It’s official, I’m nuts!

It’s official, I’m nuts! I joined an online dating site!… ugh!

It was late… Not sure why, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Feedback is appreciated… as always.

17 thoughts on “It’s official, I’m nuts!”

  1. Speaking of dating sites… I had someone set up a false profile once on POF using my photos. Kind of a weird feeling! Best of luck and beware of the false profiles and scams.

    1. No way, that’s crazy… Actually, I guess it’s not that crazy. Crazy is, I had a work friend who’s friends did that to him. Only they entered his info into a “Bear” dating site. That‘s a site for big hairy lumberjack looking men that like other big hairy lumberjack looking men. Now mind you, I had never heard that term till he told me about this, but talk about a creepy feeling having people contacting from a sight like that, especially if you are straight, married with kids and had no clue what your “Friends“ were up to!

      I have been on this dating site for a total of what, two days now? I have to tell you, I am sufficiently scared and put off by it so far. I had one lady, like 10 minutes ago, whom I joked with, and she said that she collects lots of things at antique and thrift stores and she said “I have way too much stuff!” So I made a light joke about hording and to make sure you at least leave room to walk. I even did the smiley face and the “lol”… and she called me “Scary for judging her”… ugh! Women, can’t live with em!… (watch all the verbal slaps I get now in this comment string :)

      Anyhow, thanks for the heads up man.

      1. Isn’t it somewhat Biblical that us women are a bit “crazy”? That’s why we need someone to balance us out! At least it will make it easy to know when you’ve actually found someone who’s somewhat “normal”. ;-) (All toung-in-cheeck, of course!)

  2. Though i can’t open the link you shared as it is blocked here in Dubai, I’d still say, not a bad idea at all and carry on with what you’re doing. I met my husband on line too :)

  3. Stick with your ‘no hurry’ thing. My last 2 relationships came from POF. I wasn’t in a hurry either, but they were and I allowed myself to get carried along by their enthusiasm and wound up in an emotional chaotic trainwreck both times. I learned and grew a LOT from both, but it wasn’t the experience I was looking for. Stand your ground. Virgos need time to adjust to new people in their lives and we like to see other people happy, but WE need to be happy too. :) Good luck to you.

  4. I met my husband on line 4 years ago … who wudda thunk? Not me, not ever. But we built a friendship and a relationship slowly over four years and got married last month. I, like you, have nothing to offer him but my love … he took it!

    Take your time … look out for the crazies (they are out there) … have fun!

  5. I met my wife through an online dating service and I couldn’t have been happier with the process. I learned exactly what I was and was not interested through the process and was able to minimize any time wasted with ladies who did not share the same values that were incredibly important to me. I don’t think you’re crazy – I think you’re smart and if anything, this should show how serious you are about finding someone to connect with.

  6. lol trying to connect this blog post with sex sells !!!!! is there a connection (ya think?) smiling. Good luck on your quest for your significant other…. wishing you the very best.


  7. Looked at your profile but…do you always smile like a cheshire cat that has something up his sleeve? I would try to add pictures other than ones you took in front of your computer and I would give more details about what your likes and dislikes are. You asked for some feedback on your profile so I looked you up and have given you some. I hope it helps. Also, maybe do their chemistry test, which can give women more of an informed background to who you are.

    1. I don’t own a camera :(

      Since my life is on such a desperate rebound after all I have been through… I literally have nothing but a dying laptop and the clothes on my back and little more. Dating is probably a bad idea since I have so little to offer but myself. No furniture, no possessions, absolutely nothing but me… but hopefully, for now that will be enough. I know I have a bright future ahead, but getting back up from nothing, with nothing, is slow going. I do the best I can with what I have. I have lots of skills and talents that are highly marketable… So in time this will all change around. I was successful before. With God, I will be again… only this time with Him in the lead.

      But thank you for the feedback.

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