9 thoughts on “I LOVE YOU LORD!”

  1. Amen! Without Him we have nothing. With Him we have everything! Many blessings and prayers for all you do for this ministry and allow Him to do through you.

  2. LOVE ALWAYS WINS….how did the meetup go Daniel? The name? What did you decide….????? How is the Lord blessing you today and each day? Being grateful for the simple things, the beauty in nature, the feel of the wind upon our cheek, the sound of the birds melodies, the whispers of the wind rustling the leaves, the warmth of the sun, the coolness of a springtime night, the light of the full moon, the sound of the waves washing upon the shore…all these are free…created for the pleasure of you and me….by the one who LOVES US MORE THEN WE WILL EVER KNOW. Let’s give His love a chance….slow down…admire…listen…observe and live every moment in gratitude for folks like you that help us understand this complex world in very simple and creative ways…. Always with blessings, Marty

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