To my loyal readers

To my loyal readers I would like to apologies for taking so long between posts. Life sometimes gives us lemons and to make lemonade it can take a while to squeeze the lemons. I have fallen upon some hard times despite the blessing the Lord has given me. My new camera broke unexpectedly and without reason. The button that takes the photos mysteriously vanished from my camera. I did not jostle it or treat it roughly as it is very precious to me, but yet the simplest yet most important button on the whole device has vanished. I can only assume the Lord has used my crazed kitten as some sort of instrument of challenges and change. But honestly I don’t think it was the cat.

Also I had 30 day trials of the software I use to do my graphics but all of those have run out on me and now I am trying to save up enough to purchase the expensive software I use. Unfortunately I cannot gain work in my chosen field again until I have that software replaced as I cannot do test for employment or take on the freelance work without it.

These are just a few examples of the chaos that have come upon me all of a sudden. Even now as I type I have stitches in my arm from a biopsy that I am sure will turn out to be benign. My sleep apnea machine has died and I can’t afford a replacement, I feel twinges in my heart and much more! Many very strange things are afoot in my life like finding giant snakes in my yard and so much more, and I can only suppose it is because I am upon the precipice of unveiling some of the greatest mysteries the Lord has shared so generously with me. I have struggled for the last 3 years deciphering this message and seeing it clearly, and I believe it is now about complete.

The Bible is far more than any of us might have supposed. It is a book of such peace and humbling truth but it is not read completely correctly. The stories you read in it are far more than what you thought them to be. They are written in a language of the soul that tells you how to find your peace within. Again this took me 3 hard and painful years that have cost me everything I have ever known. 3 years of suffering to puzzle out with much prayer and meditation upon the words, and lots of research, and now I feel I am ready to share it with you. But I am no writer. I have no formal training of any sort, and only a few years ago I was too afraid to write out a grocery list or even attempt to spell for embarrassment, but yet here I am before you writing as one with authority. The Lord is doing strange and wondrous things with my mind and my understanding and I have trouble finding a voice in the written word to convey it all properly… and I think on some level I am scared of how it will be accepted by hard core religious zealots and cynics.

I am no scholar and I have no accreditation or accolades to claim to substantiate my findings. All I have is my faith and a compulsion to understand and share what I have discovered. I will admit that a part of me fears that if Jesus Himself could not reach the hard of hearts, especially the devout, what chance do I have? If God is a stranger amongst His own people… then who am I to claim I see more to the gospels than the scholars? But a friend of mine recently reminded me that this is fear, and fear has no place in the house of God. At least not this kind of fear that cripples the journey the Lord set to motion. If God has turned my life upside-down it is for a reason. I believe it is  to reveal a world hidden beneath the surface of our lives, so then perhaps it is my duty to share my findings come whatever ridicule or consequences may come as a result of it. This is all in His plan, in His time and NOT mine… There is a stirring in the world today, and as the cauldron swirls the cream is being churned to the top. If you are reading this I believe it is because you too are feeling that stirring in your soul. A craving has been awakened within you, and it hungers for answers beyond your church and synagogue. I think an attraction is bringing certain special people out of their sleep and I think I may hold a part of the key to what you seek. Not more religion but real answers and understanding. What I have to share is very simple in principle but it takes time and an open mind and heart to accept and fully understand it, but I promise you this will change your insight into life.

So I would like to take this chance to ask a simple question. If I have the answers and insights like I claim I have, given to me from God… would you like to know them?

I have suffered and struggled to learn these lessons and I would like to think it was not in vain, but to bring about His glory for all to share. All you need to do is commit to trying to learn. And I mean honestly trying. This is NOT for me… this is NOT from me. I am but a humble vessel trying my best to figure out his master’s plan… I just want to help you grow spiritually stronger and suffer less, and all I want and need is a show of hands of who would be interested in online classes into what I have discovered. This would be a regular get together each week and it would be a type of Bible study class, live and online.

I am looking into software solutions for a small to medium sized group that can meet at a designated time and study and share. But before I make an investment into what I cannot really afford I need to know who is truly interested and committed? Or do I just need to find another way to reach souls to share with? I am not asking for money, just your commitment of time… please do not stay silent. Please talk, share and comment with each other on this post and if you are interested, when is a good day and time that you are available?

Can I get a show of hands of who believes?… truly believes and not just in me but that God can use this ministry to help souls grow and heal them through a deeper enlightenment and understanding into His Holy Scriptures.

Now who’s with me? Can I get an Amen?

28 thoughts on “To my loyal readers”

  1. As you know, I don’t share your spiritual/religious beliefs – but I DO respect them and I respect your right to talk about them and I enjoy reading.

    I am sorry that you are going through such a difficult time right now but – as my Nan always told me – when bad things happen something wonderful is always around the next corner.

