Lion king



“The Hebrew word for holy is kodesh, which means separate, set apart. As Balaam, the gentile prophet, stated, ‘It is a people that shall dwell apart’ (Num. 23:9). The modern connotation of holy misses this, relating the word to being worthy of adoration. It is no wonder the Talmud likens the translation of the Hebrew Bible into other languages to a lion locked in a cage, comparing it to the destruction of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.”

~ “The Science of God,” by Gerald Schroeder

The Bible today is the single lest understood of all the great books because of the modern adaptations of religion that we miss the wonder hidden in it right before our eyes and make it a book of rules that are misinterpreted to confine our greatness in God.

Your religion blinds you. God does not hide His wonder, it is there to be discovered by those that care to look and see it. The rules you follow have meaning and they are not about conquering death nor to shield you from the illusions of hell. If your salvation is about avoiding hell or life everlasting then your salvation is based on all the wrong things and the mission of the cross has become forfeit to you.

The sacrifices, the commandments, the stories of wonders are not what you think. It all has a greater meaning that is so simple, so elegant and so beautiful and it is spoiled by the message of this modern age.

My God is NOT rules and regulations! My God is NOT petty arguments over these rules! My God is NOT unknown! God is within us and we are within Him and He is knowable within this lifetime. If you have been told otherwise someone has stolen the keys of the kingdom from you and made you a slave to a religion that is lost in its own lies. I no longer wish to play the games of children of “faith”. Find out who you are and where your true power lies. Rules bind, Truth frees.

Release the lion, seek the truth and the truth shall then set you free.


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