It is said “Time heals old wounds“. This is true… if we let it.

Time is our most precious gift we have. Why? Because we have so little of it. Some days it just seems to drag on by, but always when we look back, it seems, there was never enough to go around. Today when you woke up you most likely looked at the clock and tried to figure out how much more you could sleep and still get away with it. Tonight when you go to bed you will also undoubtedly look at the clock then too. We govern our lives to an unheard symphony with rhythms that beat in cadence to the metronomic ticks of unseen hands that conduct our daily affairs. We govern ourselves with the steady tick-tick-tick sound that clicks away inside the back of our minds as we wake, work, eat, sleep and entertain ourselves. Our age, our beauty, our biological clocks all seem to be measured by this relentless foe who seems to be always on the march and ready to wage war on our happiness.

Some of us are always early to the places we believe we need to be, while yet others are perpetually late… But all of this is relative to our perception of a necessity for timeliness. The real question you need to ask yourself is “Are all the things I am doing really that important to my personal goals, in life, that I need to fit these activity into my extremely limited allotment of time?” Sadly the answer you may find is often “No”. So maybe we need to prune away a few things, here and there, so our lives can flourish and blossom into things that really matter to us most. So now how do we know what’s important and what‘s not? Well life is a journey and we all have a goal. It is our straight and narrow path, if you will. Like any marksman who has a target before him, he aims at the mark on the target and fires in a straight line. He would never fire away from the target and hope it will magically turn on its own and find the target without his pure effort. Sure you might get multiple chances with ammunition but life comes with only one shot. So we need to make it count and use our time more selectively.

Often times, you will find men say “I don’t understand. What more do my wife and kids want from me? I give them everything they could need. A roof over their heads, food in their bellies and all the things they could want. What more could they ask of me?” Well the answer is simply, they need you. They need that one thing that only you posses to give that never grows old or out of style. It is the greatest gift on earth because unlike most things you can never make more of it. You can always make more money, but where can you get more time? Can you buy it in a store. Can you earn it in an office? And where could you ever steal it from? Your loved ones need your eyes and ears and patience and presence. They need your attention, approval and love. They don’t need just your things, no matter how expensive they may be. What they need is you. Things always break, fall apart, and grow outdated and out of style. But your time never does because ironically, your time is timeless. This gift outlasts all other gifts. Sure, when your children are little they chase you around looking for your constant approval and attention, but as they grow older it is you that chases them for it instead. But the reality is they never really outgrow you. They will always need you and your approval. We as individuals just don’t function correctly in a world without the love, respect and approval of our loved ones. Without it , in the places of our lives that should have been filled with love and approval gaping holes exist instead. Sure, these wounds heal and some of these scars define us… but are these wounds you want them to live with because of you?

Love your family and love your friends… because money you can make more of it with effort, but time you can’t. It marches. It moves forward unceasingly, and it fades quickly. Money is quick and easy to spend on someone… but time, takes time and effort to spend on someone you love. So give the gift that matters most…. Your time. Because in the end, it’s all you really got worth giving. I have heard it said. “How do you spell love?


12 thoughts on “Time”

  1. I agree with almost everything in this blog, just confused about why you think time heals all things?

    As a person who loves the Word, I totally subscribe to the ideology that time – like burial – allows us to pretend there is nothing wrong. There is healing, and some wounds heal in a process, but I give all credit to the Lord with every healing big or small. I relate the issue to how people react when faced with high school reunions. If time was the healer, people who were injured by others in high school would not be so afraid of these reunions. However, the only healer I have found conclusively involves God and faith and forgiveness. The later two obviously from the first.

    I understand your thoughts, and the countless songs about time can make us give the clock a power it doesn’t actually hold. Time, just like the moon, tides or the stars have no power to heal because they were created by the God of the universe.

    I say a lot of things in my blogs and you probably didn’t really think about it but as the opening sentence, just wanted to find out your thoughts. Thanks.

    1. It is not that time heals anything by itself. It’s that time allows us a moment to take a break from the instant of a traumatic event and gives us a moment to breathe. There are stages of pain we all go through once something horrible happens to us. But if you allow yourself to move-on and not stay still in a given moment and rehearse that event over-and-over in your mind, it will begin to fade away into obscurity.

