Venus and sun spots


Check out the live feed of the Venus transit across the sun.

Venus and a sun flare!

Click on the link to the home page and watch live feeds from around the world of the Venus Eclipse. So far, my favorite feeds are from the observatories in Prescott and New Mexico.

God’s wonders ROCK!!

Venus is very much like the Earth’s twin. It is about the same size as the Earth and fairly similar in distance to the Sun. But that’s where the similarities end. Venus is a very peculiar planet with 4 moons and it is basically the exact opposite of the Earth in every way! Most planets rotate clock-wise in their rotation, but Venus is in a retrograde orbit and it spins backwards, and NOTHING in the entire universe spins slower than it! Also, as strange as it is, a day is longer than a whole year there, and it has an almost perfectly circular orbit around the Sun!

Ironically, Venus is named after the Roman Goddess of Love and Beauty, but it is MUCH more like the antithesis of Hell, especially compared to the green paradise of our Earth. Like the Earth, Venus once had oceans on it, but they boiled away long ago due to a runaway greenhouse effect that makes the planet’s surface hot enough to melt lead (about 900 degrees farenheit). The atmosphere is also very dense. It is 90x the pressure of Earth and it could crush you like a bubble.  If that’s not bad enough, the skies rain down sulfuric acid, which is one of the most deadliest acids known to man!

Humans sent space probes to Venus back in the 70’s but the longest any of them lasted on the surface was 23 minutes, and it had a diamond camera lens just to try to capture a picture! It doesn’t sound like an ideal place to live.

Venus pentagramm
Venus pentagramm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interestingly enough the Olympic Games are based on the symbolism of Venus and how it crosses the night sky. If you map out its course across the sky over 8 years, it will produce a perfect 5 point star, which is often used as the sign of faith, perfection, and strength. Many modern Christians mistakenly associate it with the occult but it’s not really an evil symbol, it has just gotten a bad rep and it has become iconic for Satanism or paganism.

Flying outside the Parliament Building of Brit...
Flying outside the Parliament Building of British Columbia, Victoria, B.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Olympic Games were originally going to use the 5-point star as the symbol of the games, but as that symbol has gained such a bad reputation, they decided to changed the symbol to the 5 colored interlocking rings that you see today.

So, though the planet is the symbol of love and brotherhood, it is also the exact opposite to its sister planet Earth. It is as if it is the polar opposite, or the reverse side of a coin to Earth. Earth is teaming with life, and Venus is the image of death. Two twins, one is life, and one is death. One is like Heaven and the other is like Hell… interesting.

Enjoy the show!


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13 thoughts on “VENUS!”

  1. A friend of mine found an App on her phone and we were able to watch it while playing softball since it was cloudy. This is the 2nd time it was cloudy we couldn’t watch something in the past month. Hmp! Next time! But still prety cool that we have the technology to view it!

  2. Unable to access the transit….says it’s still being processed….oh my, well it took God a week to create the world, guess I just will be patient. Were you able to see the halo around the sun yesterday at noon? Quite amazing….and how do those who do not believe in God explain these marvels eh?

    1. They simply explain it as life :) And life is a pretty amazing place when you think of it as God’s wonders and not just… “Eh, it’s just stuff that happens. No big deal” Personally, I like the view that life is a kind of magic beyond my understanding and I am simply privileged enough to be a witness to it. What an amazing universe we live in and how much more wonder is there yet to come??? :)

      1. Indeed how true. What our perspective allows us to see,feel,experience isn’t all there is….we are marvelous creations, filled with the love and spirit of God…thanks for helping us to learn how to peacefully and lovingly unleash it!

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