The First 7 Days Of You

The First 7 Days Of Creating You.

Day 1: Sun / Father / Mind / Awareness – Beginnings / Gold / Yellow

Day 2: Moon / Mother / Spirit / Wisdom – Choice – Journey / Silver / White

Day 3: Mars / Child / Body / Actions – Life / Conflict – Desires / Iron / Red

Day 4: Mercury / Child / Mind / Thought – Signs – intelligence (Riches) / Quick Silver (Mercury) / PurpleGrey

Day 5: Jupiter / Child / Spirit / Laws – Protection – Understanding / Tin / Blue

Day 6: Venus / Child / Body / Friendship – Brotherhood – Love / Copper – Bronze / Green

Day 7: Saturn / Child / — / Unknown – Death – Afterlife / Lead / Black


Stay tuned, big things are coming! AND if you liked this spread the Word!

7 thoughts on “The First 7 Days Of You”

  1. Daniel God has blessed you with a gift of explaining the symbolic words in the bible. Thank you for sharing your faith and God given wisdom with us, the novices of this world.

  2. Daniel….I am so happy you are explaining these symbols in the way in which we all may further relate. It’s a lot to digest especially for us that are new to even reading the bible. You definitely are blessed to see the meaning beyond the symbolism in the bible, the parables of Jesus were indeed spoken to teach us the meanings of God and His will for all of us. May He continue to bless you with the understanding of His Word and may you continue to share your wisdom with all of us, your brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you.

  3. A lot of information! This should give me a couple weeks worth of study :) ! I really enjoy the OT and have been trying to figure out that transition between what I’ve learned so far and how to apply it to the OT. This gives me a good beginning. Thank you for sharing the understanding that you’ve been gifted with!

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