Missing Love

Missing Love

English: A male and a female holding hands.

Just thinking out loud here, but sometimes I think I need a girlfriend… Sometimes I miss holding hands and being in love.

Too bad I am not in a place in my life to offer anyone much of anything. It’s hard to date when you can barely afford the gas for the date, much less paying for anything else. But I do miss companionship and compassion. I miss having someone to care for and care about. I miss the love and company of a close and good friend… and I miss the joy in my heart.

Mostly I am happy just getting my life back together, paying off debt and doing God’s work, and any woman I meet would have to understand that His ministry comes first in my life. And though I know my life is not ideal right now; I gained a lot of weight with my injury and such… but in time it will all work itself out. I do feel very content in most things… but sometimes it’s lonely and I do miss love.

21 thoughts on “Missing Love”

  1. To express love for another….wouldn’t it be nice to donate to this ministry? What’s $5.00? I am sure all of us can give up a cup of Starbucks or a meal at a fast food restaurant so Daniel’s SoulBlind ministry is able to have the equipment he needs to” feed the hungry souls in this world”. After all when we give from our heart, even if we don’t think we have money to spare, God multiplies our money, because by doing so it is an action between you and our heavenly Father, showing Him….I believe. It’s amazing. Give to day…..Valentine’s Day….and then watch your monetary blessings flourish!

  2. It’s easy to miss that feeling of sharing yourself with someone. We are creatures who long for exchange… of energy, emotion and touch. It’s only natural that we want that, whether it be in a romantic relationship or a friendship… I think that is one of the things that makes having a pet such a powerful connection on a soul level.

    It shows a lot of courage and self awareness to accept and acknowledge that you are not in a place where you can offer something to a relationship. So many people see companionship to patch up holes and empty places, and they forget about the most important thing… them.

    That person will come… when the time is right… or at least thats what I keep telling myself :-)

    Keep spreading light and joy and listening to spirit… you can’t go wrong.


  3. You have such a strong and wonderful minisry going on here and I believe, at the right time of His choosing, He will bring someone into your life who has as much of a passion for this ministry as you do. Until then, drink in His love and let it satisfy you as only it can!

  4. I also understand your predicament brother. After hitting bottoms in life, a divorce from hell, and several diagnosises later, I am happily married to my sweetheart, whom I met 13 years ago.. Don’t loose faith my brother.. The perfect bride for you is outr there for ya.. Hang in there! God bless you richly and abundantly!


  5. I completely understand where you are coming from. I feel I am in the same place right now and have found that jumping ahead of God’s design has only led to more heart ache. I’ve spent three years being angry at losing the one I did love a great deal and now I realize what a waste of time that has been but God was patient with me and let me figure that out for myself. Now I just want to do what He wants and, whether I ever experience that type of love again or not, I am now focusing on gratitude for the gift He gave me, even if it was for a little while. Still, it doesn’t diminish the desire to have that love again but trust has to be the way to go.

  6. Sometimes I feel the same way but I always remember how God’s love surpasses all and in HIS time, he’ll send the perfect person into our lives.

  7. Knowing that God and your ministry comes first is very important, and any girl should have God at the forefront of her life also. Without Him as the main focus I don’t believe a relationship will thrive. We all go through those times of being lonely, and we aren’t called to be alone, the feeling of loneliness is an attack of the devil to tempt us to lose focus. I am glad you can still focus on what God has called you to do. And someday the right girl will come along.

  8. May God bless you with a wonderful woman who will share in your ministry, love you unconditionally, be a support system for you. I can understand and relate to you missing love, because I have been single all of my life.
    I am glad you have strong relationship with God and I hoping you find a life-long partner to share your hopes and dreams. God,s blessings on your journey of healing, love, friendships emotional, mental and financial well-being.
    I will pray that God will restore your family to you, and bring brothers and sisters in Christ who will love and nurture you. God is awesome , and he never forsake you. God blessings in all of your friendships, may one of your friendship turn life-long love.

  9. Soulblindministry, as long as you are contented and happy with God, you are OK. All the other things will come later.

    God bless your heart my brother.

  10. I love how supportive you all are. It warms my heart to hear from you. And I know each of you can relate to this post, because we all at some time have felt the exact same way. Love is a splendid thing despite its obvious pitfalls. If it wasn’t worth the effort, none of us would put up with the craziness that comes with it. And to be honest, I do know it will all happen in its own time. Perhaps one day I will be out shopping and meet some nice lady and I will have just the right thing to say at exactly the right time. Who knows how God works through our lives. We just live them the best we can and trust in His plan for us. So long as we are His vessels we complete His purpose for us. But the journey at times is lonely. It is hard to meet a person to walk the walk with you, or to at least be patient with your quest… and meeting someone who can gel with your life, especially after how long you have been a certain way and to have your two live meld together. At times the odds seem stacked against us. But at others it seems nothing can keep you apart. When that thunderbolt hits, it is electric and people will risk life and limb for just the chance to join another.

