What is everywhere and nowhere and has no center? The Answer…

Now that the whirlwind has settled and I’ve had time to think. . . God is the only answer that fits the question. ~


Infinity ~

Void ~

Just being… ~

There was a time
when the answers people would have given would have been, God, or heaven or something similar to the ones I got to my previous post. But times have changed, as they often do, and an entity has grown out of technology into something both real and not real at the same time. The answer is to the riddle was:

The Internet.

The internet
resides in no one physical location, but only exists in cyberspace. What a fantastic yet somewhat frightening concept to have something be all around you that grows larger and larger each day, spanning the globe and reaching into every household. It has no substance but yet it is richer and deeper than any one book alone could quantify. It is the collective brilliance and intelligence of the human race, as well as its unspeakable foolishness. You can find anything your heart desires on the internet; from love, to hobbies, to politics, or religion. There is almost nothing you can’t learn about from it; from nuclear fusion and fission, to cooking recipes; or you can simply just lose yourself in it for hours or days in its triviality. Nothing is sacred in cyber space either. From videos of embarrassing moments, to sensitive personal information, it is all floating around out there in the digital aether. Your whole life is available for the taking with only a few proper clicks in the right combination of a mouse and keyboard.

Where is all this information stored? How do we access it to remove it? Can you touch it, taste it, smell it, hear it, or see it? Yes and no. You can see parts of the information that is displayed, but you don’t see the code, as it is, in its native form. We only see the visual representation of the data that the computer draws out for you. The real data is hidden away from the casual observer, and to the primitive mind this is all a lot like religion. In religion you accept that something exists that you cannot see nor fully understand, and that it also knows your deepest secrets. This same entity that is both everywhere and nowhere kindly reveals to you what you seek, when you seek it, and though it has no center it is ever-present but yet unknowable. In many ways, the internet has become like a type of primitive god. It is a god that commands your regular attention and it both gives and takes from your life in little sacrifices. It enriches your mind and quality of life, but diminishes your capacity to fully live. With the awareness it provides the Earth seems like a much smaller place where you can reach out to people half a planet away and even translate their language. Even today I spent several minutes talking with a man in the Antarctic; closed away from the world till winter ends and the planes can come again in the last week of October. Physically he is too far away to be reached by physical human endeavors, but via the power of the internet “god” he was only a phone call away. The universe too has become a much smaller and more knowable place. You can easily visit images of other worlds and see out into the depths of outer space through powerful space telescopes. You can also peer deep into the human body, or dissect the psyche of the mind, and even understand the inner workings of a tiny little atom. All of the great wonders of the ages are now becoming knowable to those that care to seek the answers. If any past generation could know what you know now, it would bring tears to their eyes with wonder. But there is a price for all this knowledge… the loss of real human connection. The more we connect online the more we separate from our real life around us. Our lives and minds have become so obsessed with the quick and easy consumption of knowledge that we have become impatient, rude and selfish. If you are not entertained within the first few seconds you will lose interest and walk away or change the channels.


What have we become and at what price?

When we Christians read the Bible we remember a story of two people in a garden that paid a great price for knowledge. They lost everything they knew, just to know more. Their peace and serenity was forever lost, just to understand the difference of good and evil. To know and understand the good and sweet they had, the knowledge of bitterness must also be known. This is a hard lesson to learn. No one wants to face the bitterness around us, so we learn to hide it and mask it with lies and distractions. We fill our hours of each day with things that seem to mask the shame and pain known as our life… “If only I had just one more thing to kill one more minute of my day. Distract me oh internet god!” we seem to pray as we power on and tune in to the digital aether. “Fill me up inside so that I don’t have to feel the emptiness of sorrow and loneliness that my life has become” And the internet god does grant you your wish. One more video, one more game, one more juicy piece of gossip to read. It is a good god… so it would have you to believe.

The truth is the internet is neither good nor evil. It’s only a tool that was designed to give us exactly what we most desire, and that desire is to connect, know, and share. That is basic human instinct, and we humans have created the best and worse creation of our lifetime. Nothing in history has ever influenced the human soul on any scale like the internet. The Bible in all its history cannot compare to the readers that follow the internet each day. This means that more people know youtube and facebook than know the intimacy of Jesus. In sheer numbers alone, the internet god has more followers than our Christian/Hebrew all powerful God. It has more followers and more people spend more time knowing it intimately than the creator of all things. God created man and the universe, and in return man created his own god… Ask yourself, how much time did I spend with God today? And how much time did I spend online at work, school and home on my free time? …and what god was it that won out? And what did you learn from the experience you shared with this god?

