To Be Something More!

Have you ever wanted your life to be something more,

something greater and bigger than the life you’re living now, or the old life you lived in the past? Is it even possible to be more than yourself; to be more than what the world taught you to be? If I followed the path of life that I was on before, I would be a very different man than I am today. But I didn’t. Life took a dramatic turn for me and handed me a new direction that I never thought or expected to be possible. The philosophies that I built my old life upon were flawed but now I want to be a better person. I want to love more and complain less. Try harder; work harder, but not so much as to lose sight of the simple things that make life so beautiful. I want more close friends and fewer enemies. I want to appreciate this life not only for what it is, but also for the possibilities it presents, and also for those that are hidden from my everyday view. I want my choices to always be right; I want to always do the right thing, even when no one else is looking. And if my choices can’t be right, then I want them to be made for the right reasons. I know life is hard sometimes, but I choose not to make it harder by playing a fool. I find I play the fool too many times in my own life. I make choices based on my feelings at the moment rather than what I know to be right in my heart. Continue reading To Be Something More!