1 Peter 2:5 you also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.

The entire Bible, from beginning to end, is really a story about your own progress of understanding. To many, this may seem like a foreign concept and it will be hard to maintain this view as you read. But with practice and constant reminding you will begin to see how this all plays out.

So the first thing you need to do is begin to look at the world as a whole and consider it to be the embodiment of your soul. Now remember your soul is actually an attribute of your mind. We often think of attributes of the self as being separated into: mind, body and spirit. And we give each one of these attributes a type of reasoning. We typically think of the mind as being rational, the spirit as being our feelings and the body as being desirous or hungry. In reality, all of these attributes are handled by the mind. It is the accumulation of all of these attributes that we gain the soul. The heart and body really don’t have minds of their own. All thinking and feeling is done in the brain. Your heart really isn’t the center of love, but it does make for a very romantic notion. Just because we feel certain things in certain places doesn’t mean they are the center of those feelings. We only give certain objects attributes so that they’re easier to relate to. In the same way we’re giving the entire earth the attributes of the soul. Because the earth is so multifaceted it works as a mirror for all the characteristics that are found within yourself. So when you read the Bible try to remember that everything you’re reading are really facets of your own understanding. Again, this will not come easy as, like most people, we are not conditioned to think like this. But give it a chance and soon it will become more natural for you.

Romans 12:2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Okay, Now What Do I Need to Do?

Now that you have a new perspective, you need to learn the basic rules. The Bible follows a few themes that may not be easily seen at first, but once you understand them, things will start to make sense.

The first thing you need to be aware of is that the entire Bible is written as if you are looking at a mirror. This one theme runs throughout the entire Bible. This mirror will help you reflect the truth within yourself. But your perspective of looking into the mirror needs to change as well.

2 Corinthians 3:18 But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.

Typically when you look at a mirror you see only the projected image and you think little about the source because you are focusing on the image itself. Unfortunately, this view will not help you self-reflect on your inner-truths. But what this does do, however, is to help you look at the world a little differently. Since you typically cannot see yourself physically, you can only relate to yourself in a reflection. Now this view in the mirror is not how others see you either because everything is reversed. This means that your own self-view is askew and tainted by your own perspectives. The goal is to manifest the attributes of God within yourself and if you are being transformed into the image of God, but you do not reflect God back, you are only seeing yourself. This is the essence of the vampire lore of not casting a reflection in a mirror. This is because a dead soul will not see the image of God reflecting back at them whereas a living soul will see God reflected within themselves.

James 1:23 For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror; (Not God’s)

One who is not alive in the truth sees nothing in the mirror but the emptiness of self called death in the spirit.

Seeing Nothing But A Lifeless Reflection
Seeing Nothing But A Lifeless Reflection

Self-reflection is actually a two-way street and you need to be conscious of both sides of the reflection. Not only do we focus on the reflection itself, but what it says about our self. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to see the reflection as anything but a type of ghost image. Most of us feel we know who we already are. We spent a lifetime being ourselves and becoming who we are, so we think we have it all pretty well figured out. Within ourselves we feel we must be whole and complete and there is very little to learn by looking at an image of that same person we already know. And because of this narrow view we do not self-reflect spiritually, and as an unfortunate result, it hinders you from learning anything new.

Casting Judgment Upon Yourself
Casting Judgment Upon Yourself

To truly gain a new perspective you need to empty yourself of who you think you are and be open to the possibility of change. When you can make both sides of the reflection equals then there is room for change without negative feedback.

Objective Observation
Objective Observation

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression before that, a cup that is full cannot be filled. It’s because anything you try to put into this cup will only make a mess of what’s already in it. So you cannot fill what is already filled. This is much like the lessons you are experiencing, you can learn anything new by believing you already understand the answers. If I came up to you on the street and said that “There is more to the Bible than you think” you would immediately put up your mental defenses and dismiss anything that was said. I know this because I’ve tried. And because your mind has trouble learning new things because it’s constantly relating them to things that it already knows. It’s like that first elephant you saw, all other elephants afterwards, are only pale comparisons. In fact, most of the people I tried explaining this to will look for other options that they already know to categorize these teachings into so they can dismiss them. In the blink of an eye, suddenly everything is either the teachings of Gnosticism, Kabbalah, or some other random religious organization that springs to their mind. This is called the Suspension of Disbelief.

