Cutting it Down to Size

Continued from “Self-Recognition” from the series starting with “Unmasking the Truth
These are the foundations that will unlock the Bible in a way you never knew existed.

Strong’s G1473 – egō:
I, me, my

“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”
~ Anaïs Nin

The ego, it is a very powerful and dangerous thing, and it is an all-encompassing shroud that blinds the inner eye from true seeing. We are all dominated by a self-imposed prison of the mind and soul by an image of what we believe the world should be. It is many layers of beliefs constructed one upon another and built of our own making to better serve our own personal needs. The ego is the inner-world of your understanding that manifests your identity into a reality, and it is the essence of you that perceives the world in everything. It is the essence of the self-identity and it is the balancing scale on which all things are weighed and measured upon, and it is the altar of which all of your life’s sacrifices are made unto. Even your religion is often a reflection of your own self and an armed extension of your own beliefs that are mutually beneficial and shared amongst others of like minds. There is simply not a single way to run from the you that is you. Every action you take is ruled by the beliefs you have accumulated throughout your lifetime. Ever conscious and unconscious thought is made by a tower of observations constructed from the millions of life lessons that this world has afforded you. These are the inner workings and understandings that you know simply as “I” or “me” and even “we”.

I am all and in all I see, and everything I see is perceived as a reflection of “me”.

Without blatant blasphemous we subconsciously see ourselves as the gods of our inner-world that we rule with the scepter of our force of will. And no matter how benevolent and generous any one person may believe themself to be, they are still the center of their own inner-world that is projected onto everything around them. This self-realization is the first step unto true understanding, and if you cannot grasp it then your understanding is complete and there is little potential room for growth. But if you can see yourself and the world around you as reflections of each other, then there is a truth that you can build upon, because if the world around you reflects you, then in time, it too can be changed just as your heart can be changed. The heart is a vessel of pure will once it has overcome its doubts. It is a force of pure energy that can move even the most stubborn of obstacles once it has been set to a task.

Mark 11:23
For assuredly, I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that those things he says will be done, he will have whatever he says.

The hearts of others are tied by an invisible bond to yours that the casual observer cannot see nor comprehend, but none-the-less this link of our spirits remains. It is not a physical link but just as powerful. But before you can reach out and change the world around you, you must first start with seeing the world that is within you as it truly is.

Our natural state is not a pretty thing to behold. It is often unkind and selfish as our natural bodies are led by self-serving desires and hungers. Our natural state of our ego is generally an empty and foolish thing that tends to wallow within the pride and miseries of its own blindness. This is not meant to be an insult to hurt your pride but an act of exorcism of it. It is your own inner demons that have become the glue and mortar to the beliefs that rule you. You are the reflection of a shattered and fallen kingdom, ruled in chaos, divided and a slave shackled to the pride you hold. The inner realms of your soul are divided to the point of ruin through inner conflict and turmoil, as each belief wages war upon the other, thus dividing the whole. To rule the kingdoms of the soul you must first conquer the old kings that have come before to sit upon the throne that rules you.

It is time to set the sword of truth to its labor. It is time for the true Lord to be about the liberation of His people. When Jesus came to this world of ours we expected a King to rule all the kingdoms of our physical world. But these were not the kingdoms He came to rule. He came to liberate and free the kingdoms that are constantly at war within you. He did not come to bring peace to a shattered physical world, but to help you conquer yourself pride and fears with truth. Growth and unity in the spirit cannot come unless you first divide your pride and false understandings and raze them to the ground. In destroying your lost and broken perceptions Jesus helps us to clear away a path of righteousness. Righteousness simply means correctness and sin means err, and thus it is a sword of truth that battle against the error of our ways. We are simple and flawed by nature and upon dividing and destroying the false kingdoms that rule you; you gain a crown of righteousness, or rather you understand clearly what is correct and without err. The sword of truth is simply that, a truth that cuts away all misunderstandings and unifies and rebuilds the realm of the soul… But before unification can come we must first divide and conquer.

Matthew 10:34
“Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.

The true enemies of this world are not the devil and the demons outside of you, but the demons of your inner struggles that you endure each day with your identity, acceptance and loneliness. But Jesus did not come to give you peace with such things of this fragile and fallen world but to set you apart from them.

Jesus came to free you from the rules of the world that blind and bind you, so that the true path can be discovered before you. Without Jesus we suffer to no avail, but with Him we grow through it.

Simply put:

A life without Jesus is

Continued from “Self-Recognition” from the series starting with “Unmasking the Truth
These are the foundations that will unlock the Bible in a way you never knew existed.


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