      It’s like, say you are walking around on a street and all the houses, and cars, and trees, all look so big! But you see a mountain before you with a trail leading upward, and you start to hike up that mountain. And as you go, and not even that many steps, if you look back, you begin to see all those houses, cars and trees begin to shrink. This is your journey to elevation in the Spirit. No matter how hard your life has been, if you allow yourself to go on beyond them, they shrink in their importance. The past is behind you and can no longer harm you UNLESS you carry it with you. Who can carry a house or car or fully grown tree? What a foolish and ponderous burden to carry. These are not our crosses we bear! These are not the burden we are to carry. The past is past and clinging to it is selfish vanity. Putting yourself as the victim to justify why life is “so bad” and why you can’t progress is Not the Christian way. Clinging to old things heals and helps NO ONE. They are an anchor to your soul and they do not give you “Freedom”. This is why Jesus died, to free us from this world. Pain and pleasure are only motivators and have no consequence upon your soul. Do not add the pain and suffering you endure in the flesh to add to your soul’s ability to rise above. We use the past as a guide to the future, to learn a lesson and move on. This is why God is constantly giving us examples of never looking back. Because “looking” to something is seeking it out as a goal. Is the past even a goal? The past is past, and time doesn’t wait for anyone. It is constantly marching forward without stopping. So shouldn’t we too? Keep up, or get lost in a false reality.

      So though when we started our spiritual journey at one place where everything seemed so overwhelming, take a small glance back, not to see it with favor or to change course to old masters, but to see how far you have come from where you started. Don’t worry about how far you have to go. That will simply happen with TIME. Again, TIME heals old wounds, if you let go of the past and give the future to God on your long climb home.

      As you read this… you already took a few more steps. Now let’s run for Jesus. :)

      1. Your psychology is great, but it’s not theology consistent with God’s word. There is a difference, and the word of God does not in any way agree with your psychology. It’s a great theory and you are atriculate in your description of your own views.
        Please don’t pass them off as Biblical truth. They are great opinions, and I don’t mean any disrespect, but you can’t pass your self off as someone who is making the Bible clear when in this entire blog there is no biblical truth in context to back up your psychology of time healing.
        There is one healer in Christianity, only one. God heals because of Christ’s sufferings that bridges our relationship with the heavenly realm. There is no biblical truth to contemplate any other created thing being a conduit for healing. That is all I am saying.
        Be careful as you lead people astray with your own opinion. I am always very careful that my thoughts are my own. This blog on time simply does not align with the Word of God. But thank you for confirming my thoughts with your response above. I appreciate you expanding on your opinion.

        1. I used “Time” as a Metaphor. It is NOT that time is the healer. It is simple just a progress bar of our existance. It of itself does nothing. Time is man’s way of understanding change and little more. You seem to think I believe that time is actually healing us. It is God working through our life that heals. It is our act of letting go that heals. It’s called forgiveness. But this post on Time is an allagory of letting us use God’s gifts to find Him and a peace and balance with Him. It is also about using time for more important things, like love. I am sorry if this caused you any confusion.

          Daniel Lyons

  2. Yes, we must use our time wisely always. Time is the currency of our life and life is a gift. A stack of 24 hours is given to us every morning and it expires every night. We should live and not just exist. :-)

  3. Beautifully stated and so true. The only lasting gift is the love that we give. Thanks for subscribing to Source of Inspiration. I am looking forward to reading your blog. hugs, pat

  4. True,Time is what we have as a sojourn between Birth and Death.
    What we perceive as good and important to us, we find,at a later time as unimportant ans useless.
    True nature of man is being happy.
    We knot ourselves into things that are not needed and regret.
    We forget that whatever we do in our Life,despite our belief to the contrary,is self centered,including family.
    We Love others now because it gives us pleasure, forgetting they also expect the same from us.
    Real Happiness both to self and others lie in taking Life and Love per se and extending unconditional warmth and love,expecting nothing in return.
    People might say this is not possible.
    This can not be proved by Logic as this can only be experienced .
    Example is your spontaneous reaction in seeing the child. and the child’s reaction to you.
    It expects nothing from you and it is happy, so are you.
    All miseries are when we apply Reason and and adding value Judgments.
    Regarding TIME,I suggest my blog’Time-a non linear theory’ to have a perspective of Life and also the fact that we Eternal.

  5. How is time working out for you Dan? So how about if you make time for me…yes me…me…me…me…

    Time is money and I am time that will produce money so spending time with me you will have both…time and money how about that Dan? I don’t think you can beat that or can you?

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