Suspension of Disbelief

Suspension of Disbelief is when you take anything new and try to associate it with something you already know. In this way you don’t have to learn anything new. Learning new things is always complicated because it takes some reorganizing of your mind. Everything new you learn has to be checked and rechecked against other things you already know to see how it fits. If it doesn’t fit but it’s found acceptable then multiple changes in the thinking process have to be reordered. It’s a lot of work mentally and physically, though they are processes that happen on a subconscious level. So instead of going through the work of learning something new it’s easier to just dismiss it as something you already know.

So now the real trick is, you need to empty yourself of what you think you already know. Now just saying this doesn’t make it so. This is probably one of the hardest things you will ever have to learn. It is hard to accept that everything about yourself may not be correct. It’s hard enough to admit that you may be wrong about something, much less, have to admit that something may be wrong about yourself. So now the trick is to learn how to empty yourself… of yourself.

The “I Know”

One of the first tricks you might want to try is something practical and try to do away with the words I KNOW from your vocabulary. As simple as these two words are they are actually some of the most dangerous words that you know. Because if you believe you know something you will not learn anything else. Remember learning new things is difficult, so we say “I know” to our self and others so that we don’t have to be bothered with learning the same thing over. The problem is this, you may not really know as much as you think you know. And whoever’s trying to teach you now has no concept of what you really do know because they assume you actually know it. And more importantly they may also be afraid to come up against the wall that you have now just declared exists as an act of defiance and refusal to be taught. Mental boundaries are often as real as real physical ones and often the only way to get through them is by exerting a greater force than the resistance present. In other words, the force that is against it must be stronger than the boundaries that exist to bypass it. And quite frankly, most people don’t want to put in that much effort, especially if it’s only to make a little change in someone who is not willing to be open to change in the first place. But as you know, there are always those that are going to try and this is often where confrontations begin.

So simply by saying “I know” you limit your own ability to learn because you will resist change and you also draw a line in the sand against any challengers that would be willing to dispute your knowledge. So the first trick is to learn to stop saying “I know” or you will never learn anything else. This unwillingness to change is a state call Arrested Development.

Arrested Development

Arrested Development is essentially a state in which one cannot grow because they have become accustomed to a certain way of thinking and being. Often times a person who suffers from arrested development is perpetually stuck in a childlike mindset where they first believed they had things all figured out. Oftentimes you will see this when someone believes they are grown-up because they were treated as a “grown-up” with adult-like responsibility. But in reality they have stunted their ability to progress and grow because they believe they already know all they need to know. And unfortunately, to a degree, most of us are stuck in a similar state of being. And thus we need salvation to free us from a prison of the mind that we have created.

Try and spend a few moments contemplating the concept of self-reflection. This is not about a real mirror, but rather one of self-reflective consciousness. The main thing here is to consider that you don’t have everything all figured out, and though you may have a pretty good idea of certain things, be open and willing to change. And who knows, maybe you’ll find out that you really do have it all fairly well figured out. But it doesn’t hurt trying the practice of losing the words I know from your vocabulary and see if that doesn’t help your willingness to grow.


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Chapter 2: Seeing the Word with New Eyes

Featured Image -- 6007Chapter 2: Seeing the Word with New Eyes

As a student of truth we need to lay down some fundamentals or nothing else that follows will make any sense. Remember the books of the Bible are thousands of years old and some of the translations are just a little off. This is in part due to the fact that many of the translations are based on words that have several meanings and vary widely based on the context in which they are used. If a certain word is used in one context it can mean beginning but if it’s used in another context it can mean the head of a person or animal. This plurality of definitions can create some confusion along the way but with practice you will learn to read the Bible with a new sense of clarity. Don’t worry, the translations of the Bible, as you know them now, are fairly accurate if read while viewed by traditional methods. But if you want to look deeper into God’s manual of peace to humanity, then you’ll need to be flexible and see not only the original translations used in the Bible now, but you will also need to see the alternate translations for each word by looking at them in a new context, as well as looking at the symbolic significance of each word.