    Keep on believing and all will be well with you again xx

  2. I think that if God is calling you to do this and it sounds like He is you should go for it. Teaching will help you grow and learn just as much as anyone whom you teach. It seems that God always brings us to a place of humility and utter dependance on Him before He can really use us then He will get the glory that is HIs plan. When I come to that place of utter reliance on HIm than He can do a work that I could never be capable of and I’m sure He will do the same for you.

  3. You’ve got a good start. If you are writing devotional material instead of theological, represent it as such, and you will be okay. The problems come when you represent yourself as working on a level you aren’t qualified for. So, keep on telling us what you feel and experience, and letting us know what God is teaching you. God can use you to reach people who need that… don’t worry about being taken seriously by the extremists on each end of the spectrum. They are interested in finding people who sound like they do and converting others to their point of view. They aren’t searching on the same level you are. There are enough people in the world who need your voice to make your struggle worthwhile. Praying for practical knowledge for you as well as spiritual guidance.

    1. The things I have discovered are more than just the devotional aspects, but my writings tend to lean heavily in that direction because I have no validation as a theologian or expert in any way. I share because I hope it helps others to heal and also all I have is my testimony, so I share from the heart because that is a validation by the Holy Spirit and not by men. What I found locked away in the words of the Bible is not really theology either. What I have discovered leans more towards philosophy and a means of unlocking the human spirit through a language of symbols throughout the Holy Scriptures. It is really interesting and I think it gives a clarity to everything that’s said in the Bible. I have not translated it everywhere in the Bible as that undertaking will take a lifetime, but I have tried it out on every reading I have done and it holds up so far. There is definitely more going on in that book than the story of a carpenter and the son of God. This is the book of freeing YOUR mind, YOUR heart and YOUR soul from a type of self-imposed bondage. It reads as solid advice for your life and for your understanding of it. If you are at all curious, please feel free to come and join us :)

  4. I would be interested much easier for me than trying to get out of the house and go somewhere. By the time I am done running for the kids or with them I don’t feel like getting ready and going somewhere for myself.

    1. I would love to have you join us. I am just trying to work out the legistics right now of what kind of software to use and a best time and day of the week. But I do think you will love the lessons and I hope to get to know you better as well :)

  5. Ah Daniel, it seems that the closer we get to trusting in God completely, the more our footsteps seem to falter. This is the work of the fallen angels, who in their stubborness of heart, are trying to lure you in as well. Remain strong and steadfast and your reward will be ample recompense for all the suffering right now. All of us are being tested, what are we made of, will we be strong in our surrender to the Almighty? Remember that in my weakness, then I am strong, God’s grace will suffice. I boast of my weakness for in my weaknesses, then I am strong. As for the world? well it seems to me that there were many times when Jesus would leave the world and go to the wilderness. Why? Who knows ridicule, rejection, contempt, hatred and all of those negative feelings more than Christ in suffering? We are all supposed to carry our crosses and sometimes they seem to get really heavy. That is when we need to turn again to our Lord and ask Him to help us carry our burdens. The reward will be worth it! God Bless you Daniel and you have my prayers and my Amen!

    1. To be cursed by the devil is to be blessed indeed.

      I always love your letters Olivia. Don’t worry, my head is held high and I am excited for all that comes my way… But I do hope this will be something more people will become involved in, because I really could use the help :)

      1. Count me in Daniel….I have searched studies galore locally and most either discuss a current book, or become a session of getting to know one another as a family, nothing wrong with either, however I was NEVER taught to read the bible and often struggle with knowing what the parables and passages mean for me. Your explanations seem easier to grasp and to understand considering the day and age we live in. “AMEN”….GO FOR IT!!!!

        1. I am so glad I can count on you Marty. You have always been so helpfull and willing to be a part of everything I do. You know I love you lady. You do have a special place in my heart :) Is there a time or day of the week that works better for you?

          1. Hmmmmm evenings or weekends during the day….I work until 5pm but usually am home after that….and I will make sure I am if its a class with you my fav instructor! Let me know….and be prepared for many inquisitive comments and questions,,,,,that is redundant isn’t it?????

  6. You seem to be pleading for blind commitment and emotional reassurance, to bolster your own lack of Faith. If you are looking for financial support upfront, and it seems you are, I cannot provide that. I also cannot promise to continue to participate, but I am interested to know what you will be attempting to teach. If you decide to go ahead with your project, and if it is important enough to me to make a priority, I will begin with you – if I have the necessary technology (limited on purpose).
    If you are in tune with the Holy Spirit, and I pray you are, God will help your project succeed; if not, you are on your own.

    1. Don’t worry; I am not looking for money or blind commitment or even emotional reassurance. What I need to know is it worth making the purchase of the utilities to run an online class if only two people are interested. It cost me something like $54 dollars a month to run Adobe Connect in an online classroom type setting. I use it for work and it seems to work pretty well for this type of venue. But $54 basically is a LOT of money for me right now, so I need to make sure that it is an investment well spent. If I make the investment and no one comes… well, hard lesson learned.

