The Bible Explained Fundamentals Part 1

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Stay tuned, big things are coming! AND if you liked this spread the Word!

9 thoughts on “The Bible Explained Fundamentals Part 1”

    1. Thank you… But it is sad that it has been used also as the book of control. It is in fact both. The straight and narrow path is based on the balance of self control and freedom of the spirit. It is as the parable of the sitar teacher saying to his student.

      If you make the strings too tight, the strings will break.
      If you make the strings too lax, the instrument will not play.
      Find the balance, and find harmony.

  1. Many thanks, again! It was so nice to have this “refresher” since I last spoke with you (my notes jumped everywhere & were scribles)! Now I can go through & straighten things out!

  2. Wow….having the audio with your posts is fabulous. To hear and meditate on the meaning of the symbols makes the understanding of what the bible teaches so very simple, so very clear, so much easier to grasp. Thank you Daniel for this ministry and for helping so many of us lost souls find refreshment in the words of the Spirit & Jesus.

    Blessings to you always,


    1. Thank you Marty! Love ya lady! :) I think it ran a little long and I could have done it with notes and retakes, but I felt I needed to just let it flow as my heart sees it. It was a serious prompting of the Spirit to do this… I could think of no other way to explain this message than to simply just explain it in words. And once people start to understand the basics the whole Bible suddenly opens up… but it takes more work and dedication to look up word meanings as you read. You don’t get to be lazy and read the Bible this way. :)

      But funny as it is, I had been stressing about people joining my Head Breakers group. No one seemed to be joining, but after I did this recording I checked on my meetup and suddenly I got a bunch of people who joined! So praise God :)

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