Parables and Allegories

In the way the Bible is written there are many objects that have real-world significance that are easy to understand, but they may also have a symbolic or spiritual significance as well. These multiple purpose attributes are the keys to unlocking the kingdom of truth when reading the Bible’s parables. The word Parable does not mean a fictional story; but by definition it is any story that has spiritual significance hidden within it. So it does not mean it is a made-up story. In fact, a real life story can also be a parable. We can liken a parable to an allegory, and if you look at the book of Genesis and read about Sarah and Hagar it never once tells you that their lives are allegories, but yet, it is made clear in the book of Galatians (4:24) that both women are symbolic for an allegory of a convent between God and man.

Galatians 4:24 Which things are an allegory: for these are the two covenants; the one from the mount Sinai, which gendereth to bondage, which is Agar.

It should then come as no surprise that all the stories in the Bible might have multiple meanings in them. After all you may have seen hints of these symbolic meanings in your regular studies.

John 3:14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up:
Flesh as Grass
Isaiah 40:6 The voice said, Cry. And he said, What shall I cry? All flesh is grass, and all the goodliness thereof is as the flower of the field:
1 Peter 1:24 For all flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of grass. The grass withereth, and the flower thereof falleth away:
The Ark & Baptism
1 Peter 3:20 Which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.
21 The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God,) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ:
Body as a Temple
John 2:19 Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” 20 The Jews then said, “It has taken forty-six years to build this temple, and will you raise it up in three days?” 21 But he was speaking about the temple of his body. 22 When therefore he was raised from the dead, his disciples remembered that he had said this, and they believed the Scripture and the word that Jesus had spoken.
The Sacrificial Lamb
Exodus 12:21 Then Moses called for all the elders of Israel, and said unto them, Draw out and take you a lamb according to your families, and kill the passover.
John 1:29 The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.
Seeing the Allegories
Acts 8:30 And Philip ran thither to him, and heard him read the prophet Esaias, and said, Understandest thou what thou readest? 31 And he said, How can I, except some man should guide me? And he desired Philip that he would come up and sit with him.

It is not commonly shared that all the stories are parables or allegories as most people do not realize that they are even there. But by knowing how to see the duality of each verse you will soon learn to open up a whole other attribute to the Bible that few have had the privilege to witness. This is, in part, the essence to the verse written here in Mark 4:11-12.

Mark 4:11 And He said to them, “To you it has been given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God; but to those who are outside, all things come in parables, 12 so that ‘ Seeing they may see and not perceive, And hearing they may hear and not understand; Lest they should turn, And their sins be forgiven them.’ “

When Jesus is explaining the parables to His disciples He is explaining to them a deeper meaning that is not conveyed to the other followers in the crowd. Only a few very select people were privileged enough to know the truth behind the stories. It is because most people are not ready for deeper truths. They can only consume so many new things at a time and it requires a basic understanding of worldly events to be able to understand complex abstract ideals. Again, remember that mankind has a much higher IQ today and literacy is at an all-time high, especially compared to the masses in the time that these stories were chronicled. In a very real sense people can only understand as much as they have had experiences within themselves in which to relate to them. It is kind of like the idea that you cannot teach complex tax laws to a child if they have no practical understanding of what it is or how it is applicable. Or the end of a story makes no sense without first knowing the beginning. So, it is a process of experience that allows the mind to prepare for deeper and more complex ideals. You kind of grow as you go.

Everyone learns at their own rate, but eventually we all gain similar life experiences and we grow from a child into an adult where your understanding matures and the entire world changes around you from primitive to complex, where it is filled with subtle nuances of mental coloring rather than a child’s simple black and white understanding. So in a very real sense, your mind is blind to things that it cannot relate to the self. If you have no prior experience with something similar then all new experiences are hard to comprehend. This is why, as an adult, you have few memories from when you were a small child. Your first memories are of things your mind knows how to relate to. Before that, the mind was still being wired with new experiences, but because they had little relatable context to work with, they were not stored into your long-term memories. But once your basic understandings are established you learn new things rather quickly, so long as they are relatable to yourself and other things that you already know. If something does not interest you, it may also be because you cannot see how it relates to yourself and is therefore simply not important to you. And whatever you don’t see as important to you, you will simply just ignore.