    So, for now I am happy with doing my Father’s work and sorting my life back together… but yet a part of me wants to go to a movie or park and feel the softness and warmth of another in my hand or arms. Or to hold and protect the woman I love. I am 6’5″ and I am the most passive of people… but like a bear, I have a fierceness for protecting the people I love. Love gives us purpose. It gives us strength and bravery. It makes us willing to try and be things we never thought possible. And in many ways, it give us the feeling of a guardian angel and in this way love does give us wings.

    Stay strong all you who believe. Stay loyal and give unconditionally of your love. And always be the person you always wanted to be. And when you are ready, God will give you every thing you need… I know I believe.

    God Bless and thank you!

    Daniel Lyons

  11. I feel what you are saying I use to feel that way when I was single and I took those feelings to God and I decided I was going to love the Lord and be content and whatever I was missing from a relationship with a companion I asked the Lord to fill it with His love. And before long I was not longing for those moments to be with someone, because I learned so much about myself and about God that the desire was becoming easier to live with.

    And then years later out of heaven the Lord blessed me with a wonderful man of God and it was all in God’s timing because I could not just settle for anything less then what my Lord has for me.

  12. You are pleasing God by putting him first, but he also wants to give you the joy of your heart. It’s all in his timing.

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. God’s work has a certain fulfillment that is hard to explain. I continue to re-dedicate myself to God as a way of keeping connect. Just go on your knees and specify the type of lady you want. It will be well with you in Jesus name.

  14. Ah…. love. How true your blog is, you touch the heart of my own journey of healing these days. Love. To have and hold, to see and be seen, cherish and simply enjoy someone else’s company. Laugh and cry together, grow and heal within arms. This too is my longing…. one I have learned I must yield to my Father… yet knowing this, even experiencing His being all things to me is not easy. I live my life without mother or father due to childhood abuse, family that doesn’t claim me because I am their child. My husband has abandoned me due to his own illness being to much for him, this same illness having meant he never could love. My children are teens, meaning they are moving on and I am just mom. Somedays I feel as though all the world was meant to know love and give love except me. The answer is in Christ, I am His… He my everything. You are right, He must always be first, even when and if He brings someone into my life…. so I understand… that is really what I am trying to say here. I will pray for you in this, pray with a heart that understands…. pray that His presence is felt, His arms around you in a literal spiritual holding. God loves us, made us to love, in His immensity loves us just because. Let it be enough, won’t be easy, today was tears all day for me just because of this very thing…. but oh the glory of His deepening presence. He is molding me, someday maybe to walk beside a man, maybe not….. doesn’t matter…. today is where I am and today I am my Gods and it is enough as I accept it is… for He is enough, unto more.

    Tammy of God (my pen name)

  15. See it’s all ages of people who want what you are missing. I have learned to not focus on what I DON’T HAVE but to focus on all the blessings I DO HAVE. It’s tough to meet the opposite sex when your true love and attention is on God first and His will….but if you are supposed to have that longed for companionship, laughter, touch and mind sync….He will provide the perfect woman for you to spill out all the love you hold within your heart in His time…Time is like a blink of one’s eye to the Lord you know…all things are possible for those that love Him and favor Him first in all things. You do that my interesting friend. You are so talented and have gifts of experiences of walking in the shoes of others, the desperate, the depressed, the injured, the ms-focused, the restrained, confined, the ones that knew less than what they now know and still are transparent and open enough to share your thoughts and heart, just like Jesus did when He walked the earth.

    Keep your bright light shining Daniel….your courage and convictions are contagious and spreading hope and faith and love in the world by your extraordinary friendship with God. I am so glad I know you, you are very much appreciated and undoubtedly Loved very much by the Lord, if not He wouldn’t be using you would He?

  16. I will continue to keep you lifted up in prayer. God knows and he cares. Isn’t it wonderful that He will never leave us nor forsake us so we are never truly alone. I know that He has your Ms. Right waiting on you and when He’s got you where He wants you to be He’ll lead her right on into your life at the right time! What an awesome God we serve! So just keep on keeping on cause your Sister-in-Christ loves you and is praying for you!

    Love your blog, Bro!

  17. I will pray for you and I am not telling you anyhting new, but God would not put you through it unless he knew you could handle it. you are on a journey to bigger and better things. One day it will all come to gether and fit perfectly. =)

    God Bless you!

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