      To answer your question, yes, this is very inspired by the Holy Spirit. I can not imagine a greater calling in my life. The driving force behind this is easy to see its influence on me and those I have shared it with. It’s fantastic and I honestly LOVE it and I certainly hope you will too. So, you are welcome to join us. When I have the funds and a better idea of who is available I will make this more formal and set a time and date… Here’s to hope :)

  7. If you go forward with a study, you know you can always count me in. My schedule is chaotic at times and I may not always be available to “attend” but I will every chance I get! In terms of time, mid afternoon is best (because of homeschool lessons). . . probably translates to around 10 or 11am, your time.

    I think there is a big stirring that is going on among God’s people. . . an attack of sorts. We’ve been through our share of tribulations and I know many other believers who are going through similar situations. Praying that you come through the chaos to realize great blessings! Thank you for all that you have given to this ministry!

    1. You do know you are one of my favorites Teresa. We have talked on the phone and you know more than most about what I am trying to share. I wish they knew what you know as I am positive more would be eager to come join us. But it is hard to advertise yourself or what you believe. But like you, I am convinced they will see the Holy Scriptures in a whole new light. And don’t fret, I am not too worried about the attacks in my life. I have faced far worse in the last few years. I am in fact quite happy and eager to move forward. I just needed a little clarity to come, like a fog lifting or dust settling. The first few people to travel a dusty trail always gets the most dirty, but the more that follow pack and solidify the ground for those that would follow after. So if you are with me, I am sure we will get a little dirty making a whole lot more clean… but don’t worry, we are washed in the blood of salvation and we will overcome all things :)

      By the way, thanks for listing the times you are available. That is exactly what I need.

      Also the dream you had is a lot like this. It is not a demon in your life but a fear and testing of your beliefs. It is the threat of death in the spirit making its presence known in your consciousness. Your husband may make light of it, but it is a real fear in your subconscious that life is being a little overwhelming. So, keep your head up, stay strong and stay focused. Your demon is a fear of failing in your spirit. Now that you are aware of it, put on the full armor of God… Protect your spirit in the righteousness of love as love conquers all. Amen :)

      1. Thank you for your kind words. What you had to say (and present here on your site) just made sense to someone who knew and understood that the Bible held so much more meaning than what most people perceive (he who has ears to hear. . . ). I have also learned to follow the advice of Paul and rejoice in my trials and count it all joy. It gives me the chance to share God’s hand in my life with others. There are times (many times) that I do stumble and hope people can see God working on me, too, when He lifts me back up onto His path. As others see and understand what you have learned, there will be clarity and it will be more like an expedition up the trail, rather than just a few scouts. The adversary can only hide the truth for so long! The dust will settle.

        Thank you for giving some insight to my dream, too! While my conscious mind was only willing to admit to a sadness over “falling away” from God, I now have to admit (to myself, as well) that there is a fear there. The longer I stay out of proper fellowship with Him, the harder it is to get back into it. I have to take control of some of the overwhelming circumstances in my life (with His help, of course) and start putting Him back in the place He deserves. . . as King over my life. I have seen only wonderful blessings from Him and there is no excuse for falling away from Him as I have! I know I have friends to help me and keep me accountable, so it’s time to start acting.

        1. That’s right missy (*Wagging finger @ you). You fly right or we are going to have some words. :)

          I will let you know when I have the details worked out with the study. I think I am leaning towards something like google+ for our studies. We can all use webcams or something. I just need to figure out a system of group text chat and sharing images and links at the same time… Any suggestions are appreciated. :)

          1. Sometimes I think it takes more than words, with me. . . more like a smack upside the head or swift kick in the rear ;) (that’s the stubborn PA Dutch heritage, for you)! God’s been doin’ a pretty good job of breaking me of my stubborness, lately!

            Google + would have been my suggestion. I know of other platforms, but it’s the only one that I’m even vaguely familiar with. If I stumble upon any other ideas, I’ll pass them along!

    1. AMEN
      Sometimes those things we view as setbacks are really setups in disquise.Serendipity has an odd way of things working out for the best as long as we remain grateful. in those times that it doesnt look right ,its going just the way it should….it teaches us the lesson to walk by faith.
      oh yeah btw…….you ARE a writer.

      1. Your words are an encouragement… thank you for the affirmation with my writing, and I do believe exactly what you said. All of life is not a mistake but part of a plan to shape each and every one of us. It is a beautiful dance of forwards and back and side to side dancing around life’s little challenges. But it trains us to step to the music of the universe. Our lives are an instrument of harmony and we are all learning to march in tune to the words and will of our creator.

    2. An easy life is a life that is weak and bloated on a diet of selfishness. A life of hardship bread hardness and strength in the spirit, if you endeavor to overcome. Thanks for the positive words :)

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