The human mind is actually rather selfish and it can only see what it thinks is useful to itself. If you do not relate to a thing it becomes quite literally invisible to your mind’s eye. Ironically the eye is like a camera’s lens in that it sees everything, but the photographer of the mind can only focus on what it feels is important. Look at any picture and you will likely see many things hidden in it, but only if you think of each individual thing as the most important focal point of the picture. If not, then they will vanish into a soup of background noise.

The funny thing about the mind is that it does not store all the images it sees like a recording device. Your brain would fill up far too quickly with erroneous information if it did. Instead, it takes from a database of pre-stored mental images and experiences and then relates in a combination of variables and attributes to match it to the new thing it is seeing. The mind has a pretty elaborate database to work from but everything you think you see right now is really an amalgam of other things you have experienced before. This is why it is hard to get a reliable witness to an event as it is tainted by each individual’s past experiences. Scientist have done numerous studies into memory and found that the exact same locations of the brain are active while watching an event happen as well as recalling that same event later. This means data is constantly being associated with preexisting imagery and not translating in precise new data to make memories from. It’s almost as if, for example, you saw an elephant many years ago and that image stayed with you. Now every time you see a new elephant you recall the first one from memory and modify it to match all new ones you see. In this way the mind does not have to store each new elephant, it only has to remember the modifications. You might also notice that each time you see something relating to something else in your memory database it surfaces the memory it is associating with, this can be a name, song, situation, etc. Everything is constantly being colored by every past experience you’ve had.

Look at this image below. If it was not shaped like something you already recognize it would simply be a strange grouping of letters. But if you did not know what letters were, then even they would just turn into a soup of visual noise or look something like a smudge. But since you know what the shape is then you can relate to both the shape and the letters, but this does not mean your mind would realize that there is also a word puzzle hidden within it. It is only through experience that any of these makes sense to the brain. And because the mind can already relate to a puzzle it can immediately accept what it is. Because the shape, and letters, and puzzle were once important to you, it is then easily seen.


So if you are not accustomed to how the Bible is written then perhaps you too will dismiss that all things Biblical are written as allegories and parables and as a result you will also miss one of the greatest gifts that God has given to our modern age… The gift of a means to mental freedom.

I remember once I was told a new sign was being put up near our neighborhood but I couldn’t see it because the electronic billboard was not yet turned on and I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking for. I was looking for a sign with writing on it and missed the massive several story billboard in front of me that was only a few paces away. Because I was not expecting to find this massive thing it became simply invisible to my consciousness as I searched. When what I was looking for was pointed out to me I finally went “Ohhh, I didn’t see that” because I really couldn’t see it! In fact, there is a story long ago about the natives that supposedly couldn’t see Columbus’ ships as they sailed closer to the new world. It took their shaman several days to figure out that the strange waves on the horizon were actually ships with men on them, as no one had ever seen such sights before. Once he explained it to the others in a way they could understand, and they trusted in him as a wise man, they then too could see the ships as if they had suddenly magically appeared. True story!

Take some time and consider what you just learned and really look at the world around you and try to come up with at least 4 other examples of visible yet invisible things. Have fun trying to find new things to discover like a worldly game of Where’s Waldo.


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Chapter 1: A New Look at the Bible

Featured Image -- 5996Chapter 1: A New Look at the Bible.

Before you can begin to understand the greater mysteries of God’s word you must first learn a few basic principles. Now, just so you know, I’m not exactly sure how this all came about. I don’t know how or where it all started. I don’t know if this was always something that was there and was lost long ago or maybe these are all simply an amazing set of coincidences that line up. Perhaps it is just better to consider this as a next step of evolution in man’s understanding. Maybe God left these mysteries hidden until a future generation could understand them. Maybe it was saved for a time when mankind needed a new change because he had grown beyond a simple servant and has grow to become a being of greater understanding. After all, today IQs are higher than they ever have been in the past. Religions are waning and mankind falls farther from grace and in a great need for salvation from itself. After all, we are smart people today. Technology is at an all-time high. The wealth of the world’s accumulative knowledge was once held in the great library of Alexandria Egypt, but all that knowledge was wiped clean from the earth by zealots. But today we have more information available to us than any other generation. The world’s wealth of information is there at the fingertips on the Internet. Once you had to buy expensive encyclopedias and be born into privileged and go to costly schools. But now all you need is a computer or smartphone and the willingness to look for the answers you seek. What a glorious age of technology and information we live in? What an amazing time to be alive.

