Critter Cam!

I don’t know what it is lately, but ever since I got my new camera, it seems that all of the desert critters are coming by to say hello and get their photo taken!

Birds, bees and snakes have all stopped by to be immortalized in their own personal photo-shoot. Well now we have our newest addition to the mix, a Gila Monster!

So there I was today, outside spraying a fresh coat of paint onto the patio furniture, when out of the bushes comes a cute little Gila monster to say hello.

He is still fairly young and from head to tail he is about a foot and a half in length, making him quite a bit larger than the geckos that normally have the run of the place, but all things considered, I still think he’s pretty cute. He came through the hedges that surround the yard and he had himself a quick look around.

I can only assume he felt a bit exposed in the openness of the yard, so he made his way back into the safety of the wild brush alongside the hill on which we live.

Though I liked this Gila Monster, they are really not something you would want to handle or interact with too intimately. They have sharp teeth and locking jaws like a pit bull, and once they lock onto something, they usually don’t come off again! They are also extremely poisonous, and their venom is something akin to that of a rattle snake in toxicity, so keeping a safe distance is very important. The good news is that they are not very aggressive, and for the most part, they are usually slow lumbering creatures. So with my camera in hand I ventured just close enough to get some video and stills of him before he sauntered his merry way back into the wild… Happy trails little fella’


Stay tuned, big things are coming! AND if you liked this spread the Word!

32 thoughts on “Critter Cam!”

  1. Ok
    Daniel…..did you use a zoom, a telephoto lens or were you really that close?

    How can people not believe there is a God?…..Just notice the patterns of nature: the Gila’s texture, patterns, colors, shape of body…..and flowers too…the little veins in the petals always amaze Me……Thanks for your curious eyes….M.

  2. Really great picture of the bees! The critters that you get in your area of the country are so very different from the critters I get in my area of the country (although some are just as deadly – we have copperheads & water moccassins rather than rattle snakes & gila monsters). Very cool to see!

    1. There was a time when I was afraid of them, but I think the Lord has made some real changes in my life and my fears are not the way they once were. It’s like a complete transformation of who I am inside has changed how I feel about everything. I am more balanced and centered and I think that shows in how I react to the interesting things that come into my life now… like these critters. It’s more a kind of God’s wonders and less a source of panick and fear. And to be honest, I kind of love it!

    1. Actually, it is only one bee, not multiple, but thank you for liking the picture. It would really be something to see bees fly in a formation like that! Never the less, God’s wonders are seen in everything.

    1. I didn’t have much time with it. He kind of just came in to look around and just turned and left. But I am glad it came out as good as it did. It looks really good in a larger format. You can see all the details in his face and I love how his skin looks beaded.

  3. I can never see enough wildlife pics on the blogs I read – the one of the bees is stunning!

    I’m a total reptile lover though, and adore your Gila Monster. I wish we had more than the occasional brown lizard (and they’re very uncommon), Adder and Grass Snake here in England!

      1. Ha, you have a point actually! I’m used to the fact that most animals are harmless if you leave them alone, and forget that some really are dangerous no matter what!

    1. Hopefully I can get the deer and javelina as well! They don’t come by too often and usually at night, but you never know, right? :)
      We also get road runners, cardinals, hawks, vultures, cotton tail rabbits, squirrels and much more!

      1. awesome! I mostly have birds, toads, cotton tails, jack rabbits, and small lizards. My hubby has seen a pheasant walking through and I see deer tracks but haven’t seen the deer who leaves them yet. I’m sure he’s coming into town to visit the grain bins!

      1. Well you are braver than I am :-) I remember as a child when me and my parents, and a cousin my age were on vacation in upper Michigan at one of the lakes. We were in the water catching minows in a net to use for bigger fish bait. Suddenly there was a HUGE snake going through the water and Dad said it was a water moccasin, to stand still and it would just go away, which it did. But got I did not like being so close!

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