NEW SECTION: NEEDS AND SERVICES!!!! By Christians, For Christians


A new section for meeting people’s needs. For Christians’s and by Christians.

For prayers and requests:

To advertise your services for free, click:

To Buy, Sell, Trade with other Christians, click:

This site gets over 700 hits per day and growing fast. Why not share with the family of believers, for FREE?

4 thoughts on “NEW SECTION: NEEDS AND SERVICES!!!! By Christians, For Christians”

    1. No ad price… It’s free! Just post a comment of what you would like to sell or share, etc. Otherwise, prices for larger featured ads, are as listed on the page for the ad. But the first 20 people to advertise, can do so for FREE! Just post a link to whatever it is you want to sell and I will add it to the main post page.

      And prayer requests are always free!!!

  1. Intresting blog. I like the posts that I have seen so far as well. Thanks as well for looking around my blog. I try to see the fun and funny in life, mostly I laught at myself, or what crazy things I do. so then I blog them. other times I speak from the heart. This is what I see or have seen in your blog as well. Cheers to you and your goals, together along with others will see a better world for those that will come after us. All the best!
    Ps. Thanks again for looking around, and following my blog. :)

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