Matthew 13:

16 But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear;

17 for assuredly, I say to you that many prophets and righteous men desired to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it.

Today you are a student of truth, thus this makes you a student of enlightenment. In Christ’s time, this would make you a disciple. A disciple is simply a student, and a student is one willing to learn from a teacher, and we all know that Christ is the great Rabbi and Teacher. So it is through Christ that we must learn. It is in His life and lineage that we will find the answers to life’s great meanings.

Typically when we think of the life of Christ we think of the Bible and all the stories it holds. We are taught to take the stories at face value and seldom anything more. Every now and then you’ll catch a glimpse of a significant meaning that is beyond the story itself. Some may call it a moral and some may call it a spiritual lesson, but they are all elements of truth.

What is TRUTH?

Many people have a hard time defining the word Truth. This is often because truth is subjective to the observer. So there are Personal Truths and there are Godly Truths. You can also call them Truths and False Truths. Basically there’s something you believe to be true. And then there are other things that are Universally True. The main point of these lessons is to learn the Universal Truths. Often the Universal Truths you will find are Godly Truths. So if I call you a student of truth, or disciple, I’m really calling you a student of Godly Truths.

Now in the stories of all the people in the Bible is a deeper meaning. And like I said before, this deeper meaning pertains to you and your salvation. The goal here is to find liberation. But liberation from what? Typically churches teach you that you need to have salvation for your soul. And this is very true, but the Bible works on multiple levels. On the surface level of the stories we learn that there is a price for eternal life, and that only a life can pay for life. There is a ransom that is paid to keep you from the grave that was paid by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And in my humble opinion, I believe, this is the most amazing gift that mankind has ever received. But did you know that there is more to salvation? The salvation I speak of has nothing to do with death and it has everything to do with living now. Some of the greatest suffering that I have witnessed in this world comes from people that suffer with their own personal demons. The mind is a prison to those that refuse to change. A person that is unwilling to move beyond a certain point in their life is doomed to relive it forever. It does not matter if it was a good moment or bad one, stagnation always leads to death in the spirit. You must be willing to put behind the past so that you may move forward towards the future. You must always grow in your understanding, because you will become spiritually weak and frail and susceptible to the woes of change if you don’t. Only one who is wise and awake is as a strong man prepared for battle against all obstacles that stand in his way. But if you are not ready to face change and its challenges, then death, surely awaits you. Like the reed that refuses to bend in the wind, it breaks and is blown away.

So as a Christian and a disciple of Christ, you are a student of change. You are like the tree that grows in the light of the sun and takes root in the fertile soil of understanding. We grow from our past experiences towards our future. It is only in the renewal of the mind that this type of salvation is possible. You must learn to liberate your mind from the prisons of the past. You must learn to move beyond who you were and to become who you will be. You are always changing. You never stop, not even for a moment. The world will not wait for you. It is always now. Right now change is happening. And right now you’re being presented with a choice: Do I live as I am and stop growing and die in darkness, or do I become a disciple of truth as a mighty tree of life and grow and live?

It is only in the light of truth that we grow. And all that does not grow dies in the darkness of its own ignorance. To me this choice seems very clear. I prefer to be counted amongst the living.

Psalms 43:3 Oh, send out Your light and Your truth! Let them lead me; Let them bring me to Your holy hill And to Your tabernacle.

So hidden in the truth is the light of salvation. In other words, liberation from self-oppression is found in the light of understanding. Only in truth, do we find freedom for the soul. If this doesn’t fully make sense, then consider the word SOUL for more clarity. In ancient Greek, the word soul means psyche. This is another way of saying that it’s your mind’s central understanding. We use the word psyche in the word psychology today. Psychology is made of two Greek words: psyche and logos. Which essentially means, the study of the mind or enlightenment of the soul.

So if I illuminate my mind do I then gain a luminous soul? YES! Yes you do! You become enlightened because your mind has gained understanding! Do you see the correlation between light and enlightenment and mind and soul? Good, because you will soon see a lot of these same types of correlations in words you may only have thought of in a religious context and not on a psychological level.