What did you give to your Creator today? And what did you take from Him?

What are you looking…



15 thoughts on “What is everywhere and nowhere and has no center? The Answer…”

    1. Thank you Peter,
      I do like your piece. You seem to have a passion for knowing God and a loving heart that seeks to do His will. Kudos to you for that. That is becoming an increasingly rare commodity in this day and age. Keep seeking the light and the purpose of truth will be revealed. Remember it’s not in the answers that truth is found but in the questions themselves.

      Food for thought. In your article (https://peterkimwere.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/what-is-it/) you compare the kingdom of heaven to “victory after victory”. What if the Kingdom of Heaven was not just victory over situations, but rather the ability to overcome the illusions of them being obstacles in the first place?

      There is much more happening in the Word of God than is supposed by modern religious dogmas. The Word of God Himself is speaking out through the pages of the Bible/Torah but yet they are hidden in plain sight. Try to imaging the entire book works as a type of reflective medium that is really talking about your psyche (Soul/MIND) but it use people and places of the past to carry the message to you. You are the book you are reading and the world within it is your power to overcome and your quest is the great mystery that is shrouded from revelation. The greatest secret not taught in your Sunday school class is that the voice of God is there waiting to be heard if you only learn to read the book as a symbolic language; rather than only literal; that unlocks a path to a more stable and happy you.

      It’s all about removing judgment and faulty beliefs. It’s about removing the misconceptions of your beliefs that imprison us all into an arrested development that keeps us from growing through experience. Victory to overcome is not reliance upon God only to deliver us but rather it’s about learning to mirror Him and discover the true power that you have hidden within you. This is the “crown of victory” we seek. This is the city in the sky called a “higher state of enlightenment”, and that is the true secret of the Kingdom of Heaven. Heaven simply means sky in Hebrew, and kingdom is referring to a state of being that is built up of many enlightened and elevated truths, thus the kingdom of heaven is a higher state of enlightenment that frees the soul (MIND) from a proverbial “Hell” called judgment.

      Just food for thought.

  1. Internet is for this TIME it is a most valuble tool for connection.Soon there will be other ways to connect,no need for internet then,just communicating between each other telepathically etc etc…..soon very soon t is already happening now.I love the painting with the motorway and the two people trying to CONNECT brilliant thanks

  2. Great post! I am glad you liked my post because I may not have found yours. I so have to share your insight about the internet with others. Wow, I so had not thought about all of the implications you mentioned.

  3. What a great analogy Daniel…..our very brains are fueled by our existence in this world, are we really being still and knowing God or are we distracted with the crap on tv or on our pc….interesting isn’t it. Thanks for shifting our focus once again and bring us back to what is truly valuable in our lives….

  4. An excellent article!! What a way to think about the internet! And you are so right all the media we have today can quickly take our minds and hearts off of our relationship with God. If we are not careful the entertainment that the internet provides can become our god. The internet has so much potential for good but like everything else that man creates it also has great potential for evil.

  5. Outstanding post my friend. Thoughtful, insightful, true! I’ll be very conscious today of what I’m giving to my G-D in the form of being a blessing to someone – easing someone’s load. Thank you again. There’s a lot of work here on your part.

  6. Well for me Daniel, the answer still has to be God. The interenet and many other new technologies still need power to be what they are. Reminds me of the joke about a chemical engineer who says to God, I have found the secret to make life and don’t need you anymore. Amused God says, show me. The engineer says I just take some of this dirt, God says, Hey there, hold on a minute, that’s my dirt, I made the dirt! Now, let’s see you make your own dirt and go on from there.
    We humans tend to be very arrogant and easily swayed by our abilities to make things and then take them to the next level. All we create, by our knowledge and ability to learn, are gifts from God to us. Our gift to Him is to accept the gifts He gives us and to be thankful, respectful and use those gifts to honour Him.
    God bless!

  7. How true that much around us has become our “gods”. It’s not only the internet, money, or the like. It can be something as innocent as our family or friends. What did I give to my Creator today? What can I give Him that He doesn’t already have? That being said, I’ve given Him my love and devotion, yet there is so much more that I should give Him. What have I taken from Him? Everything, yet there is so much more that He wants me to take (wisdom, knowledge, peace).

    1. Your comment about the internet being a frightening concept rang very true for me, tonight. My daughters are “cyber-schooled”. We just received a recorded phone call about an “unintentional error”, accounts and sites being locked, and new passwords being issued within the next 48 hours. And “do not accept a password from anyone other than your instructional supervisor”. Wow! This is just a little cyber-school in PA. . . imagine something larger.

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