The goal of the manual hidden in the Bible is about freeing the soul or mind from the self-imposed prison of ignorance. This is the essence of light versus darkness or good versus evil. It is also the essence of righteousness versus sinfulness. Let us consider these two words righteousness and sinfulness. Did you know that the word Sin simply means to err? Well it’s true. And did you also know that the word righteousness simply means to be correct? And as you learned before that correctness is simply following Godly Truths which are essentially Universal Truths. So if you are a student of Universal Truths, then you are an enlightened one who is Righteous. But if you are not adhering to Universal Truths, then you are in err of Truth and are therefore a sinner. Sometimes it helps to simplify things and remove the religious significance so that you can see the deeper meaning within them. By adhering to words like righteousness and sinfulness your mind’s clarity becomes clouded by religion and you gain a puppet mentality that enslaves your mind rather than frees it. Unfortunately, often times religions serve as a hindrance to your salvation by stopping your growth process. You cannot grow by dedication to repetition. Though religion has its many great and wondrous uses, it does at times, also serve as you’re enemy because of the rigidness it creates in your mind. I myself am a Christian and a firm believer in a congregation of believers. But I’m also witness to the suffering that is all too often created by dogma.

So, to progress beyond the point of reading the Bible as only stories and to find the sweet nectar of the honeycomb you must learn to let go of a few misconceptions generated by religion and have an open mind. And like anything you would like to be good at, it takes: practice, participation and dedication. If you want to be in good physical shape, you must exercise. So too if you want to be smart, you must study. Nothing worth having ever comes easy and nothing is ever truly free. It all comes at a price and in this case, it will cost you your time and effort.

So if you’re ready to pay the price… Let’s begin!


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In The Beginning… Start Here

Featured Image -- 5993In The Beginning…

Long ago there was a book written about a very special person. That person was you. Long before you were born the stories of the Bible came into being, authored by the hand of God. In the lines of God’s chosen people is a hidden story of love, consequence and victory. Within the lives of these chosen people, a manual to peace is born and designed to free your soul. But only by learning how to decipher the truth does this wondrous manual unfold.

Each name of each person, place and thing are all keys to unlocking man’s greatest mystery… Himself. Within you is a puzzle box of peace that is yet to be solved. All the pieces are present yet they are needing to be put into proper order to be resolved. So how does one begin to understand how to unlock a mystery thousands of years old? By starting at the beginning…


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(Do Not Fear Success) Post for Day 168 of my “365 Day Photo Challenge”


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Elizabeth Appell


Do Not Fear Your Desire To Succeed

The desire to succeed is planted within your soul along with the weeds of fear and doubt. Is not man made to tend to the garden of the soul and pluck out that which brings forth folly? Faith is brave and seeks the light from the shadow of fear. For if God is with you… who can be against you? Do not doubt the God given light that is implanted in your heart, let it blossom and shine!


Matthew 14:

28 And Peter answered him and said, Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water.

29 And he said, Come. And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.

30 But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.

31 And immediately Jesus stretched forth his hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?

32 And when they were come into the ship, the wind ceased.

(The Fountain Of Life is Truth) Post for Day 167 of my “365 Day Photo Challenge”


There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.

Sophia Loren


For long have we have endeavored to find the source of eternal life yet it has been welling up inside you waiting to refresh the soul. Eternal life is found in truth, for all that is good is true and all that is good satisfies the drought in spirit. Let your gifts flow and nurture the world with the eternal spirit of righteousness.


Psalms 36:9 For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light shall we see light.

(He Who Overcomes Rejoice) Post for Day 166 of my “365 Day Photo Challenge”


We all have life storms, and when we get the rough times and we recover from them, we should celebrate that we got through it. No matter how bad it may seem, there’s always something beautiful that you can find.

Mattie Stepanek


With hands in the air we celebrate the victory of perseverance. Rejoice, rejoice all ye who have overcome!


Psalms 5:11 But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because thou defendest them: let them also that love thy name be joyful in thee.

(Trust Is The Key To Hope) Post for Day 165 of my “365 Day Photo Challenge”


Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.

Bil Keane


Trust is the key of hope that unlocks the past and opens the way to the future.


Psalms 56:3 What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.